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* Updated: tack 1.09-2.20210619
@ 2022-11-19  5:40 Cygwin tack Maintainer
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From: Cygwin tack Maintainer @ 2022-11-19  5:40 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: Cygwin Announcements

The following packages have been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* tack			1.09-2.20210619
* tack-debuginfo	1.09-2.20210619

The tack program is a diagnostic that is designed to create and verify
the correctness of terminfo, and create new terminal descriptions that
are not included in the standard release.

For more information see the project home page:

As there are many changes each release please see below or read
/usr/share/doc/tack/CHANGES after installation:

* update copyright
* sysdep.c: scan-build warning about unused assignment
* adjust rules to work with --program-suffix
* add AC_ARG_PROGRAM to get --program-suffix, etc.
* aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf
* package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump
* config.guess: fix shellcheck warning SC2154
* config.guess: remove redundant quotes in case commands
* config.guess: simplify exit status workaround on alphaev67-dec-osf5.1
* config.sub: Handle MIPS R3 and R5 ISA levels with CPU names
* fun.c: rewrite the meta-key test to show the input character in
  readable form (from unctrl) in addition to hex. Also, make a second
  pass with the meta-mode turned off.
* package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump
* config.guess, config.sub: Recognize arc64
* config.guess: add SecBSD support
* config.sub: add SecBSD support
* aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf
* minor fixes, per shellcheck
* package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump
* tack.h: updates to work with _Noreturn changes in ncurses
* aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf
* config.sub: Add support for SerenityOS
* config.guess: update AROS system detection
* config.guess: fix shell variable quoting bug
* config.sub: recognize four-part configuration name for VxWorks
* config.sub: accept OS of eabi* and gnueabi*
* config.guess, config.sub: Update copyright years.
* config.guess, config.sub: Recognize riscv32be and riscv64be
* config.guess, config.sub: Recognize loongarch32, loongarch64, and loongarchx32
* config.sub: recognize thumbv7*
* tack.h, pad.c: improve interaction in padding tests by ensuring a
  time-delay happens for the cases where the terminal itself has no
* tackgen.c: fix a memory-leak
* tack.c: prefer exit_terminfo to _nc_free_tinfo
* add check for exit_terminfo
* aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf
* package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump
* tack.1: cleanup using check-manpage
* aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf
* suppress checks for X
* package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump
* config.guess, config.sub: .gitattributes: specify a custom git merge driver for the ChangeLog file
* config.guess, config.sub: Update cgit URLs over gitweb URLs of the latest version of config.guess and config.sub scripts
* config.guess, config.sub: Update timestamps.
* config.sub, config.guess: Replace backtick `..` substitutions with POSIX $(..) command substitutions throughout.
* config.guess: Handle aarch64eb.
* config.sub: Fix whitespace problem in config.sub.
* config.sub: (i*86-pc-os2-emx): Recognise correctly.
* config.sub: (uclinux-uclibc*): Fix detection.
* config.guess: Don't use 'ldd --version' to determine the presence of musl libc, as this fails on Alpine Linux 3.10.
* config.sub: Fix regression in QNX recognition.
* config.guess, config.sub: Replace "if [ EXPR ]" with "if test EXPR".
* config.guess: (arm64:Darwin:*:*): Recognise.
* config.sub: (case $cpu): Whitespace fix.
* config.sub: (arm64-*): Canonicalise to aarch64-*.
* config.sub, config.guess: update
* sysdep.c: gcc-warning
* sysdep.c: two changes to allow most tests to work with mintty in
  Cygwin and MSYS2 (the meta-mode test is one case that does not work):
  - change the VTIME value in tty_set() to 0, since interbyte timing
    does not work at all. Without this fix, getchar() returns
    immediately without error, whether or not data is available.
  - in read_key(), do not exit from the loop as long as read() returns
    -1 (error). Without this fix, read_key() returns ^@'s (nulls) in the
    function-key test.
  These changes do not seem to break existing tests on other platforms,
  e.g., Unix (AIX, HPUX, Solaris).
* tack.c: fix gcc warning for non-ncurses configuration
* package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump
* init.c: zero-out the debug/log-pointers after closing them
* tack.1: add -d option, for debug.log
* output.c: use debug.log to record putp's and tput's which hint at the
  testing done
* sysdep.c: use debug.log to record when the tty is set/reset
* tack.h: split-out log_chr and log_str
* tack.c: add -d option, for debug.log
* tack.1, tack.c, tack.h: add -l option
* tack.c: eliminate a confusing comparison for the logging-menu-entry
  state by using #define'd strings for that and the hex-output menu.
* tack.c: use getopt
* fun.c, crum.c, edit.c: fix coverity warning about copying into
  fixed-size buffer
* tack.c: do a sanity-check on $TERM
* package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump
* aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf
* aclocal.m4: split-out CF__CURSES_DATA to simplify ifdef's
* aclocal.m4: workaround for Cygwin broken-linker
* tack.c: update copyright in version-message
* package/tack.spec, tack.h, package/debian/changelog, HISTORY: bump to
* fun.c, init.c, output.c, tack.h: reduce some of the const/assignment
  and similar warnings seen in Unix builds
* edit.c, scan.c, tack.h, output.c: cppcheck-warnings
* package/debian/compat, package/debian/rules: fix build-warnings
* package/debian/copyright: update copyright
*, aclocal.m4, ansi.c, charset.c, color.c,,
  control.c, crum.c, edit.c, fun.c, init.c, menu.c, modes.c, modules,
  ncurses_tst.hin, output.c, pad.c, scan.c, sync.c, sysdep.c, tack.1,
  tack.c, tack.h, tackgen.c: update copyright notices using script which
  inspects commit-timestamps
* ansi.c, charset.c, color.c, control.c, crum.c, edit.c, fun.c, init.c,
  menu.c, modes.c, output.c, pad.c, scan.c, sync.c, sysdep.c, tack.c,
  tack.h, tackgen.c: rescind permission implied or otherwise to
  relicense my work as GPL3
* aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf
* package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump
* config.guess, config.sub: update

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2022-11-19  5:40 Updated: tack 1.09-2.20210619 Cygwin tack Maintainer

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