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From: Tom de Vries <>
Cc: Mark Wielaard <>
Subject: [committed]Fix die_no_multifile propagation
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2019 00:00:00 -0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <20191102093303.GA11268@delia>

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[ was: Re: [RFC][PATCH] Fix die_no_multifile propagation ]

Committed as below.

- Tom

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Fix die_no_multifile propagation

I. Terminology

A pseudo-reference from DIE A to DIE B is a reference related to an attribute
of DIE A of class exprloc (or by extension, loclistptr) containing a DWARF
operator (DW_OP_GNU_variable_value, DW_OP_GNU_implicit_pointer,
DW_OP_call_ref) that contains a reference to DIE B.

This in contrast to a regular reference, related to an attribute of
reference class.

II. Assert

When running the test-case from PR25109, we run into an assert:
$ cp 1
$ cp 1 2
$ dwz -m 3 1 2
dwz: dwz.c:9310: write_die: \
  Assertion `value && refdcu->cu_kind != CU_ALT' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

The assert is a regression due to commit 5f3ba3a "Mark
DW_OP_GNU_variable_value-referenced DIEs with die_no_multifile".

III. Revisit commit 5f3ba3a

To reiterate the problem fixed by that commit, the issue is that for DIEs
A and B with a pseudo-reference from A to B:
(A) --pr--> (B)
we have the situation that B ends up in the multifile, and A not, and we end
up in finalize_multifile trying to rewrite the pseudo-reference from A to the
copy of B in the multifile.

It's good to note that for a regular reference, this wouldn't be a problem.
We would simply rewrite the reference in A using DW_FORM_GNU_ref_alt.  But for
the DWARF operators used in pseudo-references, that's not an option because
there are no _alt variants.

The committed fix is to forbid B to move to the multifile, by setting
die_no_multifile to 1.

[ Alternatively, it might be possible to fix this by still allowing B to be
copied to the multifile, and when in finalize_multifile, not rewrite
the pseudo-reference and keep a copy of B in addition to the one in the
multifile. ]

[ It might be possible for both A and B to move to the multifile.  But the
current implementation makes decisions to move individual DIEs to the
multifile or not, and doesn't consider clusters of DIEs, so we have to take a
conservative approach. ]

IV. Assert analysis

The situation when we run into the assert is as follows:
- we have two duplicate chains: {A, B} and {C, D, E, F}
- each duplicate chain has a representant: A' and C'
- there's a pseudo-ref from Z to C

Schematically this looks like this:
(A') --------d-------> (A) --------d-------> (B)
 |                      |                     |
 r                      r                     r
 |                      |                     |
 v                      v                     v
(C') --d--> (C) --d--> (D) --d--> (E) --d--> (F)

The assert happens in write_multifile, when we're trying to write out A' to the
aggregate file (the collection of debug sections in temporary files), due
to die_no_multifile == 0, and finding out that we can't rewrite the reference
from A' to C' because C' is not written out to the candidate multifile, due to
die_no_multifile == 1.  And C' has die_no_multifile == 1 due to C having
die_no_multifile == 1, which is due to the fix from commit 5f3ba3a.

The problem can be formulated as insufficient propagation of the
die_no_multifile property.  That is: the property on C did propagate to C',
as it should, but failed to propagate to A'.

V. Property die_no_multifile propagation

The die_no_multifile property propagation is done in 4 phases:
1. The DIEs are seeded with the property, and the property is propagated
upward towards the toplevel DIEs.
2. The property is propagated backward over regular references.
3. The property is propagated from the duplicate chain to the representant.
4. The property is propagated from the representant back into the duplicate
chain, but in an inverse manner: If the property on the representant is false,
the property is set to true on the duplicate chain.  Which is a way of saying:
if we are going to write the representant to the multifile, there's no need to
write any of the members of the duplicate chain to the multifile.

In a way the propagation proper is phases 1-3, and phase 4 is a seperate thing
that we might call inverse propagation, and which AFAICT is not relevant to the
problem at hand.

Implementationwise, phase 1 takes place during checksum_die, phase 2 during
checksum_ref_die, and phase 3 and 4 during check_multifile.

VI. Propagation analysis

Now we can break down how propagation is done for the situation described at
- During phase 1, C is seeded with the property, on account of the
  pseudo-reference Z -> C.
- During phase 2, the property state is propagated back from D to A and from F
  to B, but since the property is false on D and F, that doesn't change
- During phase 3, the property is propagated from C to C'.

What seems to be missing is a propagation before phase 2 from C to fellow
duplicate chain members D, E and F.  [ However, in order to do this
propagation, we need the duplicate chains, which are only available after
we're done with checksum_ref_die, which is where phase 2 is done. ]

VII. Program invariant

So why did the propagation work up until now?  The answer is that there's an
AFAIK undocumented program invariant that states that if a DIE has the
property set, all fellow members in the duplicate chain will also have it set
(even before the duplicate chains are known).  This invariant held right up
until commit 5f3ba3a broke it.


The fix for the assert implemented in this patch, is to add a
propagate_multifile function called before phase 3, which adds the missing
propagation.  It consists of two parts:
- propagate_multifile_duplicate_chain
- propagate_multifile_refs_backward
where the first adds what was described as missing in VI, and the second is a
copy of phase 2 that doesn't piggyback on checksum_ref_die.
The two are called iteratively until fixed point is reached.

2019-11-02  Tom de Vries  <>

	PR dwz/25109
	* dwz.c	(propagate_multifile_duplicate_chain):
	(propagate_multifile_refs_backward, propagate_multifile): New function.
	(write_multifile): Call propagate_multifile.

 dwz.c | 144 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 144 insertions(+)

diff --git a/dwz.c b/dwz.c
index 4053c0a..bd92e47 100644
--- a/dwz.c
+++ b/dwz.c
@@ -11026,6 +11026,149 @@ cleanup (void)
   max_line_id = 0;
+/* Propagate the die_no_multifile property along the duplicate chain of which
+   DIE is a member.  If the property was changed on any die, set *CHANGED to
+   true.  */
+static void
+propagate_multifile_duplicate_chain (dw_die_ref die, bool *changed)
+  dw_die_ref dup = first_dup (die);
+  if (!dup)
+    return;
+  while (dup && dup->die_offset == -1U)
+    dup = dup->die_nextdup;
+  if (dup != die)
+    return;
+  bool any_no_multifile = false;
+  bool any_multifile = false;
+  bool prop_needed = false;
+  dw_die_ref d;
+  for (d = dup; d && !prop_needed; d = d->die_nextdup)
+    {
+      if (d->die_no_multifile)
+	any_no_multifile = true;
+      else
+	any_multifile = true;
+      prop_needed = any_no_multifile && any_multifile;
+    }
+  if (!prop_needed)
+    return;
+  *changed = true;
+  for (d = dup; d; d = d->die_nextdup)
+    d->die_no_multifile = 1;
+/* Propagate the die_no_multifile property backwards along the outgoing
+   references of DIE, which is a member of CU and of the subtree of lower
+   toplevel die TOP_DIE.  If the property was changed on any die, set *CHANGED
+   to true.  */
+static void
+propagate_multifile_refs_backward (dw_cu_ref cu, dw_die_ref top_die,
+				   dw_die_ref die, bool *changed)
+  struct abbrev_tag *t = die->die_abbrev;
+  unsigned int i;
+  unsigned char *ptr;
+  dw_die_ref child;
+  if (die->die_offset == -1U)
+    return;
+  ptr = debug_sections[DEBUG_INFO].data + die->die_offset;
+  read_uleb128 (ptr);
+  for (i = 0; i < t->nattr; ++i)
+    {
+      uint32_t form = t->attr[i].form;
+      uint64_t value;
+      dw_die_ref ref, reft;
+      while (form == DW_FORM_indirect)
+	form = read_uleb128 (ptr);
+      switch (form)
+	{
+	case DW_FORM_ref_addr:
+	  value = read_size (ptr, cu->cu_version == 2 ? ptr_size : 4);
+	  ptr += cu->cu_version == 2 ? ptr_size : 4;
+	  ref = off_htab_lookup (cu, value);
+	  goto finish_ref;
+	  break;
+	case DW_FORM_ref_udata:
+	case DW_FORM_ref1:
+	case DW_FORM_ref2:
+	case DW_FORM_ref4:
+	case DW_FORM_ref8:
+	  switch (form)
+	    {
+	    case DW_FORM_ref_udata: value = read_uleb128 (ptr); break;
+	    case DW_FORM_ref1: value = read_8 (ptr); break;
+	    case DW_FORM_ref2: value = read_16 (ptr); break;
+	    case DW_FORM_ref4: value = read_32 (ptr); break;
+	    case DW_FORM_ref8: value = read_64 (ptr); break;
+	    default: abort ();
+	    }
+	  if (t->attr[i].attr == DW_AT_sibling)
+	    break;
+	  ref = off_htab_lookup (cu, cu->cu_offset + value);
+	finish_ref:
+	  reft = ref;
+	  while (!reft->die_root
+		 && reft->die_parent->die_tag != DW_TAG_compile_unit
+		 && reft->die_parent->die_tag != DW_TAG_partial_unit
+		 && !reft->die_parent->die_named_namespace)
+	    reft = reft->die_parent;
+	  if (reft->die_root)
+	    ;
+	  else if (reft->die_ck_state == CK_KNOWN
+		   && !top_die->die_no_multifile && reft->die_no_multifile)
+	    {
+	      top_die->die_no_multifile = 1;
+	      *changed = true;
+	    }
+	  break;
+	default:
+	  ptr = skip_attr_no_dw_form_indirect (cu, form, ptr);
+	}
+    }
+  for (child = die->die_child; child; child = child->die_sib)
+    propagate_multifile_refs_backward (cu, top_die, child, changed);
+/* Do propagation of the die_no_multifile property that was not covered in
+   checksum_die and checksum_ref_die.  */
+static void
+propagate_multifile (void)
+  bool changed;
+  dw_cu_ref cu;
+  dw_die_ref die;
+  changed = false;
+    propagate_multifile_duplicate_chain (die, &changed);
+  if (!changed)
+    return;
+  do
+    {
+      changed = false;
+	propagate_multifile_refs_backward (cu, die, die, &changed);
+	propagate_multifile_duplicate_chain (die, &changed);
+    }
+  while (changed);
 /* Returns true if DIE contains any toplevel children that can be
    potentially shared between different executables or shared libraries.  */
 static bool
@@ -11366,6 +11509,7 @@ write_multifile (DSO *dso)
       debug_sections[i].new_data = NULL;
       debug_sections[i].new_size = debug_sections[i].size;
+  propagate_multifile ();
   for (cu = first_cu; cu && cu->cu_kind != CU_TYPES; cu = cu->cu_next)
       cu->u1.cu_new_abbrev_owner = NULL;

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