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Subject: src/cgen ChangeLog con ...
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 20:55:00 -0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2009-07-13 20:55:21

Modified files:
	cgen           : ChangeLog configure 
	        dev.scm pmacros.scm read.scm 
	cgen/cpu       : play.cpu 
	cgen/doc       : cgenint.texi pmacros.texi 
Added files:
	cgen           : cgen-testsuite.scm testsuite.scm 
	cgen/testsuite : pmacros-1.test 

Log message:
	Extend pmacro language, add testsuite.
	* (SUBDIRS): Add testsuite.
	* Regenerate.
	* (AC_OUTPUT): Create testsuite/Makefile,
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* dev.scm (cload): Handle testsuite app.
	(load-testsuite): New function.
	* pmacros.scm: (-pmacro-debug?): New global.
	(-smacro-table): New global.
	(-smacro-lookup, -smacro-set!): New functions.
	(-pmacro-make): New argument `syntactic-form?', all callers updated.
	(-pmacro-syntactic-form?): New function.
	(-pmacro-expected-number, -pmacro-verify-number): New functions.
	(-pmacro-expected-integer, -pmacro-verify-integer): New functions.
	(-pmacro-expected-non-negative-integer): New function.
	(-pmacro-verify-non-negative-integer): New function.
	(-pmacro-expand-expr-list): New function.
	(-pmacro-process-args-1): Renamed from -pmacro-process-args.
	(-pmacro-process-args): Renamed from -pmacro-invoke.
	(-pmacro-apply, -smacro-apply): New functions.
	(-pmacro-expand): Rewrite syntactic form processing.
	(-pmacro-build-lambda): Reformat.
	(define-pmacro): Watch for more errors in definition.
	(pmacro-debug): New function.
	(pmacro-trace): Set/reset -pmacro-debug?.
	(all existing builtin pmacro helpers): Rename to -pmacro-builtin-foo.
	(-pmacro-builtin-substring): Fix.  Add support for `end' marker.
	(-pmacro-builtin-for-each, New helpers for .for-each, .let,
	.if, .case, .cond, .begin, .print, .dump, .error, .list, .ref,
	.length, .replicate, .equals, .and, .or, .not, .eq, .ne, .lt, .gt,
	.le, .ge, .add, .sub, .mul, .div, .rem, .sll, .srl, .sra, .bitand,
	.bitor, .bitxor, bitinv, .car, .cdr, .caar, .cadr, .cdar, .cddr.
	(pmacros-init!): Initialize -smacro-table.
	Rewrite pmacro initialization.
	* read.scm (reader-process-expanded): Renamed from
	-reader-process-expanded.  All callers updated.
	Recognize () as a no-op.
	(cpu-load): Tweak logging messages.
	* utils.scm (message): Add comment.
	* cpu/play.cpu: Add some instructions to play with .let.
	* doc/cgenint.texi: Move some debugging related docs to here from
	* doc/pmacros.texi: Reorganize.  Add docs for new builtin pmacros.
	* testsuite/ New file.
	* testsuite/ New file.
	* testsuite/ New file.
	* testsuite/ New file.
	* testsuite/testsuite.cpu: New file.
	* testsuite/pmacros-1.test: New file.


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