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* [gcc r13-3111] ada: Fix spurious warning on unreferenced refinement constituents
@ 2022-10-06  9:24 Marc Poulhiès
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From: Marc Poulhiès @ 2022-10-06  9:24 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: gcc-cvs

commit r13-3111-g86b786dc7295f6288296abb38d05572c3f98a758
Author: Piotr Trojanek <>
Date:   Mon Sep 26 12:51:41 2022 +0200

    ada: Fix spurious warning on unreferenced refinement constituents
    Listing an object as a state refinement constituent shouldn't be
    considered to be a reference, at least from the point of view of the
    machinery for detecting objects that are never referenced or written
    without being referenced.
    This patch fixes a spurious warning that rarely occurred in practice but
    was annoyingly emitted for minimal reproducers for issues related to
    state abstractions.
    Note: there are other pragmas that should be similarly recognized (e.g.
    Depends, Global and their refined variants), but recognizing them
    efficiently probably requires a dedicated utility routine (i.e. to avoid
    traversal of the parent chain for every kind of pragma).
            * sem_prag.adb
            (Sig_Pragma): Change flag for pragma Refined_State to mean "not
            significant"; this is primarily for documentation, because the
            exact value of the flag is not really taken into account for
            (Is_Non_Significant_Pragma_Reference): Add special handling for
            pragma Refined_State.

 gcc/ada/sem_prag.adb | 11 ++++++++++-
 1 file changed, 10 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/gcc/ada/sem_prag.adb b/gcc/ada/sem_prag.adb
index 77ff68e23cb..0c3dd815263 100644
--- a/gcc/ada/sem_prag.adb
+++ b/gcc/ada/sem_prag.adb
@@ -31608,7 +31608,7 @@ package body Sem_Prag is
       Pragma_Refined_Depends                => -1,
       Pragma_Refined_Global                 => -1,
       Pragma_Refined_Post                   => -1,
-      Pragma_Refined_State                  => -1,
+      Pragma_Refined_State                  =>  0,
       Pragma_Relative_Deadline              =>  0,
       Pragma_Remote_Access_Type             => -1,
       Pragma_Remote_Call_Interface          => -1,
@@ -31713,6 +31713,15 @@ package body Sem_Prag is
       P := Parent (N);
       if Nkind (P) /= N_Pragma_Argument_Association then
+         --  References within pragma Refined_State are not significant. They
+         --  can't be recognized using pragma argument number, because they
+         --  appear inside refinement clauses that rely on aggregate syntax.
+         if In_Pragma_Expression (N, Name_Refined_State) then
+            return True;
+         end if;
          return False;

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2022-10-06  9:24 [gcc r13-3111] ada: Fix spurious warning on unreferenced refinement constituents Marc Poulhiès

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