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The following packages have been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* htmldoc	1.9.12

HTMLDOC reads HTML and Markdown source files or web pages and generates
EPUB, HTML, PostScript, or PDF files with an optional table of contents.
HTMLDOC normally expects structured documents, with chapters, headings,
lists, tables, etc. but also handles web pages in HTML, Markdown, and
other continuous formats.

For more information, please see the project home page:

or the repository README:

Please see below or read /usr/share/doc/htmldoc/ after
installation for details of the many changes since the previous
Cygwin release:

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.12

- Fixed a crash bug with "data:" URIs and EPUB output
- Fixed crash bugs for books
- Fixed a number-up crash bug
- Fixed JPEG error handling
- Fixed crash bugs with bogus table attributes
- Fixed a crash bug with malformed URIs
- Fixed a crash bug with malformed GIF files
- Fixed a crash bug with empty titles
- Fixed crash bugs with bogus text
- Fixed some issues reported by Coverity
- Removed the bundled libjpeg, libpng, and zlib.

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.11

- Added high-resolution desktop icons for Linux
- Updated the internal HTTP library to fix truncation of redirection
- Fixed a regression in the handling of character entities for UTF-8
- The `--numbered` option did not work when the table-of-contents was

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.10

- Updated local zlib to v1.2.11
- Updated local libpng to v1.6.37
- Fixed packaging issues on macOS and Windows
- Now ignore sRGB profile errors in PNG files
- The GUI would crash when saving
- Page comments are now allowed in `pre` text.

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.9

- Fixed a redirection issue - some sites (incorrectly) provide an
  incomplete Location: URL in the HTTP response.
- Fixed https: support on newer versions of Windows
- Fixed a problem with remote URLs containing spaces
- Fixed a UTF-8 processing bug for Markdown files
- Added support for `<FONT FACE="monospace">`.

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.8

- Added support for a `HTMLDOC.filename` META keyword that controls the
  filename reported in CGI mode; the default remains "htmldoc.pdf"
- Fixed a paragraph formatting issue with large inline images
- Fixed a buffer underflow issue
- Fixed PDF page numbers
- Added support for a new `L` header/footer format (`$LETTERHEAD`),
  which inserts a letterhead image at its full size
- Updated the build documentation.

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.7

- Refactored the PRE rendering code to work around compiler optimization
- Added support for links with targets
- Fixed a table rowspan + valign bug.

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.6

- Added support for data URIs
- HTMLDOC no longer includes a PDF table of contents when converting a
  single web page
- Updated the markdown support with external links, additional inline
  markup, and hard line breaks
- Links in markdown text no longer render with a leading space as part
  of the link
- Fixed a buffer underflow bug discovered by AddressSanitizer.
- Fixed a bug in UTF-8 support
- PDF output now includes the base language of the input document(s)
- Optimized the loading of font widths
- Optimized PDF page resources
- Optimized the base memory used for font widths
- Added proper `&shy;` support
- Title files can now be markdown.

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.5

- The GUI did not support EPUB output.
- Empty markdown table cells were not rendered in PDF or PostScript
- The automatically-generated title page now supports both "docnumber"
  and "version" metadata
- Added support for dc:subject and dc:language metadata in EPUB output
  from the HTML keywords and lang values
- Added support for the subject and language metadata in markdown input.
- Fixed a buffer underflow bug
- `htmldoc --help` now reports whether HTTPS URLs are supported
- Fixed an issue with HTML title pages and EPUB output.

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.4

- Inline fixed-width text is no longer reduced in size automatically
- Optimized initialization of font width data.

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.3

- Fixed formatting bugs with aligned images
- Fixed support for three digit "#RGB" color values
- Fixed character set support for markdown metadata.
- Updated libpng to v1.6.34
- The makefiles did not use the CPPFLAGS value.

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.2

- Added Markdown table support
- Fixed parsing of TBODY, TFOOT, and THEAD elements in HTML files.

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9.1

- Fixed monospace font size issue
- Added support for reproducible builds
- Added limited support for the HTML 4.0 SPAN element
- Added (extremely limited) UTF-8 support for input files
- Fixed buffer underflow for (invalid) short HTML comments
- Now indent PRE text, by popular request
- EPUB output now makes sure that `<element property>` is written as
  `<element property="property">`
- Now support both NAME and ID for table-of-contents targets.

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.9

- Added support for repeating a single header row for tables that span
  multiple pages
- Added support for embedding the current filename/URL in the header or
- Added EPUB support
- Added Markdown support
- Fixed a regression in header/footer image scaling
- Documentation updates
- Compiler fixes
- Fixed a bug when running HTMLDOC as a macOS application.
- Updated the bundled libpng to v1.6.29.

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.8.30

- Updated documentation to reflect new project page on Github.
- Dropped old CDE and IRIX desktop integration files.
- Cleaned up the GUI and adopted new default text editors for Linux and
- PAGE BREAK comments at the end of a file in web page mode would lose
  the first page
- Fixed the scaling of header/footer images to limit them to the height
  of the header or footer
- Fixed an issue with the top-level makefile not exiting with an error
  as needed
- Fixed a URL referencing bug when the same hostname but a different
  port was used
- Fixed build issue on macOS
- Fixed handling of indexed+alpha PNG images

Changes in HTMLDOC v1.8.29

- Updated local PNG library to version 1.6.20.
- Updated local JPEG library to version 9b.
- Dropped support for OpenSSL.
- Added configure script support for libjpeg-turbo.
- Updated HTTP code to latest CUPS/ippsample sources.
- Duplex PDF output incorrectly forced an even number of pages
- The table of contents showed the wrong page numbers after headings
  containing the "_HD_OMIT_TOC" attribute.
- Fixed reported build issues
- The configure script's --enable-local* options did not work.

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