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From: "Fabio M. Di Nitto" <>
Subject: cluster: the annotated tag cluster-3.0.0.rc2 has been created
Date: Thu, 07 May 2009 07:52:00 -0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Commit:        3d13244b61dfabda163bd43751580e4d9b4067eb
Parent:        0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Author:        Fabio M. Di Nitto <>
AuthorDate:    2009-05-07 07:29 +0000
Committer:     Fabio M. Di Nitto <>
CommitterDate: 2009-05-07 07:29 +0000

annotated tag: cluster-3.0.0.rc2 has been created
	    at 3d13244b61dfabda163bd43751580e4d9b4067eb (tag)
       tagging e57bd2ee737f3b85b1b8bacf339014afff5b263f (commit)
      replaces cluster-3.0.0.rc1

cluster-3.0.0.rc2 release

Abhijith Das (2):
      Revert "gfs-kernel: change __grab_cache_page to grab_cache_page_write_begin"
      gfs-kernel: Bring gfs1 up to speed with 2.6.29-rc2

Andrew Price (2):
      libgfs2: Remove die from compute_heightsize
      libgfs2: Remove die from fix_device_geometry

Bob Peterson (9):
      gfs2_convert results in GFS2 File System Corruption
      gfs2_edit: Display pointer numbers and use color changes to
      GFS2: gfs2_edit savemeta not saving per_node quota files
      Fix block count in pass1b.
      Speed up gfs_grow
      Fix gfs2_fsck segfault
      GFS: gfs_fsck segfaults while fixing 'EA leaf block type' problem.
      Write out changes when fixing EA corruption
      GFS2: gfs2_fsck should fix journal sequence number problems

Christine Caulfield (9):
      config: Add fence_daemon type to conf2ldif
      cman: Change openais references to corosync in man pages.
      config: fix device objectclass in confdb2ldif
      cman: change environment variable to CMAN_DEBUG
      cman: Fix LDAP environment variable names in init script
      cman: Look for IPv6 names that match cluster.conf too.
      config: Add reload to LDAP plugin
      cman: use correct nodeid
      cman: Fix compile warning in libcman

David Teigland (12):
      dlm_controld: skip unlink with no ckpt
      dlm_tool: ls failure should exit with failure
      gfs_control: ls failure should exit with failure
      group_tool: compat command
      man pages: group_tool
      groupd/fenced/dlm_controld/gfs_controld: default groupd_compat 0
      group_tool: -g option for controlling query
      man pages: group_tool
      man pages: groupd
      dlm_controld/gfs_controld: handle zero global_id (in compat code)
      dlm_controld: new libcpg api
      fence_node: rename log flog

Fabio M. Di Nitto (77):
      build/init: install/create common dirs
      build: install cluster relaxng schema
      cman notifyd: add support for debugging via env var
      cman init: whitespace cleanup
      cman init: consistent use of if/then/else
      cman init: major cleanup
      cman init: more cleanup
      cman init: fix return vs exit bug
      cman init: group all check functions together
      cman init: common helper function to check configfs
      cman init: do a better check to umount configfs
      cman init: make output a lot more complete
      cman init: fix unfence extra info to be less scary
      cman init: group some checks together
      cman init: move special checks where they belong
      cman init: add cman_running local function
      cman init: introduce runwrap local function and use it
      cman init: fix more whitespaces
      cman init: fix cmannotify conditional check
      cman init: improve cman config check
      cman init: major clean up of startup sequence
      cman init: major clean up of shutdown sequence
      cman init: clean up status check
      cman init: simplify restart operation
      cman init: clean up status check a bit more
      cman init: clean return codes
      cman init: allow users to set the init script loglevel
      cman init: drop one more unrequired return code
      cman init: more whitespace cleanup
      cman init: drop all trailing whitespaces
      cman init: fix spelling
      cman init: fix regexp for configfs
      cman init: factor a file into a var
      cman init: stop abusing SBINDIR
      cman init: better handle of unfencing
      cman init: propagate proper error from unfencing
      cman init: stop using which and drop requirements on xen
      qdisk: standardize debug env var
      Revert "Remove unused code from various places"
      cman init: drop unrequired check for virsh
      cman init: prepare for fence_xvmd standalone operations
      cman init: implement groupd protocol negotiation check
      cman init: fix start_daemon return code handling
      cman init: fix mtab_configfs return code
      cman init: make start_groupd check non-fatal
      cman init: wait for qdiskd to be active
      build: fix nss_wrapper Makefile
      build: require kernel 2.6.29 for gfs1-kernel
      cman init: change groupd startup check
      cman init: faster stop operation
      misc: port the whole stack to the new corosync API
      libccs: fix several build warnings
      xmlconfig: add some const and fix build warnings
      qdisk: scandisk fix obvious missing consts
      libccs: more const around
      logthread: add const around and avoid shadowing
      notifyd: add const and proper function prototypes
      configldap: add some consts
      build: enable_paranoia_cflags
      cman init: make groupd check more robust
      rgmanager: fix fallout from death of alloc library
      build: add FORCESBINT install/uninstall target
      gfs: fsck and mkfs binaries should be in /sbin
      gfs2:  fsck and mkfs binaries should be in /sbin
      ccs: fix build warnings in ccs_tool
      build: fix install target for SBINSYMT.
      build: propagate relative info about /sbin vs sbindir
      gfs2: use relative links
      fence: drop obsoleted fence_manual man page
      rgmanager: init script rework
      qdisk: fix build warnings spotted by paranoia cflags
      config: fix some warnings in ldap tools
      cman: fix cman_tool build warnings spotted by paranoia cflags
      cman: fix warnings in daemon/ spotted by paranoia cflags
      fence agents: fix warnings spotted by paranoia cflags
      fenced: rename log flog
      cman: set default log file to corosync.log

Jan Friesse (5):
      fence_agents: Replaced telnet_ssl by fence_nss_wrapper
      fence_nss_wrapper: Fix minor polling bug and force wrapper to build
      fence: Add support for IPv4/IPv6 forcing
      fence: Change force_ipvX to inetX_only
      fence: Make SNMP v3 default for fence_intelmodular

Lon Hohberger (25):
      config: Fix up a couple things in cluster.rng
      fence_xvmd: Make -L imply -X.
      config: Update 99cluster.ldif to be more complete
      config: Type checking fixups in schemas
      rgmanager: Status check tuning/optimization
      fence: Make fence_xvmd bind correctly
      fence: Fix fence_xvmd log message
      rgmanager: Make command line debug work
      rgmanager: Support RGMANAGER_DEBUG env. variable
      fence_xvmd: Support FENCE_XVMD_DEBUG env. variable
      rgmanager: Don't clear foreground log mode on reconfig
      rgmanager: Allow exit while waiting for cman
      rgmanager: Fix event information during configuration
      rgmanager: Optimize fork/clone during status checks
      config: Schema updates for file system quick_status
      rgmanager: Fix bug in check_rdomain_crash
      rgmanager: Fix log messages for status_* attributes
      fence: Add -U option to fence_xvmd.8
      rgmanager: Remove rg_test memory cap
      rgmanager: Remove local slab allocator
      rgmanager: Remove references to malloc_dump_table
      Revert "rgmanager: Remove references to malloc_dump_table"
      rgmanager: Remove references to malloc_dump_table
      qdisk: Remove useless debug message
      qdisk: Fix undead loop messages

Marek 'marx' Grac (3):
      fence_rsa: #493802 - Support for ssh enabled RSA II fence devices
      [FENCE] #462390 - Support for iDRAC on Dell M600 Blade Chassis #498329 - fence_drac5 help output shows incorrect usage

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