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From: Rutger Hofman <>
To: eCos Developer list <>
Subject: Re: [ECOS] synth framebuffer and touchscreen emulation
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 09:16:00 -0000	[thread overview]
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Rutger Hofman wrote:
> Rutger Hofman wrote:
>> our board will have a TFT screen with touchscreen. I want to develop 
>> higher-level software using the synthetic target, and I succeeded in 
>> drawing images on the synthetic frame buffer window. So far so good.
>> However, I also want to add touchscreen emulation: the mouse should 
>> generate synthetic touchscreen events. Two questions:
>>  1) When I try to enable mouse awareness

I handle mouse events in framebuf.tcl by registering mouse event callbacks.

>>  2) What is the preferred way to create a synthetic touchscreen
>>     driver? It must necessarily be integrated into the framebuffer
>>     driver, because that one owns the X stuff. I wonder about
>>     integration in the synthetic communication between target,
>>     framebuffer and auxiliary.

I made a separate package dev/touch/synth for the synthetic target 
(implemented as a char device driver). It is necessarily tightly 
integrated with the synthetic framebuffer, because the framebuffer 
host-side catches the X mouse events. So, framebuf.tcl now installs 
mouse action handlers, queries its tdf file for option ("framebuffer" 
"touchscreen") == "on", and if so, installs an interrupt for the 
touchscreen device. framebuf.tcl mouse event callbacks generate an 
interrupt in the target; the target touchscreen driver then 
synth_auxiliary_xchgmsg()s with framebuf.tcl to get the mouse event 

The target .ecc must include+enable the synthetic touchscreen package, 
and the framebuffer that wishes to use a touchscreen must set a .cdl 

Two questions:

1) Is there a way around this two-step configuration? If one wants a 
touchscreen, one must tell so in the .tdf file to notify host-side 
framebuffer.tcl, and one must tell so in the target .ecc to notify the 
framebuffer driver. E.g., it would be nice if the host side could detect 

2) There are just two (now three) touchscreen device drivers in eCos, 
and they all define the same device driver API: a touchscreen event is 
described by a struct with 4 shorts (type, x, y, _unused). Isn't it time 
to lift this into a package io/touchscreen that actually prescribes this 
API? Then touchscreen code would become portable across touchscreen devices.


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