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From: Mark Wielaard <>
Subject: elfutils 0.190 released
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2023 19:25:58 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

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ELFUTILS 0.190 "Woke!" -

A new release of elfutils is available at:

Visit us on the Libera.Chat irc channel #elfutils

* NEWS *

Version 0.190 "Woke!"

CONTRIBUTING: Switch from real name policy to known identity policy.
              Updated ChangeLog policy (no more separate ChangeLogs).
              There is a SECURITY bug policy now.
              The default branch is now 'main'.

libelf: Add RELR support.

libdw: Recognize .debug_[ct]u_index sections

readelf: Support readelf -Ds, --use-dynamic --symbol.
         Support .gdb_index version 9

scrlines: New tool that compiles a list of source files associated
          with a specified dwarf/elf file.

debuginfod: Schema change (reindexing required, sorry!) for a 60%
            compression in filename representation, which was a large
            part of the sqlite index; also, more deliberate sqlite
            -wal management during scanning using the
            --scan-checkpoint option.

backends: Various LoongArch updates.


Aaron Merey (5):
  debuginfod-client.c: Skip empty file creation for cancelled queries
  debuginfod-client.c: Avoid sscanf on mixed-case component of string
  dwfl_offline_section_address: replace asserts with early return
  debuginfod-client.c: Don't print empty line in header_callback
  readelf: Support .gdb_index version 9

Alexey Sheplyakov (1):
  LoongArch: implemented a basic machine flag check

Andreas Schwab (2):
  libelf: Sync elf.h from glibc
  backends: Update list of RISC-V relocations

  libelf: fix typos in comment

Di Chen (1):
  readelf: display dynamic symtab without section headers

Florian Weimer (1):
  testsuite: Avoid C99 compatibility issues in

Frank Ch. Eigler (10):
  nuke a top-level ChangeLog blurb that duplicated the
  PR30348: debuginfod: retry partial archive scans
  PR30377: fix debuginfod -r -X combination
  debuginfod: PR30378: better compression for _files table
  PR30316: debuginfod wal checkpointing
  debuginfod: PR29696: enlarge
    workload again
  SECURITY: new file
  PR30809: improve debuginfod client progress-callback parameters
  PR30879: intermittent debuginfod crash with unhandled exception
  PR30962: debuginfod: full paths for X-DEBUGINFOD-FILE/ARCHIVE 
    response headers

Heather McIntyre (4):
  lib: Add new once_define and once macros to eu-config.h
  libelf: Make elf_version thread-safe
  libelf: Fix elf_end deadlock
  libelf: Make elf32_getchdr and elf64_getchdr thread-safe

Housam Alamour (1):
  PR 30000: debuginfod-find should have a source-list verb

Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) (3):
  debuginfod: Replace futimes with futimens
  debuginfod: Don't touch access time of new files
  debuginfod: When retrieving files from cache, update atime manually

John Gallagher (1):
  libdwfl: Fix memory leak in unzip()

Luke Diamand (1):
  report_r_debug: handle `-z separate-code' and find more modules

Mark Wielaard (27):
  Fix static build when zstd is enabled for libelf contains Bashisms
  tests: skip '(null)' symname frames in backtrace tests
  backends: Check results for NULL early in dwarf_peeled_die_type
  readelf: Handle NULL shdr in section_name
  tests: Limit the number of concurrent requests in
  elfcompress: Don't compress if section already compressed
    unless forced
  tests: Add a bit less and slightly smaller sections for addsections
  tests: Use readelf -N -w in
  tests: Split into separate tests
  tests: Really split into separate tests
  tests: Split up test in three subtests
  tests: Use -N for
  debuginfod: Fix formatting in debuginfod_config_cache
  libelf: Replace list of elf_getdata_rawchunk results with a tree
  libelf: Free and clear rawdata_base and zdata_base consistently
  libelf: Remove elf_scncnt from
  libelf, readelf, elflint: Add RELR support
  tests: Fix system_elf_gelf_test build without system libelf.h
  libelf: tdelete dummy key if anything goes wrong setting up rawchunk
  strip: Clean up a bit more after errors
  libdw: Skip zero entries in aranges
  CONTRIBUTING: Switch from real name policy to know identity policy
  CONTRIBUTING: Update ChangeLog policy, mention patchwork and try bots
  libdw: ignore really large discriminator
  The default branch is now 'main'
  Prepare for 0.190

Omar Sandoval (10):
  libdw: Make try_split_file static
  libdw: Handle split DWARF in dwarf_entrypc
  libdw: Handle DW_AT_ranges in split DWARF 5 skeleton in dwarf_ranges
  libdw: Handle other string forms in dwarf_macro_param2
  libdw: Fix dwarf_macro_getsrcfiles for DWARF 5
  libdw: Handle split DWARF in dwarf_macro_getsrcfiles
  libdw: Recognize .debug_[ct]u_index sections in dwarf_elf_begin
  libdw, libdwfl: Save original path of ELF file
  tests: Handle DW_MACRO_{define,undef}_{strx,sup} in dwarf-getmacros
  tests: Optionally dump all units in dwarf-getmacros

Ryan Goldberg (1):
  debuginfod: PR29696: Removed secondary fd close in cache config
causing a race condition

Sam James (1):
  tests: needs gawk

Sergei Trofimovich (1):
  libelf/elf_newscn.c: fix build failure against gcc-14 (-Walloc-size)

Xi Ruoyao (2):
  libelf: Sync elf.h from Glibc
  backends: Update list of LoongArch relocations

Ying Huang (1):
  libelf: Sync elf.h from glibc

Youling Tang (8):
  libelf: Sync elf.h from glibc.
  backends: Add new relocation type handling for LoongArch
  backends: add checks for _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ on loongarch
  backends: Add abi_cfi and register_info callbacks for LoongArch
  backends: Add initial return value location support for LoongArch
  backends: Add frame pointer unwinding for LoongArch
  backends: Add core_note callback for LoongArch
  backends: Add set_initial_registers_tid callback for LoongArch

lilydjwg (1):
  debuginfod-client.c: Fix download size not correctly fallbacks
    to x-debuginfod-size header

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