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* [SCM]  master: Updated NEWS file.
@ 2008-06-09 17:25 swagiaal
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The branch, master has been updated
       via  cd6fb828f4fa6dac4f0bf0588a4937f38c085898 (commit)
       via  ce8542c728b0a2d504c5606f14846939b4bd27ab (commit)
       via  35c376d5d5de8f12464860125b912f2789badfcc (commit)
       via  2f8033b18813681dbdbe1a63cb0b3551582d8d41 (commit)
      from  0831e02b030d1a15067a78742947832df4c3af9f (commit)

Those revisions listed above that are new to this repository have
not appeared on any other notification email.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit cd6fb828f4fa6dac4f0bf0588a4937f38c085898
Author: Sami Wagiaalla <>
Date:   Mon Jun 9 13:21:26 2008 -0400

    Updated NEWS file.

commit ce8542c728b0a2d504c5606f14846939b4bd27ab
Author: Sami Wagiaalla <>
Date:   Mon Jun 9 13:18:26 2008 -0400

    Updated the release page to mention adding a closed bugs list to the NEWS file

commit 35c376d5d5de8f12464860125b912f2789badfcc
Author: Sami Wagiaalla <>
Date:   Mon Jun 9 11:03:46 2008 -0400

    Removed the static release section from web page.

commit 2f8033b18813681dbdbe1a63cb0b3551582d8d41
Author: Sami Wagiaalla <>
Date:   Mon Jun 9 11:00:51 2008 -0400

    Updated NEWS file.


Summary of changes:
 NEWS                       |   47 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 htdocs/index.html          |   67 --------------------------------------------
 htdocs/releases/index.html |    9 ++++++
 3 files changed, 55 insertions(+), 68 deletions(-)

First 500 lines of diff:
diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
index 1a4ba4f..cb328af 100644
--- a/NEWS
+++ b/NEWS
@@ -11,7 +11,11 @@ multi-process, and multi-threaded systems while they are running.
-Release 0.4, ????-??-??
+Release 0.5, ????-??-??
+Release 0.4, 2008-06-09
 -> Added support for watching values that are bigger than the 
    maximum number of bytes a single watchpoint can watch. For example, 
@@ -38,6 +42,47 @@ Release 0.4, ????-??-??
 -> Fix Hover-over variable does not show variable value(bz #6484).
+-> Created a new command line utility:	fdebugdump. fdebugdump dumps
+   a hierarchical view of the debug info tags in an executable.	Future
+   improvements	could include dumping the debug   info live as libraries
+   are mapped in.
+-> Bugs fixed:
+   5254: stepping engine, fhpd, and breakpoints are not in sync
+   5557: testcase: watch 1 byte address
+   5558: testcase watch address and range
+   5559: testcase failure testcase (watch an address that has been umapped)
+   5560: Add frysk.proc.TaskObserver.Watch interface
+   5561: Add frysk.proc.ProcObserver.Watch interface
+   5562: Write Debug Status Register Builder
+   5563: Write Debug Register Set/Read Proxy.
+   5565: Task and Proc State need new watchpoint state transitions.
+   5566: Write watchpoint manager
+   5567: Add ISA specific functions to set debug registers via debug register
+         proxy
+   6390: testFerrorTracesPID(frysk.bindir.TestFerror) fails.
+   6512: Add function to provide the max length a debug register can watch
+   6515: fhpd command line args incorrect
+   6531: Low level hardware watchpoint support should check, and reject, 
+         incorrectly aligned addresses
+   6532: Do not check watchpoints in Running|Stepping.handleTrapped if software
+         /ISA does not support watchpoints
+   6533: Watchpoint addition failure should not raise an exception, but should
+         instead call .addFailed() callback
+   6535: fexe not working for scripts
+   6551: Watch support for variables bigger than max length of a single watch
+         register
+   6554: Separate watch observer(s) installer from hpd
+   6555: Notify if available h/w watchpoints not enough to watch complete value
+   6558: Handle watchpoint set error if expression has no legal address
+   6559: Multiple watchpoint set messages are displayed when multiple watch 
+         observers used
+   6576: Need to load process/params with HpdTestBed
+   6599: don't align the load-address
+   6600: dwfl_module_getsrc doesn't allow for bias
+   6603: Task does not resume after hitting multiple b.pts simultaneously
 Release 0.3, 2008-05-09
diff --git a/htdocs/index.html b/htdocs/index.html
index 1d0f03f..07adaf6 100644
--- a/htdocs/index.html
+++ b/htdocs/index.html
@@ -96,73 +96,6 @@ available as both a research and development platform.</p>
     .getElementsByTagName("content")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue+ "</p>");
-<p>We, that is, Adam Jocksch, Alexandre Oliva, Andrew Cagney, Carlos
-Eduardo Seo, Chris Moller, Diego Novillo, Elena Zannoni, Frank
-Ch. Eigler, Igor Foox, Ivan Pantuyev, Jan Kratochvil, Jeff Johnston,
-Jose Flavio Paulino, Kris Van Hees, Len DiMaggio, Mark Wielaard, Mike
-Behm, Mike Cvet, Nurdin Premji, Petr Machata, Phil Muldoon, Richard
-Henderson, Rick Moseley, Sami Wagiaalla, Stan Cox, Stepan Kasal, Tarun
-Khanna, Teresa Thomas, Thomas Girard, Tim Moore, Tom Tromey, Wu Zhou,
-Yao Qi, Yong Zheng, and Zhao Shujing are pleased to announce our first
-official release of Frysk, version 0.2.1.</p>
-<p>This initial release includes:
-<li>command line utilities:<br>
-  fauxv - print the auxiliary vector<br>
-  fcatch - catch and print the stack of a crashing process<br>
-  fcore - extract a core file from a running process<br>
-  fdebuginfo - list debug-info requirements of a process<br>
-  fdebugrpm - install debug-info requirements of a process<br>
-  ferror - catch and back-trace error calls<br>
-  fexe - print the executable path<br>
-  fmaps - print the address map<br>
-  fstack - print each thread's stack<br>
-  fstep - single-step a process<br>
-  ftrace - trace a processes system and (new) library calls<br>
-  Known limitations: large resident set size; large executable size.
-<li>Prototype command line debugger: fhpd<br>
-  For single threaded programs, FHPD can: print the value, type, and
-  location, and modify the value of, arbitrarily located variable
-  (complex DWARF location expressions); correctly handle very-large
-  integers (>64-bit) and large floats (80-bit); display in-line
-  information in back-traces; control processes with the commands
-  load, core, dump, run, step, break, go, detach, kill, list, focus.<br>
-  In addition to the command-line utility restrictions, the HPD has
-  the following known limitations: disassembler missing; limited
-  type-cast support in expressions; limited multi-thread support.
-<li>Prototype visual debugging and monitoring tool (frysk)<br>
-  Known limitations: work-flow limited to live processes (examining
-  core files, or creating processes is possible but very
-  non-intuitive).
-<li>Prototype test-suite (funit)<br>
-  Known limitations: some test that are working in-tree fail when
-  installed.
-<p>To download this release, go to:</p>
-<p>or check for an update in your local GNU/Linux distro.</p>
 <h2>Where Next?</h2>
diff --git a/htdocs/releases/index.html b/htdocs/releases/index.html
index 9453c4a..3accb8b 100755
--- a/htdocs/releases/index.html
+++ b/htdocs/releases/index.html
@@ -105,6 +105,15 @@ the Wednesday meeting, reminding everyone:
 <p>In the meeting, or on IRC, you might even collect suggestions and
 add them yourself.  If you think of anything, just add it also.
+<p>Also, make sure you go to bugzilla and get a list of the bugs which have been fixed since<br/>
+the last release. Add bugs which have not been mentioned to the NEWS file.<br/>
+To do so go to the <a href="">querey page</a> and select FIXED in the "Resolution" section, and in the "Bug Changes" section put the date <br/>
+of the previous release, and the appropriet date in the other box.<br/>
+When the list comes up click on "Change Columns" at the bottom of the page and<br/>
+make sure you select "Full Summary"
 <a name="branch"><h2>Cutting the Branch</h2></a>

frysk system monitor/debugger

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