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From: Gaius Mulley <>
Subject: [gcc/devel/modula-2] (33 commits) Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2.
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2022 18:58:34 +0000 (GMT)	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

The branch 'devel/modula-2' was updated to point to:

 59ad15abea8... Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2.

It previously pointed to:

 37e5e898dd0... Add definition for GM2_FOR_TARGET into gcc/m2/


Summary of changes (added commits):

  59ad15a... Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2.
  2aa5f88... testsuite/s390: Add -mzarch to ifcvt test cases. (*)
  48970cb... testsuite/s390: Fix vperm-rev testcases. (*)
  645ef01... Disallow pointer operands for |, ^ and partly & [PR106878] (*)
  05f5c42... tree-optimization/106934 - avoid BIT_FIELD_REF of bitfields (*)
  93b09bf... Check another epilog variable peeling case in vectorizable_ (*)
  9d50351... testsuite: gluefile file need to be prefixed (*)
  1995a02... Daily bump. (*)
  ff85f0a... PR target/106877: Robustify reg-stack to malformed asm. (*)
  e11babb... libgomp: Appease some static analyzers [PR106906] (*)
  7d7e214... libstdc++: Implement ranges::slide_view from P2442R1 (*)
  5d84a44... libstdc++: Implement ranges::chunk_view from P2442R1 (*)
  7aa80c8... libstdc++: Implement LWG 3569 changes to join_view::_Iterat (*)
  edf6fe7... libstdc++: Avoid -Wparentheses warning with debug iterators (*)
  5e1031f... c++: remove single-parameter version of mark_used (*)
  fea6ae0... c++: two-parameter version of cxx_constant_value (*)
  441a488... c++: some missing-SFINAE fixes (*)
  48e40d0... Revert "xtensa: Implement new target hook: TARGET_CONSTANT_ (*)
  38db483... rs6000: Fix the check of bif argument number [PR104482] (*)
  94504c9... rs6000: Handle unresolved overloaded builtin [PR105485] (*)
  0ee1548... rs6000: Suggest unroll factor for loop vectorization (*)
  2c86723... middle-end/106909 - CTRL altering flag after folding (*)
  ad08894... tree-optimization/106913 - ICE with -da and -Wuninitialized (*)
  721c0fb... aarch64: Vector move fixes for +nosimd (*)
  91061fd... aarch64: Disassociate ls64 from simd (*)
  eec36f2... libgomp.texi: move item from gcn to nvptx (*)
  b5f09bd... Daily bump. (*)
  c17fa0f... c++: remove '_sfinae' suffix from functions (*)
  c3ba0ea... c++: template-id arguments are evaluated [PR101906] (*)
  03381be... c++: auto member function and auto variable [PR106893] (*)
  6bcca5f... c++: cast to array of unknown bound [PR93259] (*)
  936efca... xtensa: Implement new target hook: TARGET_CONSTANT_OK_FOR_C (*)
  db19cfd... libstdc++: Add already-accepted <ranges> testcase [PR106320 (*)

(*) This commit already exists in another branch.
    Because the reference `refs/heads/devel/modula-2' matches
    your configuration,
    no separate email is sent for this commit.

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