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* Updated: gnuplot-4.4.4-1: A command-line driven interactive function plotting utility
@ 2011-11-18 15:26 Dr. Volker Zell
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A new version of 'gnuplot' has been uploaded to a server near you.

 o Update to latest upstream release.
 o Build for cygwin 1.7.9 with gcc-4.5.3

gnuplot NEWS:

New features, changes and fixes in gnuplot version 4.4.4

* NEW boxxyerrors plot style now allows variable color
* NEW splot with pm3d now allows variable rgb color
* NEW "nonuniform matrix" indicates ascii data with explicit x, y
* CHANGE columnhead(N) is a string-valued function, not a keyword
* CHANGE Demarcate plots in svg output using <g id="Plot_#"><title>...
* CHANGE xticlabels() works for binary data files as well as ascii
* CHANGE "set key maxrows" now applies to 3D plots as well as 2D
* CHANGE rewrite installation path rules for TeX files
* FIX wxt terminal should now work on at least some flavors of OSX
* FIX incorrect space allowed for outside left key box
* FIX buffer overflow from enhanced text timefmt tic labels
* FIX correction for offset in epochs when reading in time format "%s"
* FIX discontinuity in defined palette limited by maxcolors
* FIX initialization of svg pattern-fill definitions
* FIX positioning of histogram bars when some data entries are missing
* FIX emf terminal can handle UTF-8 encoding
* FIX User-specified axis tick labels override auto labels in 3D just as in 2D
* FIX `plot with labels` failed to skip labels with UNDEFINED coords
* FIX NaN (not a number) implementation for Windows build
* FIX work-around for poor scaling in pdfcairo pattern fill
* FIX segfault if mismatch between palette sizes of successive terminals

New features, changes and fixes in gnuplot version 4.4.3

* NEW set key maxcolumns N maxrows M
* NEW value("varname") returns the value of the named variable
* NEW encoding cp1251 - 8-bit Cyrillic
* NEW Implement pan and zoom via mouse wheel.
* CHANGE backport emf terminal driver from version 4.5
* FIX better estimation of latex string lengths
* FIX colorbar representation of discrete color palettes is pixel accurate
* FIX NaN initialization and tests working on more (all?) platforms
* FIX configuration script tests for readline+ncurses
* FIX prevent out-of-range boxes from creating degenerate ghosts on the border
* FIX missing alpha channel flag for pdfcairo terminal
* FIX font initialization in windows terminal

New features, changes and fixes in gnuplot version 4.4.2

* FIX error in clipping filled curves to plot boundary
* FIX regression in colorspec parsing ("lc N" not recognized)
* FIX prevent segfault if refresh follows interrupted replot

New features, changes and fixes in gnuplot version 4.4.1

* NEW Support the "%s" format specifier in strftime()
* NEW Optional 6th data column in candlesticks style to specific box width
* NEW If integer arithmetic i*j or i**j would overflow, return value as a real
* NEW "set style circle radius <default-radius>"
* FIX autoconfiguration of readline support in OSX
* FIX font problems in win terminal
* FIX Protect against runaway recursion by limiting depth of nested functions
* FIX metapost terminal: Fix inheritance of line thickness by text strings
* FIX cairo terminals could segfault on certain enhanced text strings
* FIX pdfcairo output to stdout now works
* FIX font ",size" in non-enhanced mode postscript terminals
* FIX Do a better job of estimating the width of UTF-8 encoded strings
* FIX baseline bug in canvas terminal rotation of enhanced text
* FIX Allow "with labels" to work for binary input data
* FIX update user GPVAL variables after plot in table mode
* CHANGE depth-sorting of pm3d surfaces now applies jointly to all in the plot
* CHANGE 3D impulses are now always drawn from z=0
* CHANGE Enable HIDDEN_QUADTREE by default
* CHANGE Enable "set fit errorvariables" by default
* CHANGE Regardless of current timefmt, read time from binary files as a binary
* CHANGE do not limit 3D rotation to 0<rotx<180


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2011-11-18 15:26 Updated: gnuplot-4.4.4-1: A command-line driven interactive function plotting utility Dr. Volker Zell

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