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Subject: [SCM]  archer-sergiodj-cpp-template-lookup: reverse-20080717-branchpoint-11872-ga1e7b78
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2012 02:51:00 -0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

The branch, archer-sergiodj-cpp-template-lookup has been created
        at  a1e7b7848d9708d134c693ab8a57ff3e8e2e42fe (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit a1e7b7848d9708d134c693ab8a57ff3e8e2e42fe
Author: Sergio Durigan Junior <>
Date:   Wed Jun 6 23:50:20 2012 -0300

    Bug fixing; some regressions are fixed, still have to fix more.

commit a090a9d18ec6c137a1bdf521f25b3a392a1066ed
Author: Sergio Durigan Junior <>
Date:   Wed Jun 6 18:41:51 2012 -0300

    Implementation of Tromey's idea.

commit 6f71771eb9807a9fadcdef5881ffe76158390799
Author: Sergio Durigan Junior <>
Date:   Fri May 25 17:58:39 2012 -0300

    [C++-template-lookup] Import of the second patch.

commit cfd1b6a600fe53b09db1d3ac8449959dcc35dd8d
Author: Sergio Durigan Junior <>
Date:   Tue May 22 14:44:03 2012 -0300

    Fixing some compilation errors on patch #1.

commit 1577d751f92117ac6cf8b32a71f9630ba475343c
Author: Sergio Durigan Junior <>
Date:   Tue May 22 12:48:05 2012 -0300

    [C++-template-lookup] Import of the first patch.

commit d07e5372dc1865d16f4d6891dfab7b60e4cb871b
Author: Maciej W. Rozycki <>
Date:   Wed Jun 6 19:34:29 2012 +0000

    	* mips-tdep.c (mips_pseudo_register_type): Use

commit f53f5a165f9c6dd8c2878e792227bd301164ac87
Author: Pedro Alves <>
Date:   Wed Jun 6 19:27:19 2012 +0000

    2012-06-06  Pedro Alves  <>
    	* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Remove calls to
    	reinit_frame_cache that follow a context_switch call.

commit 211625aed6f45af30fbaeb0f6eaaba9cca31c220
Author: Pedro Alves <>
Date:   Wed Jun 6 18:40:05 2012 +0000

    2012-06-06  Pedro Alves  <>
    	* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event) <deferred_step_ptid>: Use
    	context_switch and remove stale comment.

commit 9d9638d87eb50724ab4662aacb5c7ca92448cbcc
Author: Pedro Alves <>
Date:   Wed Jun 6 18:10:15 2012 +0000

    2012-06-06  Pedro Alves  <>
    	* infrun.c (struct execution_control_state): Remove
    	`new_thread_event' field.
    	(handle_inferior_event): Simplify new threads handling; don't
    	resume the inferior if we find a new thread.
    2012-06-06  Pedro Alves  <>
    	* gdb.threads/clone-new-thread-event.c: New file.
    	* gdb.threads/clone-new-thread-event.exp: New file.

commit 65dac2bad3a1d990c60fc5a954edeef393743bd0
Author: tschwinge <tschwinge>
Date:   Wed Jun 6 18:03:50 2012 +0000

    	* NEWS: Document the deprecation of SH's 'regs' command.
    	* inferior.h (all_registers_info): Add function declaration.
    	* sh-tdep.c (sh_show_regs): Remove variable.
    	(sh_generic_show_regs, sh3_show_regs, sh2e_show_regs, sh2a_show_regs)
    	(sh2a_nofpu_show_regs, sh3e_show_regs, sh3_dsp_show_regs)
    	(sh4_show_regs, sh4_nofpu_show_regs, sh_dsp_show_regs)
    	(sh_show_regs_command): Remove functions.
    	(sh_gdbarch_init): Don't set sh_show_regs.
    	(_initialize_sh_tdep): Make the 'regs' command an deprecated alias to
    	'info all-registers'.
    	* sh64-tdep.c (sh64_show_media_regs, sh64_show_compact_regs)
    	(sh64_show_regs): Remove functions.
    	* sh64-tdep.h (sh64_show_regs): Remove function declaration.
    	* gdb.texinfo: Document the deprecation of SH's 'regs' command.

commit fd726e1c082f80fac0d29bbe2bc2396b069dd7fa
Author: Jan Kratochvil <>
Date:   Wed Jun 6 16:57:34 2012 +0000

    	* Move development=true below AC_INIT.
    	* configure: Regenerate.

commit 3c27b5cc91e153d865e74dbf99d2a22ee11f68dd
Author: eager <eager>
Date:   Wed Jun 6 15:05:22 2012 +0000

    Add #include "config.h".

commit 8e33005ad1dbde9183d09547d4aaf1943f4175ce
Author: Alan Modra <>
Date:   Wed Jun 6 10:50:12 2012 +0000

    	* elflink.c (elf_link_input_bfd): Provide a file symbol for
    	each input file with local syms, if the input lacks such.
    	(bfd_elf_final_link): Add a file symbol to mark end of locals
    	for which we can associate with input files.
    	(struct elf_final_link_info): Add filesym_count field.
    	(struct elf_outext_info): Add need_second_pass and second_pass.
    	(elf_link_output_extsym): Detect symbols defined in the output
    	file, emit them on second pass over locals.
    Update to suit added STT_FILE symbols.


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