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@ 2003-06-10 21:22 devans
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From: devans @ 2003-06-10 21:22 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: cgen-cvs

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2003-06-10 21:22:04

Modified files:
	cgen           : ChangeLog attr.scm 
	                 cgen-doc.scm dev.scm enum.scm gen-all-doc 
	                 html.scm insn.scm mach.scm opc-itab.scm 
	                 operand.scm read.scm rtl.scm rtx-funcs.scm 
	                 sem-frags.scm semantics.scm utils.scm 
	cgen/cpu       : arm.cpu frv.cpu i960.cpu m32r.cpu openrisc.cpu 
	cgen/doc       : rtl.texi 
Added files:
	cgen           : rtl-traverse.scm 

Log message:
	* mach.scm (current-*-add!): Disallow redefinition.  Make result
	* insn.scm (insn-builtin!): Don't define relaxable here, now defined in
	* operand.scm (operand-builtin!): Define RELAXABLE for insns too.
	* cpu/m32r.cpu (disp8,disp24): RELAX renamed to RELAXABLE.
	* gen-all-doc: Split arm and frv docs up a bit.
	* cpu/arm.cpu: Add IDOC attribute.
	* cpu/frv.cpu: Ditto.
	* cpu/i960.cpu: Ditto.
	* cpu/openrisc.cpu: Ditto.
	* cpu/xstormy16.cpu: Ditto.
	* cpu/m32r.cpu: Ditto.
	(all insns): Explicitly specify IDOC attribute.
	(desc,opcodes,sim-arch,sim-cpu,gas-test,sim-test): Use MACH,ISAS.
	(html): Use MACH,ISAS,INSN_FILE_NAME.  Generate insn.html separately.
	* Regenerate.
	* attr.scm (<integer-attribute>:parse-value-def): Implement.
	(-attr-read): Defer computing default value until we know the type.
	(attr-has-attr?): Delete, move contents to <attr-list>:has-attr?.
	(<attr-list>:attr-present?): New method.
	(atlist-attr-present?,obj-attr-present?): New fns.
	(obj-has-attr-value?,obj-has-attr-value-no-default?): New fns.
	(attr-builtin!): New insn attr IDOC.
	* cgen-doc.scm (doc-arguments): New args -I,-N.
	* enum.scm (parse-enum-vals): New arg errtxt, all callers updated.
	Support comment as fourth element of enum value.
	(enum-val-name,enum-val-value,enum-val-attrs,enum-val-comment): New fns.
	* html.scm (gen-html-header): New arg kind, all callers updated.
	(gen-table-of-contents): New arg insn-file, all callers updated.
	(gen-list-entry,gen-doc-header): New fn.
	(get-operands): Delete.
	(gen-iformat-table): Rewrite.
	(gen-insn-doc-1): Print constant-folded and trimmed semantics.
	(gen-insn-doc-list): New args name, comment, insns.  All callers updated.
	(get-insn-properties,guess-insn-idoc-attr!): New fn.
	(insn-sets-pc?,insn-refs-mem?,insn-uses-fpu?): New fns.
	(get-insns-for-category,gen-categories-insn-lists): New fns.
	(gen-insn-docs): Simplify each insn's semantics first.
	Print insn tables sorted by IDOC categories.
	(*insn-html-file-name*): New global.
	(cgen-insn.html): New fn.
	(cgen-all): Update.
	* insn.scm (<insn>): Create a setter for the `tmp' member.
	* semantics.scm (insn-build-known-values): Renamed from
	-build-known-values.  All callers updated.
	* rtl.scm: Move traveral/evaluation support to ...
	* rtl-traverse.scm: New file.
	* read.scm: Maybe-load rtl-traverse.scm.
	* rtl.scm (-rtx-valid-types): Add SETRTX.
	* rtx-funcs.scm (nop,parallel): Fix mode.
	* utils.scm (eqv-lookup-index): New fn.
	(assq-lookup-index): Renamed from lookup-index.  All callers updated.
	* dev.scm (load-doc): Set APPLICATION.


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2003-06-10 21:22 src/cgen ChangeLog att devans

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