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Subject: [SCM]  tromey/pr-15028-dwz-m-fix: reverse-20080717-branchpoint-13944-g6b1d0cd
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2013 15:45:00 -0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

The branch, tromey/pr-15028-dwz-m-fix has been created
        at  6b1d0cd2ab19ffd74e15caf7554bf2f207b98686 (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 6b1d0cd2ab19ffd74e15caf7554bf2f207b98686
Author: Tom Tromey <>
Date:   Fri Mar 1 08:44:59 2013 -0700

    add README.archer

commit 75011fe0abeba5ba49e1ede01c746b39c70e055f
Author: Tom Tromey <>
Date:   Mon Feb 4 14:06:38 2013 -0700

    also filter label symbols

commit 3f92c41ab87ac8e5ffda36baa0b90a778737f62f
Author: Tom Tromey <>
Date:   Mon Feb 4 11:15:05 2013 -0700

    remove unused qf method
    	* dwarf2read.c (dw2_get_primary_filename_reader): Remove.
    	(dwarf2_gdb_index_functions): Update.
    	* psymtab.c (find_symbol_file_from_partial): Remove.
    	(psym_functions): Update.
    	* symfile.h (struct quick_symbol_functions) <find_symbol_file>:

commit 47092f505565a35de544e04617c6d1b72f73db26
Author: Tom Tromey <>
Date:   Mon Feb 4 11:12:08 2013 -0700

    use language of the main symbol
    	* symfile.c (set_initial_language): Look up "main" symbol
    	and use its language.
    	* symtab.c (find_main_filename): Remove.
    	* symtab.h (find_main_filename): Remove.

commit 001c64f47c2ccae61a6c3aa072966fddf08d8cd6
Author: Tom Tromey <>
Date:   Fri Feb 15 09:13:28 2013 -0700

    add dwz test case
    	* dwarf2read.c (recursively_compute_inclusions): Add
    	"immediate_parent" argument.  Set symtab's "user" field
    	if not set.
    	(compute_symtab_includes): Update.
    	* gdb.dwarf2/dwz.exp: New file.

commit a70428a4c6d038e092b957eb425224da5d3e82c6
Author: Tom Tromey <>
Date:   Mon Jan 28 10:51:07 2013 -0700

    PR 15028 part 1
    	* dwarf2read.c (struct process_psymtab_comp_unit_data): New.
    	(process_psymtab_comp_unit_reader): Use it.
    	(process_psymtab_comp_unit): Update.  Add "pretend_language"
    	(dwarf2_build_psymtabs_hard): Update.
    	(scan_partial_symbols): Pass CU's language to


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