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* Updated: curl, libcurl{4, -devel, -doc}, mingw64-{x86_64, i686}-curl 7.84
@ 2022-07-09 18:35 Cygwin curl Maintainer
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The following packages have been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* curl			7.84
* libcurl4		7.84
* libcurl-devel		7.84
* libcurl-doc		7.84
* mingw64-x86_64-curl	7.84
* mingw64-i686-curl	7.84

Command line tool and Library supporting transferring files with
FILE, SSL certificates, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP uploading, HTTP form
based upload, proxies, cookies, user+password authentication (Basic,
Digest, NTLM, Negotiate...), file transfer resume, proxy tunneling and a
busload of other useful tricks.

For more information see the project home page:

As there are multiple components and many changes each release please
see below or read /usr/share/doc/curl/RELEASE-NOTES after installation;
for complete details of changes since the previous Cygwin release see:


curl and libcurl		7.84

Public curl releases:		 209
Command line options:		 248
curl_easy_setopt() options:	 297
Public functions in libcurl:	  88
Contributors:			2652

This release includes the following known bugs:

* see docs/KNOWN_BUGS (

This release includes the following changes:

* curl: add --rate to set max request rate per time unit
* curl: deprecate --random-file and --egd-file
* curl_version_info: add CURL_VERSION_THREADSAFE
* CURLINFO_CAPATH/CAINFO: get the default CA paths from libcurl
* lib: make curl_global_init() threadsafe when possible
* opts: deprecate RANDOM_FILE and EGDSOCKET
* socks: support unix sockets for socks proxy

This release includes the following bugfixes:

* aws-sigv4: fix potentional NULL pointer arithmetic
* bindlocal: don't use a random port if port number would wrap
* c-hyper: mark status line as status for Curl_client_write()
* ci: avoid `cmake -Hpath`
* CI: bump FreeBSD 13.0 to 13.1
* ci: update github actions
* cmake: add libpsl support
* cmake: do not add libcurl.rc to the static libcurl library
* cmake: enable curl.rc for all Windows targets
* cmake: fix detecting libidn2
* cmake: support adding a suffix to the OS value
* configure: skip libidn2 detection when winidn is used
* configure: use the SED value to invoke sed
* configure: warn about rustls being experimental
* content_encoding: return error on too many compression steps
* cookie: address secure domain overlay
* cookie: apply limits
* parse and use .reuse/dep5 for skips
* copyright: make repository REUSE compliant
* curl.1: add a few see also --tls-max
* curl.1: mention exit code zero too
* curl: re-enable --no-remote-name
* curl_easy_pause.3: remove explanation of progress function
* curl_getdate.3: document that some illegal dates pass through
* Curl_parsenetrc: don't access local pwbuf outside of scope
* curl_url_set.3: clarify by default using known schemes only
* CURLOPT_ALTSVC.3: document the file format
* CURLOPT_FILETIME.3: fix the protocols this works with
* CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER.3: improve comment in example
* CURLOPT_NETRC.3: document the .netrc file format
* CURLOPT_PORT.3: We discourage using this option
* CURLOPT_RANGE.3: remove ranged upload advice
* digest: added detection of more syntax error in server headers
* digest: tolerate missing "realm"
* digest: unquote realm and nonce before processing
* DISABLED: disable 1021 for hyper again
* docs/cmdline-opts: add copyright and license identifier to each file
* docs/ document the 'needs-votes' concept
* docs: clarify data replacement policy for MIME API
* doh: remove UNITTEST macro definition
* examples/crawler.c: use the curl license
* examples: remove fopen.c and rtsp.c
* FAQ: Clarify Windows double quote usage
* fopen: add Curl_fopen() for better overwriting of files
* ftp: restore protocol state after http proxy CONNECT
* ftp: when failing to do a secure GSSAPI login, fail hard
* GHA/hyper: enable debug in the build
* gssapi: improve handling of errors from gss_display_status
* gssapi: initialize gss_buffer_desc strings
* headers api: remove EXPERIMENTAL tag
* http2: always debug print stream id in decimal with %u
* http2: reject overly many push-promise headers
* http: restore header folding behavior
* hyper: use 'alt-used'
* krb5: return error properly on decode errors
* lib: make more protocol specific struct fields #ifdefed
* libcurl-security.3: add "Secrets in memory"
* libcurl-security.3: document CRLF header injection
* libssh: skip the fake-close when libssh does the right thing
* links: update dead links to the curl-wiki
* log2changes: do not indent empty lines [ci skip]
* macos9: remove partial support
* fix portability issues
* Makefile.m32: delete obsolete options, improve -On [ci skip]
* Makefile.m32: delete two obsolete OpenSSL options [ci skip]
* Makefile.m32: stop forcing XP target with ipv6 enabled [ci skip]
* max-time.d: clarify max-time sets max transfer time
* mprintf: ignore clang non-literal format string
* netrc: check %USERPROFILE% as well on Windows
* netrc: support quoted strings
* ngtcp2: allow curl to send larger UDP datagrams
* ngtcp2: correct use of ngtcp2 and nghttp3 signed integer types
* ngtcp2: enable Linux GSO
* ngtcp2: extend QUIC transport parameters buffer
* ngtcp2: fix alert_read_func return value
* ngtcp2: fix typo in preprocessor condition
* ngtcp2: handle error from ngtcp2_conn_submit_crypto_data
* ngtcp2: send appropriate connection close error code
* ngtcp2: support boringssl crypto backend
* ngtcp2: use helper funcs to simplify TLS handshake integration
* ntlm: provide a fixed fake host name
* projects: fix third-party SSL library build paths for Visual Studio
* quic: add Curl_quic_idle
* quiche: support ca-fallback
* rand: stop detecting /dev/urandom in cross-builds
* remote-name.d: mention --output-dir
* add the --repeat parameter to the --help output
* runtests: fix skipping tests not done event-based
* runtests: skip starting the ssh server if user name is lacking
* scripts/ fix the exclusion to not ignore man pages
* sectransp: check for a function defined when __BLOCKS__ is undefined
* select: return error from "lethal" poll/select errors
* server/sws: support spaces in the HTTP request path
* speed-limit/time.d: mention these affect transfers in either direction
* strcase: some optimisations
* test 2081: add a valid reply for the second request
* test 675: add missing CR so the test passes when run through Privoxy
* test414: add the '--resolve' keyword
* test681: verify --no-remote-name
* tests 266, 116 and 1540: add a small write delay
* tests/data/test1501: kill ftp server after slow LIST response
* tests/getpart: fix getpartattr to work with "data" and "data2"
* tests/server/sws.c: change the HTTP writedelay unit to milliseconds
* test{440,441,493,977}: add "HTTP proxy" keywords
* tool_getparam: fix --parallel-max maximum value constraint
* tool_operate: make sure --fail-with-body works with --retry
* transfer: fix potential NULL pointer dereference
* transfer: maintain --path-as-is after redirects
* transfer: upload performance; avoid tiny send
* url: free old conn better on reuse
* url: remove redundant #ifdefs in allocate_conn()
* url: URL encode the path when extracted, if spaces were set
* urlapi: make curl_url_set(url, CURLUPART_URL, NULL, 0) clear all parts
* urlapi: support CURLU_URLENCODE for curl_url_get()
* urldata: reduce size of a few struct fields
* urldata: remove three unused booleans from struct UserDefined
* urldata: store tcp_keepidle and tcp_keepintvl as ints
* version: allow stricmp() for sorting the feature list
* vtls: make curl_global_sslset thread-safe
* wolfssh.h: removed
* wolfssl: correct the failf() message when a handle can't be made
* wolfSSL: explicitly use compatibility layer
* x509asn1: mark msnprintf return as unchecked

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2022-07-09 18:35 Updated: curl, libcurl{4, -devel, -doc}, mingw64-{x86_64, i686}-curl 7.84 Cygwin curl Maintainer

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