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* Updated: curl, libcurl{4, -devel, -doc}, mingw64-{x86_64, i686}-curl 7.80
@ 2021-11-20 23:36 Cygwin curl Maintainer
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The following packages have been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* curl			7.80
* libcurl4		7.80
* libcurl-devel		7.80
* libcurl-doc		7.80
* mingw64-x86_64-curl	7.80
* mingw64-i686-curl	7.80

Command line tool and Library supporting transferring files with
FILE, SSL certificates, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP uploading, HTTP form
based upload, proxies, cookies, user+password authentication (Basic,
Digest, NTLM, Negotiate...), file transfer resume, proxy tunneling and a
busload of other useful tricks.

For more information see the project home page:

As there are multiple components and many changes each release please
see below or read /usr/share/doc/curl/RELEASE-NOTES after installation;
for complete details of changes since the previous Cygwin release see:


curl and libcurl 7.80.0

 Public curl releases:         204
 Command line options:         243
 curl_easy_setopt() options:   294
 Public functions in libcurl:  86
 Contributors:                 2533

This release includes the following changes:

 o CURLOPT_MAXLIFETIME_CONN: maximum allowed lifetime for conn reuse
 o CURLOPT_PREREQFUNCTION: add new callback
 o libssh2: add SHA256 fingerprint support
 o urlapi: add curl_url_strerror()
 o urlapi: support UNC paths in file: URLs on Windows
 o wolfssl: allow setting of groups/curves

This release includes the following known bugs:

* see /usr/share/doc/curl/KNOWN_BUGS (

This release includes the following bugfixes:

 o .github: retry macos "brew install" command on failure
 o aws-sigv4: make signature work when post data is binary
 o BINDINGS: URL updates
 o build: remove checks for WinSock 1
 o c-hyper: don't abort CONNECT responses early when auth-in-progress
 o c-hyper: make Curl_http propagate errors better
 o c-hyper: make test 217 run
 o c-hyper: use hyper_request_set_uri_parts to make h2 better
 o checksrc: ignore preprocessor lines
 o CI/makefiles: introduce dedicated test target
 o ci: update Lift config to match requirements of curl build
 o cirrus: remove FreeBSD 11.4 from the matrix
 o cirrus: switch to openldap24-client
 o cleanup: constify unmodified static structs
 o cmake: add CURL_ENABLE_SSL option
 o cmake: fix error getting LOCATION property on non-imported target
 o CMake: restore support for SecureTransport on iOS
 o cmake: with OpenSSL, define OPENSSL_SUPPRESS_DEPRECATED
 o cmdline-opts: made the 'Added:' field mandatory
 o replace krb5-config with pkg-config
 o configure: when hyper is selected, deselect nghttp2
 o connect: use sysaddr_un from sys/un.h or custom-defined for windows
 o curl-confopts.m4:  remove --enable/disable-hidden-symbols
 o curl-openssl.m4: modify library order for openssl linking
 o curl-openssl: pass argument to sed single-quoted
 o curl.1: remove mentions of really old version changes
 o curl: actually append "-" to --range without number only
 o curl: correct grammar in generated libcurl code
 o curl: print help descriptions in an aligned right column
 o curl_gssapi: fix link error on macOS Monterey
 o curl_multi_socket_action.3: add a "RETURN VALUE" section
 o curl_ntlm_core: use OpenSSL only if DES is available
 o Curl_updateconninfo: store addresses for QUIC connections too
 o CURLOPT_ALTSVC_CTRL.3: mention conn reuse is preferred
 o CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER.3: add descripion for specific headers
 o docs/HTTP3: improve build instructions
 o docs/ repair 'make html'
 o docs: fix typo in CURLOPT_TRAILERFUNCTION example
 o docs: provide "RETURN VALUE" section for more func manpages
 o docs: reduce use of "very"
 o doh: remove experimental code for DoH with GET
 o examples/htmltidy: correct wrong printf() use
 o examples/imap-append: fix end-of-data check
 o ftp: make the MKD retry to retry once per directory
 o insert the current date and version in generated man page
 o replace leading single quotes with \(aq
 o http2: make getsock not wait for write if there's no remote window
 o HTTP3: fix the HTTP/3 Explained book link
 o http: fix Basic auth with empty name field in URL
 o http: reject HTTP response codes < 100
 o http: remove assert that breaks hyper
 o http: set content length earlier
 o http_proxy: make hyper CONNECT() return the correct error code
 o http_proxy: multiple CONNECT with hyper done better
 o hyper: disable test 1294 since hyper doesn't allow such crazy headers
 o hyper: does not support disabling CURLOPT_HTTP_TRANSFER_DECODING
 o hyper: pass the CONNECT line to the debug callback
 o imap: display quota information
 o INSTALL: update symbol hiding option
 o lib/ skip certs passed Not Valid After date
 o lib: avoid fallthrough cases in switch statements
 o libcurl.rc: switch out the copyright symbol for plain ASCII
 o libssh2: Get the version at runtime if possible
 o limit-rate.d: this is average over several seconds
 o llist: remove redundant code, branch will not be executed
 o Makefile.m32: fix to not require OpenSSL with -libssh2 or -rtmp options
 o maketgz: redirect output to /dev/null
 o man pages: require all to use the same section header order
 o manpage: adjust the asterisk in some SYNOPSIS sections
 o md5: fix compilation with OpenSSL 3.0 API
 o misc: fix a few issues on MidnightBSD
 o misc: fix typos in docs and comments
 o ngtcp2: advertise h3 as well as h3-29
 o ngtcp2: compile with the latest nghttp3
 o ngtcp2: specify the missing required callback functions
 o ngtcp2: use latest QUIC TLS RFC9001
 o NTLM: use DES_set_key_unchecked with OpenSSL
 o openssl: if verifypeer is not requested, skip the CA loading
 o openssl: with OpenSSL 1.1.0+ a failed RAND_status means goaway
 o Revert "src/tool_filetime: disable -Wformat on mingw for this file"
 o sasl: binary messages
 o schannel: fix memory leak due to failed SSL connection
 o scripts/delta: count command line options in the new file
 o sendf: accept zero-length data in Curl_client_write()
 o sha256: use high-level EVP interface for OpenSSL
 o smooth-gtk-thread.c: enhance the mutex lock use
 o sws: fix memory leak on exit
 o test1160: edited to work with hyper
 o test1173: make spot \n errors in examples
 o test1185: verify checksrc
 o test1266/1267: disabled on hyper: no HTTP/0.9 support
 o test1287: make work on hyper
 o test207: accept a different error code for hyper
 o test262: don't attempt with hyper
 o test552: updated to work with hyper
 o test559: add 'HTTP' in keywords
 o tests/ fix compatibility with impacket 0.9.23+
 o tests: add Schannel-specific tests and disable unsupported ones
 o tests: disable test 2043
 o tests: kill some test servers afterwards to avoid locked logfiles
 o tests: use python3 in test 1451
 o tls: remove newline from three infof() calls
 o tool_cb_prg: make resumed upload progress bar show better
 o tool_listhelp: easier generated with
 o tool_main: fix typo in comment
 o tool_operate: a failed etag save now only fails that transfer
 o url: check the return value of curl_url()
 o url: set "k->size" -1 at start of request
 o urlapi: skip a strlen(), pass in zero
 o urlapi: URL decode percent-encoded host names
 o version_win32: use actual version instead of manifested version
 o vtls: Fix a memory leak if an SSL session cannot be added to the cache
 o wolfssl: use for SHA256, MD4, MD5, and setting DES odd parity
 o zuul: pin the quiche build to use an older cmake-rs

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2021-11-20 23:36 Updated: curl, libcurl{4, -devel, -doc}, mingw64-{x86_64, i686}-curl 7.80 Cygwin curl Maintainer

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