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From: "jose.marchesi at oracle dot com" <>
Subject: [Bug general/23732] Test failures on sparc64-linux-gnu
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2018 10:19:00 -0000	[thread overview]
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Jose E. Marchesi <jose.marchesi at oracle dot com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Jose E. Marchesi <jose.marchesi at oracle dot com> ---
Allright, this turned out to be a BFD bug, not an elfutils bug.

Fixed with the binutils commit below.

commit 6d0a6093c5fe82eb4c2b67d3d10fa44eeb0bc98b
Author: Jose E. Marchesi <>
Date:   Thu Oct 4 02:12:48 2018 -0700

    bfd,sparc: fix the .dynsym sh_index when stripping all symbols in ld

    The SPARC ELF BFD backend uses a hack in order to accomodate the
    STT_REGISTER symbols mandated by the SPARC V9 ABI for 64-bit objects.
    The hack works as follows:

    - Early in `size_dynamic_symbols', it adds the dynamic STT_REGISTER
      symbols and the corresponding DT_SPARC_REGISTER tags if needed,
      i.e. if the input object has been annotated by the assembler to use
      any of the global registers requiring annotations by the ABI.

      The STT_REGISTER symbols are not local, but nevertheless they are
      added to the end of the dynlocal linked list (eek, yes) to be fixed
      "later".  This is done so the symbols are emitted in the symtab.

    - Consequently, when the `sh_info' field of the .dynsym section is
      calculated in `bfd_elf_final_link' to be `local_dynsymcount + 1', it
      may have the wrong value, since the real first global symbol is the
      first STT_REGISTER symbol.

    - However, this temporary inconsistency is fixed in the
      `elf64_sparc_output_arch_syms' backend hook: the sh_index is
      adjusted to its rightful value.  So all is well and good.

    However the 2015 changeset

    commit 8539e4e89eb4c54bb6668582cd709765a3803588
    Author: Alan Modra <>
    Date:   Thu Jan 15 19:42:59 2015 +1030

        Fix ARM fail of gap test

        ld-elf/gap test was failing due to the ARM backend attempting to output
        arch symbols when ld -s (strip all symbols) is in force.  This patch
        stops that happening and tidies the code a little.

    made the `elf_backend_output_arch_syms' backend hook to not be called
    when all symbols are to be stripped.  This resulted in an incorrect
    sh_index for .dynsym when a link is performed with -s (strip_all), in
    64-bit sparc ELF objects.

    This patch moves the sh_index adjusting code from the target
    `output_arch_syms' to `finish_dynamic_sections'.  It also removes the
    strip_all check from `elf64_sparc_output_arch_syms', as the function
    is no longer called in that case.

    Tested in sparc64-linux-gnu and sparc-linux-gnu.
    No regressions observed.


    2018-10-04  Jose E. Marchesi  <>

            * elf64-sparc.c (elf64_sparc_output_arch_syms): Do not correct the
            impact of STT_REGISTER symbols in the dynsym sh_index here...
            * elfxx-sparc.c (_bfd_sparc_elf_finish_dynamic_sections): ... but
            do it here.

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