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From: Jon Turney <>
Subject: cygport 0.34.1-1
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2022 19:01:11 +0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* cygport-0.34.1-1

cygport is the standard method for building and maintaining
packages for the Cygwin distribution.

Highlights of this release:

* autotools: WANT_AUTOCONF=2.7 is now the default
* python-wheel: PYTHON_WHEEL_VERSIONS behaviour updated for python 3.9.
* obsoletetions no longer generate the empty packages required by old 
setup versions, just the appropriate obsoletes: headers in .hint files.

Achim Gratz (9):
       src_install: correct test in make_etc_defaults
       list_deps: correct search order for Perl dependencies
       pkg_dist: uniquify requirements after the version has been stripped
       Update Debian URL to use HTTPS
       Update GCC URL to use HTTPS
       Update GNU URL to use HTTPS
       Update Sourceware URL to use HTTPS
       lib/pkg_pkg.cygpart: stop generating packages for obsoletions
       autotools.cygclass: recognize WANT_AUTOCONF=2.7 / autoconf2.7 and 
make autoconf2.7 the default

Brian Inglis (1):
       Document patch names which shouldn't appear in PATCH_URI

Christian Franke (1):
       Add -Werror=return-type to CXXFLAGS/OBJCXXFLAGS.

Jon Turney (6):
       Update xorg.cygclass URLs
       Update GitHub action to set PATH via environment file
       Updates to tests for package updates
       Updates to tests for package updates
       Raise an error if we package files in /usr/local
       Bump version to 0.34.1

Lemures Lemniscati (135):
       Update URLs in COPYING
       Update URLs in COPYING-DOCS
       Update URLs in README
       Update URLs in bin/
       Update URLs in cygclass/R.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/ant.cygclass
       Update a URL cygclass/apache.cygclass
       Update a URL cygclass/apache2.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/aspell-dict.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/autotools.cygclass
       Modify README: Add some comments about Gentoo
       Update URLs in cygclass/berkdb.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/bzr.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/clang.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/claws-mail.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/cross.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/cvs.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/distutils-multi.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/distutils.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/emacs.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/fossil.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/fox.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/git.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/gnome2.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/gst-plugins0.10.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/hg.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/java.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/kf5.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/lua.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/mtn.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/nant.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/ninja.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/ocaml-dune.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/ocaml.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/octave.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/perl.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/pypy-distutils.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/pypy.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/python-distutils.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/python-wheel.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/python.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/
       Update a URL in cygclass/python2-distutils.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/python2-wheel.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/python2.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/python3-distutils.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/python3.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/qt3-qmake.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/qt3.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/qt4-cmake.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/qt4-qconf.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/qt4-qmake.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/qt4.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/qt5-qmake.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/qt5.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/svn.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/tcl.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/test-fetch.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/toolchain.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/utils.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/vim.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/waf.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/wxwidgets.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/xorg.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/xvfb.cygclass
       Update a URL in data/cygport.nanorc
       Update a URL in lib/check_funcs.cygpart
       Update a URL in lib/config_registry.cygpart
       Update a URL in lib/help.cygpart
       Update a URL in lib/inheritance.cygpart
       Update a URL in lib/pkg_cleanup.cygpart
       Update a URL in lib/pkg_upload.cygpart
       Update a URL in lib/src_compile.cygpart
       Update a URL in lib/src_prep.cygpart
       Update a URL in lib/src_test.cygpart
       Update a URL in lib/syntax.cygpart
       Update a URL in tools/deb2targz
       Update a URL in tools/pkgrip
       Update a URL in tools/sysrootize
       Update URLs in cygclass/cmake.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/ebook.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/font.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/
       Update a URL in cygclass/gnustep.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/gstreamer.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/gtk2-perl.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/gtkmm.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/mate.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/
       Update URLs in cygclass/kde4.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/meson.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/mono.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/multilib.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/pygtk.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/rox.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/ruby.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/sugar.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/rubygem.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/texlive.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/python3-wheel.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/xfce4.cygclass
       data/mirrors: GNU Licenses
       data/mirrors: apache
       data/mirrors: perl
       data/mirrors: R
       data/mirrors: debian
       data/mirrors: gcc
       data/mirrors: gentoo
       data/mirrors: gnome
       data/mirrors: GNU
       data/mirrors: KDE
       data/mirrors: mplayer
       data/mirrors: MySQL
       data/mirrors: Savannah GNU project
       data/mirrors: tlpretest
       data/mirrors: Xfce sources
       Update URLs in lib/compilers.cygpart
       Update URLs in lib/pkg_info.cygpart
       Update URLs in lib/pkg_pkg.cygpart
       Update a URL in lib/src_fetch.cygpart
       Update URLs in lib/src_install.cygpart
       Update URLs in lib/src_postinst.cygpart
       Update a URL in README, further
       Update a URL in cygclass/autotools.cygclass, further
       Update a URL in cygclass/cmake.cygclass, further
       Update a URL in cygclass/meson.cygclass, further
       Update URLs in cygclass/php.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/kde3.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/ruby-gnome2.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/httpd.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/gst-plugins.cygclass
       Update URLs in cygclass/docbook.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/ggz.cygclass
       Update a URL in cygclass/opensync.cygclass

Marco Atzeri (1):
       python-wheel: Update for python 3.9

Yaakov Selkowitz (5):
       CI: only run on pushes to master
       doc: ignore CI build directory
       CI: fine-tune on.push conditions
       CI: disable tests for obsolete Qt/KDE versions
       CI: fix typo

Yasuhiro KIMURA (1):
       mirrors: update mirror_debian

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