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* [SCM]  scox/strace: 52645a05599acd7423d36ce503c429df544479d7
@ 2016-08-24  2:43 scox
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The branch, scox/strace has been created
        at  52645a05599acd7423d36ce503c429df544479d7 (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 52645a05599acd7423d36ce503c429df544479d7
Merge: 4739424 3af09e8
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Sat Jul 23 23:05:41 2016 -0400

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'gdb/master' into scox/globalstate

commit 4739424d4a0d9ee8505b47434df6565c5271c353
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Tue Jul 19 16:30:09 2016 -0400

    Support successive notifications.
    	* server.c (get_packet_type):  Add Hg,m,M,g,G
    	(is_waiter):  New.
    	(setup_multiplexing): Send shadow client notification when
    	vStopped received.
    	(notify_clients): Add have_first_notify to indicate if this is an
    	initial notification.  Handle first and successive notify case.
    	(handle_monitor_command): Display thread info for client state
    	* server.h (new_general_thread):  Intended for synchronizing
    	multiple client threads.
    	(in_buffer):  Renamed notify_buffer.
    	* gdb.server/multi-client.exp (testpath5):  Added multi-threads.c test.

commit d7a6805f1d4956568ca5f2fb995bb84d522f97ba
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Wed Jun 8 16:27:42 2016 -0400

    Push multiple client non-stop handling into notify_clients
    	* mem-break.c (has_client_breakpoint_at): Simplify address check.
    	* notif.c (notif_push): notify_clients can throttle putpkt_notif.
    	* server.c (add_client_by_pid)  Check all/non stop mode equivalence.
    	(get_packet_type):  Remove vStopped.
    	(resolve_waiter):  Handle non-stop in putpkt_notif/notify_clients
    	(setup_multiplexing, notify_clients):  Likewise.
    	(do_multiplexing):  Likewise.  Allow for watchpoints.
    	(handle_v_attach):  Check multiple client all/non stop equivalence.
    	* multi-client.exp:  Test various request combinations using towers.c
    	Hanoi, towers.c.

commit b9d4c5aefb38b48611ca88feab071a8eacf4be60
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Wed May 25 14:20:26 2016 -0400

    Improve syscall and exit notification handling.
    	* server.c (free_client_state):  Free in_buffer and own_buffer.
    	(notify_clients): Syscall clients only get syscall notify.  Handle
    	exit notify.
    	(stop_clients):  Handled by notify_clients.
    	(do_multiplexing):  Handle syscall notify in notify_clients.

commit 6428d6072f707614f36cf6aa29d0591bd3608400
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Sun May 8 12:30:21 2016 -0400

    Support non-stop mode for syscall clients.
    	* remote-utils.c (remote_debug, noack_mode)
    	  (transport_is_reliable): Move to ...
    	* server.h:
    	* server.c (setup_multiplexing):  Don't special case syscall clients.
    	  (notify_clients):  syscall clients only get syscall notifications
    	  (do_multiplexing):  Explicitly send notifications to syscall client.
    	  (dump_stop_queue):  New.
    	  (handle_target_event):  Don't want the current client to be a
    	  syscall client.

commit 0b038592634fba79da5353187a75028e81b6a718
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Wed Mar 30 10:18:39 2016 -0400

    Improve non-stop handling
    	* server.c (pending_types):  Add pending_notifier
    	(dump_client_state):  Dump pc and indicate current client.
    	(delete_client_state):  Copy persistent state flags.
    	(resolve_waiter):  Send notification for vConts
    	(notify_clients):  New.  Send notification to waiter client.
    	(do_multiplexing):  Also consider notification state.
    	(process_serial_event):  Remove the client breakpoint.
    	* notif.c (notif_push):  Also notify the waiting client.

commit bc4b0dbeec0fb45f9fd169cb9b3a984e9378d055
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Tue Feb 23 15:07:29 2016 -0500

    Improve multiple client thread support.
    	* server.c (setup_multiplexing): Add pending_step_waiter, vConts,
    	and pending_waitee cases.
    	(do_multiplexing): Add vConts case.  Grab pc from the current
    	thread's cache.
    	* multi-client.exp:  Add next, strace, and pthreads tests.

commit c94dca1a4db81df5753f2ec7c42b416920908897
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Mon Feb 8 10:38:17 2016 -0500

    Support multiple clients that use upstream syscall support.
    	* server.c (waitkind_str):  New
    	(set_client_state): Copy client state for multiple client case.
    	(attached_to_same_proc):  New
    	(resolve_waiter): Handle exited case.
    	(setup_multiplexing): Refactor.
    	(do_multiplexing): Refactor.  Handle syscall case.
    	* server.h (catch_syscalls, last_cont_ptid, last_cont_waitstatus): New.

commit 8cb7f5b73460dd9ed08cc78a382d60e52c8f2781
Merge: 86f9429 9c03a84
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Fri Jan 22 09:56:25 2016 -0500

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'gdb/master' into scox/globalstate

commit 86f94295634f71220c6e6c4ac987406be3014e59
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Sun Jan 3 21:37:56 2016 -0500

    Improve non-stop multi client handling.
    	* server.c (add_client_by_pid):  Add non_stop, multi_process_, and run_once_.
    	(have_multiple_clients): Add vCont;t and vStopped and vAttach.
    	(resolve_waiter): Add vContc, non_stop, and vContt
    	(setup_multiplexing): Add vContt and pending_stop for non_stop.
    	(notify_clients): New to send stop notification to multiple clients.
    	(do_multiplexing):  Call notify_clients.  Make vContt aware.
    	(handle_v_attach):  Make non_stop aware.
    	* server.h (last_status_exited, vContt, vStopped, vAttach)
    	(exit_types):  New.
    	* mem-break.c (has_client_breakpoint_at): Simplify.  Improve
    	debug_threads output.
    	* gdb.server/multi-client.exp: Add non-stop test.

commit 0bee029c99922ca26020016079c299fe2b01df59
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Wed Nov 4 14:34:56 2015 -0500

    Differentiate client_state members by "_" suffix
    * server.h (client_state):  Remove executable and all its references.
      Remove all extern dcls for items now in client_state.  Add _
      suffix for those items.
    * server.c (add_client_by_pid):  Use general_thread not last_ptid.
      (add_client_by_exe):  Remove.
      (have_multiple_clients):  Use attach_count.
      (handle_qxfer_threads_worker):  Attached client is multiple inferior agnostic.
      (handle_v_attach):  Attach of non-stop multiple client should only ok.

commit f5936a9aa6a56493123550de032fcd93f26e57c2
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Wed Oct 7 14:23:18 2015 -0400

    Handle more than two clients more gracefully.
    	* server.c (setup_multiplexing): Insure we always have a waitee.
    	(do_multiplexing): Don't wait if break isn't reached.

commit 589dd9c8abac87fa8306733f9e6b56af97e739fb
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Thu Sep 24 22:57:27 2015 -0400

    Add initial multiple client support.
    * event-loop.c (delete_file_handler): Add delete_client_state.
    * mem-break.c (has_client_breakpoint_at): New.
    * remote-utils.c (get_listen_desc):  New.
    * server.c (get_client_state, set_client_state)
    * server.h (last_status, last_ptid, current_thread)

commit 53b72aacff3f6171dec3dada5943526912940299
Author: Stan Cox <>
Date:   Sun Sep 13 21:16:16 2015 -0400

    Move global data to client_state and server_state structs
    	* gdbthread.h (last_status): Rename last_waitstatus to avoid conflict
    	with server.h macro.
    	* inferiors.c inferiors.h (all_processes, all_threads, current_thread):
    	Move to server_state.
    	* linux-low.c (last_status):  Change all uses to last_waitstatus.
    	* remote-utils.c (get_remote_desc, set_remote_desc): Get/put for current client fd.
    	(readcchar_buf, readchar_bufcnt, readchar_bufp): Move to server_state.
    	(look_up_one_symbol):  Rename mem_buf to mem_buffer to avoid conflict
    	* server.c (cont_thread, general_thread, server_waiting)
    	(extended_protocol, response_needed, exit_requested, run_once)
    	(multi_process, report_fork_events, report_vfork_events, non_stop)
    	(swbreak_feature, hwbreak_feature, disable_randomization)
    	(program_argv, wrapper_argv, pass_signals, program_signals)
    	(program_signals_p, signal_pid, last_status, last_ptid, own_buf)
    	(mem_buf): Move to client_state/server_state.
    	(set_client_state, get_client_state):  New
    	(own_buf):  Rename everywhere to own_buffer.
    	* server.h (server_state, client_state):  New.  Add get/put macro for all members.


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