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* Updates to for 7.3/8.0
@ 2002-12-14 12:25 Stephen Smoogen
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From: Stephen Smoogen @ 2002-12-14 12:25 UTC (permalink / raw)
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Have made a new and some changes to to allow it
to compile on a RHL 8.0 machine. This requires autoconf-2.53 and
automake-1.6 for it to complete. Both are available with RHL-7.3 also.

Steps for compilation: 

save and to /tmp 

tar xzvf dominion-2.6b.tgz 
mv dominion-2.6b dominion-2.6c-alpha 
cd dominion-2.6c-alpha 
rm acconfig.h 
cp /tmp/ . 
cp /tmp/ . 

autoreconf-2.53 -ivh 

then make and install.. working on the next set of things to clear up
some old fgets and such. 


Stephen John Smoogen
Los Alamos National Labrador  CCN-2 B-Schedule  PH: 
Ta-03 SM-261  MailStop P208 DP 17U  Los Alamos, NM 87545

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[-- Type: text/x-makefile, Size: 3708 bytes --]

## Process this file with automake to produce

bin_PROGRAMS = dominion dom_make dom_add dom_update dom_print


info_TEXINFOS = dominion.texi

dominion_SOURCES = dominion.c world.c nation.c user.c ext.c file.c misc.c \
	init.c budget.c techno.c commands.c help.c menus.c diplomacy.c \
	reports.c spy.c army.c armylib.c mail.c diplolib.c maglib.c \
	cur_stuff.c news.c c_news.c economy.c transport.c spells.c \
	spelllib.c root.c cinfo.c construct.c int_mail.c movement.c \
	bonds.c bondslib.c cn_params.c

dom_make_SOURCES = makeworld.c file.c misc.c ext.c armylib.c diplolib.c \
	world.c economy.c movement.c bondslib.c cn_params.c

dom_add_SOURCES = addnation.c file.c misc.c ext.c armylib.c diplolib.c \
	world.c economy.c movement.c bondslib.c cn_params.c

dom_update_SOURCES = update.c file.c misc.c nation.c armylib.c ext.c mail.c \
	techno.c battle.c diplolib.c world.c maglib.c cn_params.c cn.c \
	economy.c spelllib.c news.c movement.c cnlib.c bondslib.c

dom_print_SOURCES = printmap.c file.c misc.c nation.c armylib.c ext.c maglib.c\
	diplolib.c world.c economy.c movement.c spelllib.c bondslib.c \

BUILT_SOURCES = config.h

noinst_HEADERS = army.h common.h cur_stuff.h dominion.h proto.h bonds.h \
	decl.h misc.h cn.h costs.h dom_config.h news.h

# The non-source data files are: magic stuff, misc and doc stuff

magic_DATA = mag_Aule mag_Demonology mag_Insects mag_Necromancy mag_Unity \
	mag_Avian mag_Diana mag_Master mag_Neptune mag_Yavanna mag_Chess \
	mag_Inferno mag_Monsters mag_Time mag_orders
magicdir = $(libdir)/dominion/magic

misc_DATA = races cns cns.small army_types spirit_types techno_levels
miscdir = $(libdir)/dominion/misc

# play_doc is the documentation that is used while playing
# play_doc_DATA = info_intro refcard
play_doc_DATA = info_intro refcard
play_docdir = $(libdir)/dominion/doc

# the next rule is to create certain subdirectories that don't really get
# any files put in them by default
	-$(mkinstalldirs) $(libdir)/dominion/exec
	-$(mkinstalldirs) $(libdir)/dominion/options
	-$(mkinstalldirs) $(libdir)/dominion/params
	-$(mkinstalldirs) $(libdir)/dominion/mail
	-$(mkinstalldirs) $(libdir)/dominion/news

man_MANS = dominion.6
EXTRA_DIST = config.rpath mkinstalldirs  config.rpath  MACHINES TASKS dominion.tex gm.tex \
	tabular.sty latexinfo.sty $(DATA)

#CFLAGS = -DVERSION=\"$(VERSION)\" -DDEF_LIBDIR=\"$(libdir)/dominion\" -g
CFLAGS = -DDEF_LIBDIR=\"$(libdir)/dominion\" -g gm.tex
	echo "You cannot make from this Makefile"
	echo "Please contact the Dominion authors, or get the latexinfo"
	echo "package." dominion.tex
#	echo "You cannot make from this Makefile"
#	echo "Please contact the Dominion authors, or get the latexinfo"
#	echo "package."

gm.dvi: gm.tex
	latex gm.tex
	latex gm.tex		# run latex twice to get the indices right
#dominion.dvi: dominion.tex
#	latex dominion.tex
#	latex dominion.tex	# run latex twice to get the indices right gm.dvi
	dvips gm.dvi dominion.dvi
#	dvips dominion.dvi

# this rule makes a new world; [FIXME] it should be replaced with a
# shell script eventually
new-world: all install
	@echo 'all data cleared, and lib files installed'
	./dom_make -d $(libdir)/dominion
	@echo 'newsgroup ' News ' created automatically'
	-mkdir $(libdir)/dominion/news/News
	@echo News ' 1 0 0' > $(libdir)/dominion/news/groups
	/bin/sh ./ $(libdir)/dominion/news groups

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[-- Type: text/plain, Size: 2544 bytes --]

dnl script for the dominion program
dnl original author: Mark Galassi
dnl modified by: Stephen J Smoogen
dnl license: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 2
dnl -------------------------------------------------------------
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce the configure script.

dnl Unique file to test on and end result config file

dnl Require Autoconf-2.53

dnl Copyright notice

dnl Revision notice
AC_REVISION($Revision: 0.10 $)

dnl turn off maintainer removal of configure script

dnl -------------------------------------------------------------
dnl locate C compiler and Make tools

dnl not currently needed but will be needed when client and server are
dnl split apart and common libraries are needed

dnl -------------------------------------------------------------
dnl look for posix compliance on some platforms

AC_DEFINE([PREFIX], "${prefix}", [define for path prefix])
AC_DEFINE([INFO_PATH], "${prefix}/info", [define for path info])
AC_DEFINE([INFO_INTRO], "${prefix}/lib/dominion/doc/info_intro", [define for intro])
AC_DEFINE([VERSION], "$VERSION", [define for version])


dnl -------------------------------------------------------------
dnl Check for programs
dnl  Email programs
AC_CHECK_PROGS(MAIL_PROG, Mail mailx elm pine)

dnl -------------------------------------------------------------
dnl Checks for header files.
AC_CHECK_HEADERS([fcntl.h limits.h netinet/in.h stdlib.h string.h strings.h unistd.h])

dnl -------------------------------------------------------------
dnl Check for typedefs, structures, and compiler characteristics.

dnl Checks for libraries.
AC_CHECK_LIB(termcap, main)
AC_CHECK_LIB(ncurses, main)
AC_CHECK_LIB(curses, main)
AC_CHECK_LIB(m, main)
AC_CHECK_LIB(crypt, main)

dnl -------------------------------------------------------------
dnl Check for library functions
AC_CHECK_FUNCS([alarm crypt getcwd gethostname getpass getwd memset pow sqrt strchr strrchr strstr srandom srand48])


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2002-12-14 12:25 Updates to for 7.3/8.0 Stephen Smoogen

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