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Subject: ecos/packages/io/can/current ChangeLog cdl/io_ ...
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 10:43:00 -0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

CVSROOT:	/cvs/ecos
Module name:	ecos
Changes by:	2007-03-26 11:43:36

Modified files:
	packages/io/can/current: ChangeLog 
	packages/io/can/current/cdl: io_can.cdl 
	packages/io/can/current/doc: can_driver_doc.html 
	packages/io/can/current/include: can.h canio.h 
	packages/io/can/current/src: can.c 
Added files:
	packages/io/can/current/tests: can_filter.c can_hdi.c can_load.c 
	                               can_remote.c can_test_aux.inl 

Log message:
	* cdl/io_can.cdl: Added several interfaces for implementation by
	device drivers.
	Moved several configuration options from device drivers to the
	generic CAN driver. With this design a device driver does not
	need to provide all configuration options in its CDL file - it
	simply needs to implement the provided interfaces. The drawback
	of this decicsion is, that it is not possible to control these
	options independently for several CAN devices. (But most platforms
	will have only 1 channel)
	Added configuration option CYGBLD_IO_CAN_EXTRA_TESTS. This option
	enables the build of the interactive CAN tests.
	* test/can_filter: Added interactive message filtering test
	* test/can_hdi: Added interactive hardware description interface
	* test/can_load: Added interactive message handling (reception,
	transmission) test.
	* test/can_remote: Added interactive remote response buffer test
	* test/can_tx: Added interactive basic TX test. All tests are not
	part of the eCos test framework because they are interactive. That
	means, they require interaction with another user controlled
	CAN node.
	* include/can.h: Added identifier masks for standard and extended
	Added the line #include CYGDAT_IO_CAN_DEVICE_INL. This enables a
	device driver to provide an own device inline file. In this inline
	file the driver may define own data types for CAN messages (for
	internal storage of CAN messages (see AT91SAM7 CAN driver))
	* include/canio.h: Added baudrate CYGNUM_CAN_KBAUD_AUTO - support of
	automatic baudrate detection if a driver supports such a feature.
	The application may use these identifiers to set the CAN device into
	a state where it is safe to add/remove/configure message buffers.
	Added union data type cyg_can_msg_data. With this data type a 4 byte
	alignment of message data is guaranteed, an byte, word and dword
	access to the data is possible and an assignment of two CAN datas are
	possible now.
	cyg_can_message now uses cyg_can_msg_data union for CAN data.
	Replaced SW-Filt flag by autobaud flag in HDI.
	Added CAN message access macros for read/write acces of CAN message
	structures. These macros hide implementation of CAN message from
	* src/can.c: Added support for device driver defined CAN message
	data types

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