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* [calm - Cygwin server-side packaging maintenance script] branch master, updated. 20171204-1-gc2edc98
@ 2017-12-06 15:58 jturney
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From: jturney @ 2017-12-06 15:58 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: cygwin-apps-cvs;h=c2edc980b0d7efb9ffeceadffef3dfcbfde5b121

commit c2edc980b0d7efb9ffeceadffef3dfcbfde5b121
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Thu Nov 30 12:42:43 2017 +0000

    Treat 'not on the package list' as an error
    Update tests appropriately

 calm/                        |    8 ++++++--
 test/testdata/pkglist/cygwin-pkg-maint |    5 +++++
 test/testdata/pkglist/expected         |    2 +-
 3 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/calm/ b/calm/
index 45f752f..48da76b 100755
--- a/calm/
+++ b/calm/
@@ -754,15 +754,16 @@ def validate_packages(args, packages):
             logging.error("install packages from source package '%s' have non-unique current versions %s" % (source_p, ', '.join(reversed(out))))
     # validate that all packages are in the package maintainers list
-    validate_package_maintainers(args, packages)
+    error = validate_package_maintainers(args, packages) or error
     return not error
 def validate_package_maintainers(args, packages):
+    error = False
     if not args.pkglist:
-        return
+        return error
     # read maintainer list
     mlist = {}
@@ -781,6 +782,9 @@ def validate_package_maintainers(args, packages):
         if not is_in_package_list(packages[p].path, all_packages):
             logging.error("package '%s' is not in the package list" % (p))
+            error = True
+    return error
diff --git a/test/testdata/pkglist/cygwin-pkg-maint b/test/testdata/pkglist/cygwin-pkg-maint
index 75fad88..0d26f32 100644
--- a/test/testdata/pkglist/cygwin-pkg-maint
+++ b/test/testdata/pkglist/cygwin-pkg-maint
@@ -1337,6 +1337,8 @@ nss                                          Yaakov Selkowitz
 ntl                                          Yue Ren/Marco Atzeri
 nttcp                                        Jari Aalto
 obconf                                       Yaakov Selkowitz
+obs-a                                        ORPHANED
+obs-b                                        ORPHANED
 ocaml                                        Damien Doligez
 ocaml-facile                                 Yaakov Selkowitz
 oclock                                       Yaakov Selkowitz
@@ -2174,6 +2176,9 @@ telepathy-qt                                 Yaakov Selkowitz
 terminus-fonts                               Yaakov Selkowitz
 tesseract-ocr                                Marco Atzeri
 testpackage                                  Blooey McFooey
+test-c                                       ORPHANED
+test-d                                       ORPHANED
+test-e                                       ORPHANED
 tetzle                                       Yaakov Selkowitz
 texi2html                                    Dr. Volker Zell
 texinfo                                      Ken Brown
diff --git a/test/testdata/pkglist/expected b/test/testdata/pkglist/expected
index 4c38b0b..2b1123b 100644
--- a/test/testdata/pkglist/expected
+++ b/test/testdata/pkglist/expected
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
  'Michael Wild': maintainers.Maintainer('Michael Wild', [], ['ssh-pageant', 'tmux']),
  'Mike DePaulo': maintainers.Maintainer('Mike DePaulo', [], ['gtkperf']),
  'Mikhail Usenko': maintainers.Maintainer('Mikhail Usenko', [], ['cygcheck-dep']),
- 'ORPHANED': maintainers.Maintainer('ORPHANED', [], ['alternatives', 'aria2', 'asciidoc', 'astyle', 'autobuild', 'byacc', 'ccache', 'ccdoc', 'cgoban', 'colordiff', 'cramfs', 'ctris', 'cvsps', 'cygutils', 'distcc', 'flex', 'gaffitter', 'gcc-tools-epoch1-autoconf', 'gcc-tools-epoch1-automake', 'gcc-tools-epoch2-autoconf', 'gcc-tools-epoch2-automake', 'gnugo', 'googlecl', 'gsl', 'hdparm', 'hexedit', 'inetutils', 'ioperm', 'libassuan', 'libksba', 'libtextcat', 'libustr', 'libXpm-noX', 'maradns', 'mathomatic', 'mhash', 'mingw-binutils', 'mingw-bzip2', 'mingw-gcc', 'mingw-libgcrypt', 'mingw-libgpg-error', 'mingw-pthreads', 'mingw-runtime', 'mingw-w32api', 'mingw-xz', 'mingw-zlib', 'mksh', 'mtd', 'naim', 'nfrotz', 'nfs-server', 'pal', 'pinentry', 'popt', 'protobuf', 'pth', 'python-backports.ssl_match_hostname', 'python-gdata', 'rsh', 'run2', 'rxvt', 'scsh', 'sunrpc', 'tack', 'tcp_wrappers', 'typespeed', 'ucspi-tcp', 'units', 'wtf', 'xsri', '_update-info-dir']),
+ 'ORPHANED': maintainers.Maintainer('ORPHANED', [], ['alternatives', 'aria2', 'asciidoc', 'astyle', 'autobuild', 'byacc', 'ccache', 'ccdoc', 'cgoban', 'colordiff', 'cramfs', 'ctris', 'cvsps', 'cygutils', 'distcc', 'flex', 'gaffitter', 'gcc-tools-epoch1-autoconf', 'gcc-tools-epoch1-automake', 'gcc-tools-epoch2-autoconf', 'gcc-tools-epoch2-automake', 'gnugo', 'googlecl', 'gsl', 'hdparm', 'hexedit', 'inetutils', 'ioperm', 'libassuan', 'libksba', 'libtextcat', 'libustr', 'libXpm-noX', 'maradns', 'mathomatic', 'mhash', 'mingw-binutils', 'mingw-bzip2', 'mingw-gcc', 'mingw-libgcrypt', 'mingw-libgpg-error', 'mingw-pthreads', 'mingw-runtime', 'mingw-w32api', 'mingw-xz', 'mingw-zlib', 'mksh', 'mtd', 'naim', 'nfrotz', 'nfs-server', 'obs-a', 'obs-b', 'pal', 'pinentry', 'popt', 'protobuf', 'pth', 'python-backports.ssl_match_hostname', 'python-gdata', 'rsh', 'run2', 'rxvt', 'scsh', 'sunrpc', 'tack', 'tcp_wrappers', 'test-c', 'test-d', 'test-e', 'typespeed', 'ucspi-tcp', 'units', 'wtf', 'xsri', '_update-info-dir']),
  'Pavel Fedin': maintainers.Maintainer('Pavel Fedin', [], ['onc-rpc-devel', 'rpcbind', 'rpm']),
  'Peter A. Castro': maintainers.Maintainer('Peter A. Castro', [], ['suite3270', 'zsh']),
  'Peter Rosin': maintainers.Maintainer('Peter Rosin', [], ['libggi2', 'libggimisc2', 'libggiwmh0', 'libgii1']),

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2017-12-06 15:58 [calm - Cygwin server-side packaging maintenance script] branch master, updated. 20171204-1-gc2edc98 jturney

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