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CVSROOT:	/cvs/ecos
Module name:	ecos-opt
Changes by:	2010-01-26 11:27:49

Modified files:
	packages/io/eth/current: ChangeLog 
	packages/io/eth/current/cdl: eth_drivers.cdl 
	packages/io/eth/current/include: eth_drv.h 
	packages/io/eth/current/src/lwip: eth_drv.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current: ChangeLog 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/cdl: lwip_net.cdl 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/include: lwipopts.h network.h 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/include/arch: cc.h perf.h sys_arch.h 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/include/lwip: api.h api_msg.h arch.h 
	                                         debug.h def.h dhcp.h 
	                                         err.h icmp.h inet.h 
	                                         ip.h ip_addr.h 
	                                         ip_frag.h mem.h memp.h 
	                                         netif.h opt.h pbuf.h 
	                                         raw.h sio.h snmp.h 
	                                         sockets.h stats.h sys.h 
	                                         tcp.h tcpip.h udp.h 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/include/netif: etharp.h loopif.h 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/api: api_lib.c api_msg.c err.c 
	                                    sockets.c tcpip.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/core: dhcp.c mem.c memp.c netif.c 
	                                     pbuf.c raw.c stats.c sys.c 
	                                     tcp.c tcp_in.c tcp_out.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/core/ipv4: icmp.c ip.c ip_addr.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/ecos: sio.c sys_arch.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/netif: etharp.c loopif.c slipif.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/netif/ppp: auth.c auth.h chap.c 
	                                          chap.h chpms.c chpms.h 
	                                          fsm.c fsm.h ipcp.c 
	                                          ipcp.h lcp.c lcp.h 
	                                          magic.c magic.h md5.c 
	                                          md5.h pap.c pap.h 
	                                          ppp.c pppdebug.h 
	                                          randm.c randm.h vj.c 
	                                          vj.h vjbsdhdr.h 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/tests: nc_test_framework.h 
	                                  nc_test_slave.c socket.c 
	                                  sys_timeout.c tcpecho.c 
Added files:
	packages/io/eth/current/src/lwip: eth_conf.inl 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/doc: contrib.txt rawapi.txt 
	                                savannah.txt snmp_agent.txt 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/include: lwip.h 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/include/lwip: autoip.h dns.h igmp.h 
	                                         inet_chksum.h init.h 
	                                         memp_std.h netbuf.h 
	                                         netdb.h netifapi.h 
	                                         snmp_asn1.h snmp_msg.h 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/include/netif: ppp_oe.h 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/include/netif/ppp: chat.h ppp.h 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/api: netbuf.c netdb.c netifapi.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/core: dns.c init.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/core/ipv4: autoip.c igmp.c inet.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/core/snmp: asn1_dec.c asn1_enc.c 
	                                          mib2.c mib_structs.c 
	                                          msg_in.c msg_out.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/ecos: ppp.c sequential.c simple.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/netif: ethernetif.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/netif/ppp: chat.c ppp_oe.c 
	                                          record.c record.h 
	                                          timesys.c timesys.h 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/tests: httpd_sequential.c 
	                                  httpd_simple.c ppp.c 
Removed files:
	packages/io/eth/current/src/lwip: README 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/core: inet.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/ecos: init.c 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/netif/ppp: ppp.h 
	net/net/lwip_tcpip/current/tests: httpd.c 

Log message:
	* net/lwip_tcpip/current/*: Major update of lwIP TCP/IP stack to version 1.3.2.
	* io/eth/current/cdl/eth_drivers.cdl, include/eth_drv.h: Minor changes for
	lwIP 1.3.x.
	* io/eth/current/src/lwip/eth_drv.c: Rework for lwIP 1.3.x based on standalone
	driver for RedBoot.
	* io/eth/current/src/lwip/eth_conf.inl: Add static interface configuration.

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2010-01-26 11:27 ecos-opt packages/io/eth/current/ChangeLog pac jld

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