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* Updated: libwebp{,-devel,7,decoder3,demux2,mux3} 1.2.2
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The following packages have been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* libwebp		1.2.2
* libwebp-devel		1.2.2
* libwebp7		1.2.2
* libwebpdecoder3	1.2.2
* libwebpdemux2		1.2.2
* libwebpmux3		1.2.2

WebP is a modern web image format with superior compression.
WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs.
Lossless WebP supports (alpha channel) transparency at a cost of 22% overhead.
WebP lossy images are 25-34% smaller than JPEG images at equivalent quality.
Lossy WebP supports transparency with 3× smaller file sizes than PNG.
A WebP file consists of VP8 or VP8L image data in a RIFF container.

For more information see the project home page:

As there are multiple components and changes each release please
see below or read /usr/share/doc/libwebp/NEWS after installation;
for complete details of changes see:


version 1.2.2	1/11/2022
This is a binary compatible release.
* webpmux: add "-set bgcolor A,R,G,B"
* add ARM64 NEON support for MSVC builds
* fix duplicate include error in Xcode when using multiple XCFrameworks
  in a project
* doc updates and bug fixes

version 1.2.1	7/20/2021
This is a binary compatible release.
* minor lossless encoder improvements and x86 color conversion speed up
* add ARM64 simulator support to
* further security related hardening in libwebp & examples
* toolchain updates and bug fixes
* use more inclusive language within the source

version 1.2.0	12/23/2020
* API changes: - libwebp: encode.h: add a qmin/qmax range for quality
  factor (cwebp adds -qrange)
* lossless encoder improvements
* SIMD support for Wasm builds
* add, supports Mac Catalyst builds
* import fuzzers from oss-fuzz & chromium
* webpmux: add an '-set loop <value>' option
* toolchain updates and bug fixes

version 1.1.0	12/18/2019
* API changes: - libwebp: WebPMalloc - extras: WebPUnmultiplyARGB
* alpha decode fix
* toolchain updates and bug fixes

version 1.0.3	7/4/2019
This is a binary compatible release.
* resize fixes for Nx1 sizes and the addition of non-opaque alpha values
  for odd sizes
* lossless encode/decode performance improvements
* lossy compression performance improvement at low quality levels with
  flat content
* python swig files updated to support python 3
Tool updates: vwebp will now preserve the aspect ratio of images that
exceed monitor resolution by scaling the image to fit

version 1.0.2	1/14/2019
This is a binary compatible release.
* (Windows) unicode file support in the tools
* lossless encoder speedups
* lossy encoder speedup on ARM
* lossless multi-threaded security fix

version 1.0.1	11/2/2018
This is a binary compatible release.
* lossless encoder speedups
* big-endian fix for alpha decoding
* gif2webp fix for loop count=65535 transcode
* further security related hardening in libwebp & libwebpmux
* miscellaneous bug & build fixes

version 1.0.0	4/2/2018
This is a binary compatible release.
* lossy encoder improvements to avoid chroma shifts in various
* big-endian fixes for decode, RGBA import and WebPPictureDistortion
Tool updates:
gifwebp, anim_diff - default duration behavior (<= 10ms) changed to
match web browsers, transcoding tools
img2webp, webpmux - allow options to be passed in via a file

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2022-02-02  6:52 Updated: libwebp{,-devel,7,decoder3,demux2,mux3} 1.2.2 Cygwin libwebp Maintainer

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