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From: Jon TURNEY <>
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Subject: Re: Cygwin Xwin error
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 16:12:00 -0000	[thread overview]
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Again, this discussion belongs on the cygwin-xfree list.

On 14/10/2013 21:11, Paul Hardy wrote:
> Sorry, my googling on that error message led me to the page that I quoted
> which has no links to email lists, but did have your emails.

The Cygwin website has instructions about how to report bugs in Cygwin.

> I use Cygwin on an XP laptop set up in 2007, to provide Xwindows/Motif login
> to a historic VMS simulation in SimH using Xdmcp, and this works fine. I'm
> trying to get it going on a new PC running Windows 7, which has necessitated
> a later Cygwin.
> The SimH side is fine, but I can't get a current Cygwin to behave. I get an
> error when I try to start Xwin saying "winValidateArgs - -fullscreen is
> invalid with -scrollbars, -resize, -nodecoration, or -lesspointer." However,
> my command line is "/usr/bin/XWin -ac -fullscreen -depth 8 -query
> " which doesn't contain any of "-scrollbars, -resize,
> -nodecoration, or -lesspointer.".

Thanks for reporting this problem.

This is a bug.  XWin currently always sets the default resize mode to
-resize=randr.  As it doesn't make sense to try to resize the screen in
-fullscreen mode, we should set the default resize mode to -noresize.

> Putting -noresize gets me further, in that I get no immediate error message,
> but a totally black screen. I had to hit the Windows key to escape.
> The Xwin log file is attached. Are you able to interpret? 

> [296068.603] winBlockHandler - pthread_mutex_unlock()
> [296083.595] winRedrawScreenShadowDDNL - IDirectDrawSurface4_Blt () failed: 887601c2
> [296083.595] winRedrawScreenShadowDDNL - IDirectDrawSurface4_Blt () failed: 887601c2

This is DDERR_SURFACELOST, and I think just means that you pressed the Windows
key so that the X server lost fullscreen.

> [296092.658] winRedrawScreenShadowDDNL - IDirectDrawSurface4_Blt () failed: 887601c2
> [296092.658] winRedrawScreenShadowDDNL - IDirectDrawSurface4_Blt () failed: 887601c2
> [296100.349] winDestroyColormapShadowDDNL - Failed freeing the default colormap DirectDraw palette.
> [296100.349] winDestroyColormap - Engine specific colormap destruction procedure failed.  Continuing, but it is possible that memory was leaked, or that colors will be messed up from now on.
> [296100.380] winDeinitMultiWindowWM - Noting shutdown in progress
> [296100.380] Server terminated successfully (0). Closing log file.

Can you try this again, but wait about 2 1/2 minutes to see if any XDM errors

> I note that I can still connect from my old laptop to the target VMS virtual
> system running in a SimH VM on the new PC, so the target system and
> networking are OK.

I assume that this is running an older version of the X server.  Can you say
which?  -depth 8 is not often used, so it's quite possible something has
gotten broken.

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