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* Updated: XFree86-xserv-4.3.0-31
@ 2004-01-05  7:09 Harold L Hunt II
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The XFree86-xserv-4.3.0-31 package has been updated in the Cygwin


Server source, direct link:
(131 KiB)

xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xwin (all files) diff against 4.3.0-29 (yes, the 
file has the wrong name, just live with it) source code:
(39 KiB)

xc/programs/Xserver/Imakefile diff against XFree86 CVS: 
(1 KiB)


1) General - Everything up to the last three entries describes the
new clipboard handling system that does not steal ownership of the X11
selection each time that something is selected; this seems to work
fine, but it needs to be tested.  The last three entries describe my
nearly complete attempt at generating a MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1, adding it
to the list of cookies that the X Server recognizes, and using it when
the clipboard client tries to connect during an XDMCP connection.
This authentication approach should work, but I need a break from
trying to figure out which of the function calls has a minor error in
its parameters; thus, it does not currently work.  However, feel free
to examine the source code and let me know if any of my calls to
GenerateAuthorization, AddResource, or XauWriteAuth are incorrect.  I
would really like to get this automatic authorization working as soon
as possible.  Until then I will mark this release (and all releases
based upon it) as 'test'.

2) InitInput.c - Add a function, winProcSetSelectionOwner, and wrap
the generic function ProcVector[X_SetSelectionOwner] with it.  This
allows us to get a notification each time the selection (clipboard)
owner changes.  Call SetClipboardData (foo, NULL) so that the
WM_RENDERFORMAT message will be posted when a Win32 app requests the
clipboard contents.  (Harold L Hunt II, Alexander Gottwald)

3) winclipboardxevents.c/winClipboardFlushXEvents/SelectionNotify -
No longer steal ownership of the selection each time it changes in
X11.  We can do this because we have notification when
SetSelectionOwner is called (see above).  (Harold L Hunt II)

4) winclipboardxevents.c/winClipboardFlushXEvents/SelectionClear -
Remove handling, it is no longer needed; it used to request the
contents of the selection that we lost ownership of.  (Harold L Hunt

5) winclipboardwndproc.c/winClipboardWindowProc/WM_CREATE,WM_DESTROY
- Add information to be used on each call to a window property.
(Harold L Hunt II)

- Add ourselves to the clipboard viewer chain so that we receive
notification when the clipboard contents are changed by a Win32
application.  Our normal response to this is to call
XSetSelectionOwner, but we specifically do nothing if we currently own
the Win32 clipboard.  (Harold L Hunt II)

- Request the contents of the X11 selection.  Use XPeekIfEvent to wait
until the response is added to our event queue (this could probably
lead to a dead-lock of a client exists before responding), then call
winClipboardFlushXEvents to handle the SelectionNotify event.  UTF8
and CompoundText targets require that we call XConvertSelection from
the SelectionNotify event, which will cause another SelectionNotify
event to be fired; be careful to check for this and do the
XPeekIfEvent/winClipboardFlushXEvents thing again if this is the
case (this is untested because I did not see any UTF8 or CompoundText
targets that needed conversion).  Copy the returned contents to the
Win32 clipboard with SetClipboardData ().  (Harold L Hunt II)

8) winscrinit.c/winFinishScreenInitFB - Generate a
MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 cookie and add it to the server's list of cookies.
(Harold L Hunt II)

9) winclipboardthread.c/winClipboardSaveXauthData - Add the generated
MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 cookie to the Xauthority file.  Beware that this is
hard-coded to and that the entry is not cleaned up upon
exit; this will force the host-based access to be disabled in some
cases and could cause problems starting X Clients until this is fixed.
(Harold L Hunt II)

10) xc/programs/Xserver/Imakefile - Add $(OS) to the XWINLIBS just
after libXwin.a is included, which allows us to call unreferenced
functions in libXau.a, such as XauWriteAuth.  (Harold L Hunt II)

Harold Hunt

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system.  Once you've downloaded setup.exe, run it and select "XFree86"
and then click on the appropriate field until the above announced
version number appears if it is not displayed already.

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you can try to find another mirror.

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