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Subject: src/cgen ChangeLog attr.scm html.scm iformat.s ...
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 22:30:00 -0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2009-09-23 22:30:20

Modified files:
	cgen           : ChangeLog attr.scm html.scm iformat.scm 
	                 insn.scm mach.scm mode.scm operand.scm 
	                 rtl-c.scm rtl-traverse.scm rtl-xform.scm 
	                 rtl.scm rtx-funcs.scm sem-frags.scm 
	                 semantics.scm sid-cpu.scm sid.scm sim-cpu.scm 
	                 utils-gen.scm utils.scm 
	cgen/cpu       : xc16x.cpu 
	cgen/doc       : rtl.texi 

Log message:
	* xc16x.cpu (h-cr): New hardware.
	(muls): Comment out parts that won't compile, add fixme.
	(mulu, divl, divlu, jmpabs, jmpa-, jmprel, jbc, jnbs, callr): Ditto.
	(scxti, scxtmg, scxtm, bclear, bclr18, bset19, bitset, bmov): Ditto.
	(bmovn, band, bor, bxor, bcmp, bfldl, bfldh): Ditto.
	Rewrite rtl processing to require it to be "canonicalized" first,
	and write a full canonicalizer / expression checker.
	Remove all appearances of DFLT in canonical rtl.
	* attr.scm (/attr-eval atval owner): Call rtx-canonicalize,
	then rtx-simplify.
	* iformat.scm (ifmt-analyze) Use canonical semantics.
	* insn (<insn>): New member canonical-semantics.
	* mach.scm (<arch>): New member multi-insns-instantiated?.
	(/instantiate-multi-insns!): New function.
	(/canonicalize-insns!): New function.
	(arch-analyze-insns!): Canonicalize insn semantics before processing
	* mode.scm (/mode-set-word-params!): New function.
	(mode-void?): New function.
	(mode-compatible?): VOID is compatible with VOID.
	(/mode-word-sizes-defined?): New global.
	(mode-set-word-modes!): Use/set it.
	(mode-ensure-word-sizes-defined): Update.
	(mode-builtin!): New builtin "modes" SYM, INSN, MACH.
	Redo WI/UWI/AI/IAI handling.
	(op:new-mode): No longer accept DFLT.
	(<derived-operand> constructor): Ensure all fields are initialized.
	(<anyof-operand> constructor): Ditto.
	(/derived-parse-ifield-assertion): Delete arg `args'.
	All callers updated.
	* rtl-c.scm (<rtl-c-eval-state>): New member `for-insn?'.
	(rtl-c): Call rtx-canonicalize instead of rtx-compile.
	(rtl-c-expr, rtl-c++): Ditto.
	(/rtl-c-get): Use mode of operand, not containing expression.
	(rtl-c-set-quiet, rtl-c-set-trace): Remove DFLT support.
	(/rtx-use-sem-fn?): Don't check for (insn? owner), check
	estate-for-insn? instead.
	(s-unop): Use mode of expression, not first operand.
	(s-binop, s-binop-with-bit, s-shop, s-cmpop): Ditto.
	(s-sequence): Remove DFLT support.
	(ifield): Use mode of expression, not UINT.
	(pc): Comment out, unused.
	(int-attr): New rtx kind.
	(attr): Deprecate.
	(set, set-quiet): Pass src to rtl-c-set-{trace,quiet} for expansion.
	* rtl-traverse.scm (/rtx-canon-debug?): New global.
	(/make-cstate): New function.
	(/cstate-context, /cstate-outer-expr): New functions.
	(/rtx-canon-error): New function.
	(/rtx-lookup-hw, /rtx-pick-mode, /rtx-pick-mode3, /rtx-pick-op-mode,
	/rtx-get-last-cond-case-rtx): New functions.
	(/rtx-canon-*): New functions.
	(/rtx-canner-table, /rtx-operand-canoners): New globals.
	(/rtx-make-canon-table, /rtx-special-expr-canoners): New functions.
	(/rtx-option, /rtx-option-list?): Rewrite.
	(rtx-munge-mode&options): Replaces /rtx-munge-mode&options.
	Rewritten, all callers updated.
	(/rtx-canon-expr, /rtx-canon): New functions.
	(rtx-canonicalize): Move here from rtl-xform.scm and rewrite.
	(rtx-canonicalize-stmt): New function.
	(tstate-make): Remove arg `set?'.  All callers updated.
	(tstate-new-set?): Delete.
	(/rtx-traverse-options, /rtx-traverse-*mode): Delete,
	moved to /rtx-canon-*.
	(/rtx-traverse-normal-operand): New function.
	(/rtx-traverse-rtx-list): Delete arg `mode', all callers updated.
	(/rtx-traverse-rtx, /rtx-traverse-setrtx,, /rtx-traverse-testrtx,
	/rtx-traverse-condrtx, /rtx-traverse-casertx, /rtx-traverse-locals,
	/rtx-traverse-iteration, /rtx-traverse-env, /rtx-traverse-attrs):
	(/rtx-traverse-symbol, /rtx-traverse-string, /rtx-traverse-number,
	/rtx-traverse-symornum, /rtx-traverse-object): Delete.
	(/rtx-make-traverser-table): Update.
	(/rtx-traverse-operands): Remove mode processing, now done during
	(/rtx-traverse-expr): Delete arg `mode', all callers updated.
	(/rtx-traverse): Ditto.
	(rtx-init-traverser-tables!): New function.
	* rtl-xform (/rtx-verify-no-dflt-modes-expr-fn): New function.
	(rtx-verify-no-dflt-modes): New function.
	(/rtx-simplify-expr-fn): Update, `arg' mode deleted.
	(rtx-simplify-insn): Use insn-canonical-semantics.
	(rtx-canonicalize): Moved to rtl-traverse.scm.
	(/compile-expr-fn, rtx-compile): Delete.
	(/rtx-trim-rtx-list): New function.
	(/rtx-trim-for-doc): Handle set, if.
	* rtl.scm (<rtx-func>): New members result-mode, matchexpr-index.
	(/rtx-valid-mode-types): Update.
	(/rtx-valid-matches): Update.
	(/rtx-find-matchexpr-index): New function.
	(rtx-lookup): Require rtx-kind to be the rtx name.
	(def-rtx-node): New arg result-mode, all callers updated.
	(def-rtx-syntax-node, def-rtx-operand-node): Ditto.
	(rtx-lazy-sem-mode): Delete.
	(/rtx-closure-make): New arg `mode', all callers updated.
	(rtx-make-ifield, rtx-make-operand, rtx-make-local): Ditto.
	(rtx-operand-obj): Rewrite.
	(rtx-make-xop): New functions.
	(/hw): Renamed from `hw', all callers updated.
	Use the correct mode instead of DFLT for the index.
	(rtl-builtin!): Call rtx-init-traversal-tables!.
	(rtl-finish!): Update.
	* rtx-funcs.scm (all rtx functions): New parameter: result-mode.
	Update mode arg-type.
	(pc): Comment out.
	(int-attr): New rtx kind.
	(attr): Deprecate.
	* sem-frags.scm (/frag-hash-compute!): Update, mode arg deleted.
	(/frag-cost-compute!): Ditto.
	* semantics.scm (/build-operand!): Delete args op-name, op.
	New arg op-expr.  All callers updated.
	(/build-mem-operand!): Remove DFLT support.
	(semantic-compile): Update process-expr!, mode arg deleted.
	* sid-cpu.scm (gen-semantic-code): Specify #:for-insn? in
	rtl-c++ calls.
	(/gen-sem-case, /gen-sfrag-code): Ditto.
	* sid.scm (/op-gen-set-trace1): Renamed from /op-gen-set-trace.
	(/op-gen-set-trace): New function.  If not doing profiling,
	call /op-gen-set-quiet.
	* sim-cpu.scm (gen-semantic-code): Specify #:for-insn? in rtl-c calls.
	* utils-gen.scm (/gen-ifld-extract-base): Update call to rtl-c.
	(/gen-ifld-extract-beyond, gen-multi-ifld-extract): Ditto.
	* utils.scm (find-first-index): New function.
	* doc/rtl.texi: Delete docs for `attr'.  Add `int-attr'.


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