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* cluster: the annotated tag cluster-3.0.0.rc4 has been created
@ 2009-07-01 21:48 Fabio M. Di Nitto
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From: Fabio M. Di Nitto @ 2009-07-01 21:48 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: cluster-cvs-relay

Commit:        fd0b6d1705db02824c5a59635b2b214c000cf256
Parent:        0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Author:        Fabio M. Di Nitto <>
AuthorDate:    2009-07-01 21:44 +0000
Committer:     Fabio M. Di Nitto <>
CommitterDate: 2009-07-01 21:44 +0000

annotated tag: cluster-3.0.0.rc4 has been created
	    at fd0b6d1705db02824c5a59635b2b214c000cf256 (tag)
       tagging 7e29854c15d5f0f0968f3a2e3728643caeec92ae (commit)
      replaces cluster-3.0.0.rc3

cluster-3.0.0.rc4 release

Bob Peterson (4):
      GFS2: gfs2_convert, parameter not understood on ppc
      /sbin/mount.gfs2: can't find /proc/mounts entry for directory /
      Message printed to stderr instead of stdout
      gfs_fsck: Segfault in EA leaf repair

Christine Caulfield (3):
      cman: use api->shutdown_request instead of api->request_shutdown
      cman: Fix some compile-time warning
      dlm: Fix some compile warnings

Fabio M. Di Nitto (17):
      gfs: kill dead test code
      gfs2: drop dead test code
      build: enable fence_xvm by default
      config: fix warnings in confdb2ldif
      config: use HDB_X instead of _D
      gfs: add missing format attributes
      gfs2: handle output conversion properly
      gfs2: add missing casts
      gfs2: make functions static
      gfs2: backport coding format from master
      gfs2: resync internationalization support from master
      cman: port to the latest corosync API
      cman init: stop qdiskd only if enabled
      qdiskd: fix log file name
      cman init: don't stop fence_xvmd if we don't know the status
      cman init: readd support for fence_xvmd standalone operations
      Revert "gfs-kernel: enable FS_HAS_FREEZE"

Federico Simoncelli (1):
      rgmanager: Allow use of libvirt XML file

Jim Meyering (5):
      src/clulib/ckpt_state.c (ds_key_init_nt): detect failed malloc
      dlm/tests: handle malloc failure
      cman: handle malloc failure (i.e., don't deref NULL)
      dlm_controld: handle heap allocation failure and plug leaks
      dlm_controld: add comments: mark memory problems

Lon Hohberger (42):
      rgmanager: Fix ptr arithmetic and C90 warnings
      rgmanager: Fix rg_locks.c build warnings
      rgmanager: Fix rg_strings.c build warnings
      rgmanager: Fix members.c and related build warnings
      rgmanager: Change ccs_read_old_logging to static
      rgmanager: Fix daemon_init related warnings
      rgmanager: Remove unused function
      rgmanager: Remove unused proof-of-concept code
      rgmanager: Fix build warnings in cman.c
      rgmanager: Fix build warnings in fdops.c
      rgmanager: Fix vft.c and related build warnings
      rgmanager: Fix msgtest.c build warnings
      rgmanager: Fix complier warnings in msg_cluster.c
      rgmanager: Fix build warnings in msg_socket.c
      rgmanager: Fix build warnings in msgtest.c
      rgmanager: Fix fo_domain.c build warnings
      rgmanager: Fix fo_domain.c build warnings (part 2)
      rgmanager: Fix clufindhostname.c build warnings
      rgmanager: Fix clustat.c build warnings
      rgmanager: Fix clusvcadm.c build warnings
      rgmanager: Fix clulog.c build warnings
      rgmanager: groups.c cleanup
      rgmanager: Cleanups around main.c
      rgmanager: Fix reslist.c complier warnings
      rgmanager: Fix resrules.c compiler warnings
      rgmanager: Fix restree.c compiler warnings
      rgmanager: Clean up rg_event.c and related build warnings
      rgmanager: Fix rg_forward.c build warnings
      rgmanager: Fix rg_queue.c build warnings
      rgmanager: Clean up rg_queue.c and related warnings
      rgmanager: Clean up slang_event.c and related warnings
      rgmanager: Fix last bits of compiler warnings
      rgmanager: Fix leaked context on queue fail
      rgmanager: Fix stop/start race
      rgmanager: Fix stack overflows on stress testing
      rgmanager: Fix small memory leak
      rgmanager: Don't push NULL on to the S/Lang stack
      rgmanager: Fix error message
      rgmanager: Fix --debug build
      fence: Make fence_node return 2 for no fencing
      rgmanager: stack cleanup
      rgmanager: Allow exit while waiting for fencing

Marek 'marx' Grac (1):
      fence_wti: Fence agent for WTI ends with traceback when option is missing

Steven Dake (1):
      fence: Fix missing case in switch statement

Steven Whitehouse (1):
      libgfs2: Use -o meta rather than gfs2meta fs type

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2009-07-01 21:48 cluster: the annotated tag cluster-3.0.0.rc4 has been created Fabio M. Di Nitto

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