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Subject: Errors creating executable for python script using cython and gcc
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2022 12:59:24 -0500	[thread overview]
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I'm having issues trying to get cython working with the gcc compiler. I want
to use the gcc compiler because I've heard it's harder to get your code from
the executable than using pyinstaller.


I'm on 64-bit Windows 10 and my target, for now, is the same.


I have an application that is written in python 3.10.4. It is a command line
application that goes against AWS, so there are no Windows calls in it.


I can produce the executable using pyinstaller and it runs just fine.


my code starts like this: 


import src.python.app_name 

import sys 


def main(argv): 



if name == "main": 



However, when I use the cython command to produce the .c module with a
command like this:


cython -3 -o app.c src\python\ 


That seems to work just fine or at least it doesn't generate errors.


Then I tried to create the executable and I've run into all sorts of
problems that many others have run into on the internet, too.


I compile it with this command:


gcc -Wall -m64 -I (path)\Python310\include -L (path)\Python310\libs
-lpython310 name.c -o name.exe


and I get this: 


name.c:220:41: warning: division by zero [-Wdiv-by-zero] 

  220 | enum { __pyx_check_sizeof_voidp = 1 / (int)(SIZEOF_VOID_P ==
sizeof(void*)) }; 

      | ^ 

name.c:220:12: error: enumerator value for '__pyx_check_sizeof_voidp' is not
an integer constant 

  220 | enum { __pyx_check_sizeof_voidp = 1 / (int)(SIZEOF_VOID_P ==
sizeof(void*)) }; 

      | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



I've tried adding the -DMS_WIN64 option to the gcc command, but then it
sends a bunch of undefined reference  errors regarding  __imp_Py* and it
complains about undefined reference to `WinMain'


I have no clue how to fix this. Can someone help me?


I'm using gcc version 12.1.0


I have a main routine defined like I mentioned. Not a WinMain routine.

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