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Subject: ecos/packages ChangeLog NEWS ecos.db language/ ...
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 17:00:00 -0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

CVSROOT:	/cvs/ecos
Module name:	ecos
Changes by:	2009-08-20 17:00:31

Modified files:
	packages       : ChangeLog NEWS ecos.db 
Added files:
	packages/language/cxx/ustl/current: ChangeLog HISTORY LICENSE 
	packages/language/cxx/ustl/current/cdl: ustl.cdl 
	packages/language/cxx/ustl/current/include: bktrace.h cmemlink.h 
	                                            config.h fstream.h 
	                                            memblock.h memlink.h 
	                                            metamac.h mistream.h 
	                                            ofstream.h simd.h 
	                                            sostream.h stdint.h 
	                                            strmsize.h traits.h 
	                                            typelist.h typet.h 
	                                            ualgo.h ualgobase.h 
	                                            ubitset.h uctralgo.h 
	                                            ufunction.h uheap.h 
	                                            uios.h uiosfunc.h 
	                                            ulaalgo.h ulimits.h 
	                                            ulist.h umap.h 
	                                            umatrix.h umemory.h 
	                                            umultiset.h unew.h 
	                                            unumeric.h upair.h 
	                                            upredalgo.h uqueue.h 
	                                            uset.h uspecial.h 
	                                            ustack.h ustdxept.h 
	                                            ustl.h ustlecos.h 
	                                            ustring.h utf8.h 
	                                            utuple.h utypes.h 
	                                            uutility.h uvector.h 
	packages/language/cxx/ustl/current/src: bktrace.cpp cmemlink.cpp 
	                                        fstream.cpp memblock.cpp 
	                                        memlink.cpp mistream.cpp 
	                                        uexception.cpp unew.cpp 
	                                        ustlecos.cpp ustring.cpp 
	packages/language/cxx/ustl/current/tests: README bvt00.cpp 
	                                          bvt00.std bvt01.cpp 
	                                          bvt01.std bvt02.cpp 
	                                          bvt02.std bvt03.cpp 
	                                          bvt03.std bvt04.cpp 
	                                          bvt04.std bvt05.cpp 
	                                          bvt05.std bvt06.cpp 
	                                          bvt06.std bvt07.cpp 
	                                          bvt07.std bvt08.cpp 
	                                          bvt08.std bvt09.cpp 
	                                          bvt09.std bvt10.cpp 
	                                          bvt10.std bvt11.cpp 
	                                          bvt11.std bvt12.cpp 
	                                          bvt12.std bvt13.cpp 
	                                          bvt13.std bvt14.cpp 
	                                          bvt14.std bvt15.cpp 
	                                          bvt15.std bvt16.cpp 
	                                          bvt16.std bvt17.cpp 
	                                          bvt17.std bvt18.cpp 
	                                          bvt18.std bvt19.cpp 
	                                          bvt19.std bvt20.cpp 
	                                          bvt20.std bvt21.cpp 
	                                          bvt21.std bvt22.cpp 
	                                          bvt22.std bvt23.cpp 
	                                          bvt23.std bvt24.cpp 
	                                          bvt24.std bvt25.cpp 
	                                          bvt25.std bvt26.cpp 
	                                          bvt26.std bvt27.cpp 
	                                          bvt27.std stdtest.h 

Log message:
	* ecos.db: Add uSTL library package record.
	* language/cxx/ustl/*: Initial check-in of the port of uSTL 1.3 to eCos
	contributed by Uwe Kindler.

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