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@ 2009-11-03 16:24 devans
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CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2009-11-03 16:24:02

Modified files:
	cgen           : ChangeLog attr.scm desc-cpu.scm enum.scm 
	                 gas-test.scm html.scm ifield.scm insn.scm 
	                 intrinsics.scm mach.scm minsn.scm opc-itab.scm 
	                 opcodes.scm operand.scm read.scm rtl-c.scm 
	                 rtl-traverse.scm rtl-xform.scm rtl.scm 
	                 rtx-funcs.scm sem-frags.scm semantics.scm 
	                 sid-cpu.scm sid-decode.scm sid.scm sim-cpu.scm 
	                 sim-decode.scm sim-test.scm sim.scm 
	                 utils-cgen.scm utils-gen.scm utils.scm 

Log message:
	Specify isa(s) when doing ifield, operand, insn lookups.
	ACU = all callers updated.
	* attr.scm (/attr-eval): Call rtx-value instead of rtx-eval-with-estate.
	* enum.scm (define-full-insn-enum): Pass isa-name-list to
	* html.scm (get-insn-properties): Pass isa-name-list to
	* ifield.scm (/ifld-parse-follows): New arg isas, ACU.
	* insn.scm (/parse-insn-format-symbol): New arg isa-name-list, ACU.
	(/parse-insn-format-list, /parse-insn-iformat-iflds): Ditto.
	(/parse-insn-format, syntax-break-out): Ditto.
	* mach.scm (obj-filter-by-isa): New function.
	(current-ifld-lookup): New optional arg maybe-isa-name-list.
	(/ifld-already-defined?, /op-already-defined?): Simplify.
	(current-op-lookup): New optional arg maybe-isa-name-list.
	(current-insn-lookup): New arg isa-name-list, ACU.
	(/insn-already-defined?, /minsn-already-defined?): Simplify.
	(current-minsn-lookup): New arg isa-name-list, ACU.
	* minsn.scm (/minsn-compute-iflds): Pass isa-name-list to
	* opc-itab.scm (compute-syntax): New arg isa-name-list, ACU.
	(gen-syntax-entry): Ditto.
	* operand.scm (/operand-parse): Pass isa-name-list to
	(/derived-parse-encoding): New arg isa-name-list, ACU.
	(/derived-parse-ifield-assertion): Ditto.
	(/derived-operand-parse): Pass isa-name-list to current-op-lookup.
	(/anyof-parse-choice): Ditto.
	(anyof-satisfies-assertions?): Pass context to rtx-solve.
	(/anyof-merge-syntax): New arg container, ACU.
	(operand-builtin!): Add pc to all isas.
	* rtl-c.scm (estate-make-for-rtl-c): Delete arg extra-vars-alist, ACU.
	(estate-make-for-rtl-c++, rtl-c-expr-parsed): Ditto.
	(rtl-c-parsed, rtl-c++-parsed): Ditto.
	(rtl-c): New arg isa-name-list, ACU.
	(rtl-c-expr, rtl-c++): Ditto.
	(closure): New arg isa-name-list, ACU.
	* rtl-traverse.scm (/make-cstate): New arg isa-name-list, ACU.
	(/cstate-isas): New function.
	(/rtx-canon-symbol-list): New function.
	(/rtx-canon-env-stack): Renamed from /rtx-canon-env, ACU.
	(/rtx-make-canon-table): Rename ENV to ENVSTACK, new entry SYMBOLLIST.
	(/rtx-canon-rtx-operand): Pass isa list to current-op-lookup.
	(/rtx-canon-rtx-ref, /rtx-canon): Ditto.
	(rtx-canonicalize): New arg isa-name-list, ACU.
	(rtx-canonicalize-stmt): Delete.
	(tstate-make): New arg isas, ACU.
	(tstate-isas, tstate--set-isas!): New functions.
	(tstate-env-stack): Renamed from tstate-env, ACU.
	(tstate-set-env-stack!): Renamed from tstate-set-env!, ACU.
	(tstate-make-closure): Renamed from tstate-new-env, new arg
	isa-name-list, ACU.
	(/rtx-traverse-env): Delete.
	(/rtx-make-traverser-table): Rename ENV to ENVSTACK, new entry
	(/rtx-traverse): Include conditional flag in dump output.
	Update isa,envstack for closures.  Pass isa list to current-op-lookup.
	(<eval-state>): New member isas.  Rename env to env-stack.
	(<eval-state> vmake!): Handle #:isas.  #:env renamed to #:env-stack.
	(<eval-state>): New getter/setter for isas.  Rename env getter/setter
	to env-stack.
	(estate-make-for-eval): Provide #:isas.
	(estate-make-closure): Renamed from estate-new-env.  New arg
	isa-name-list, ACU.
	* rtl-xform.scm (/rtx-simplify-expr-fn): Handle closures.
	(/rtx-trim-args): ENV renamed to ENVSTACK.  Ad ITERATION, SYMBOLLIST.
	(/rtx-trim-for-doc): Handle closures.
	* rtl.scm (/rtx-valid-types): Rename ENV to ENVSTACK.  Add ITERATION,
	(rtx-env-var-list): Delete.
	(rtx-env-make): Handle already-compiled environments.
	(rtx-var-alist-to-env): New function.
	(rtx-var-alist-to-closure-env-stack, rtx-make-env-stack): New functions.
	(rtx-env-stack-dump): Renamed from rtx-env-dump, ACU.
	(rtx-operand-obj): New arg isa-name-list, ACU.
	(rtx-closure-isas, rtx-closure-env-stack, rtx-closure-expr): New
	* rtx-funcs.scm (closure): New arg isa-name-list, reorder args, ACU.
	* sem-frags.scm (<sfrag>): Delete member compiled-semantics.
	(/frag-compute-desired-frags): Minor simplification.
	(/frag-pick-best): Ditto.
	* sid-cpu.scm (gen-semantic-code): Require canonical rtl.
	(/gen-sfrag-code): Update.
	* sim-cpu.scm (gen-semantic-code): Require canonical rtl.
	* utils-cgen.scm (sanitize): New arg isa-name-list, ACU.
	* utils.scm (non-null-intersection?): New function.


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2009-11-03 16:24 src/cgen ChangeLog attr.scm desc-cpu.scm enum. devans

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