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From: Jason Merrill <>
To: Jakub Jelinek <>
Subject: Re: [RFC PATCH] c++: Diagnose [basic.scope.block]/2 violations even for block externs [PR52953]
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2023 17:46:28 -0400	[thread overview]
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On 8/31/23 04:08, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> Hi!
> C++17 had in [basic.block.scope]/2
> "A parameter name shall not be redeclared in the outermost block of the function
> definition nor in the outermost block of any handler associated with a
> function-try-block."
> and in [basic.block.scope]/4 similar rule for selection/iteration
> statements.  My reading of that is that it applied even for block local
> externs in all those spots, while they declare something at namespace scope,
> the redeclaration happens in that outermost block etc. and introduces names
> into that.
> Those wordings seemed to have been moved somewhere else in C++20, but what's
> worse, they were moved back and completely rewritten in
> P1787R6: Declarations and where to find them
> which has been applied as a DR (but admittedly, we don't claim yet to
> implement that).
> The current wording at
> and seem to imply at least
> to me that it doesn't apply to extern block local decls because their
> target scope is the namespace scope and [basic.scope.block]/2 says
> "and whose target scope is the block scope"...
> Now, it is unclear if that is actually the intent or not.

Yes, I suspect that should be

If a declaration that is not a name-independent declaration and 
<del>whose target scope is</del><ins>that binds a name in</ins> the 
block scope S of a

which seems to also be needed to prohibit the already-diagnosed

void f(int i) { union { int i; }; }
void g(int i) { enum { i }; }

I've suggested this to Core.

> There seems to be quite large implementation divergence on this as well.
> Unpatched g++ e.g. on the redeclaration-5.C testcase diagnoses just
> lines 55,58,67,70 (i.e. where the previous declaration is in for's
> condition).
> clang++ trunk diagnoses just lines 8 and 27, i.e. redeclaration in the
> function body vs. parameter both in normal fn and lambda (but not e.g.
> function-try-block and others, including ctors, but it diagnoses those
> for non-extern decls).
> ICC 19 diagnoses lines 8,32,38,41,45,52,55,58,61,64,67,70,76.
> And MSCV trunk diagnoses 8,27,32,38,41,45,48,52,55,58,67,70,76,87,100,137
> although the last 4 are just warnings.
> g++ with the patch diagnoses
> 8,15,27,32,38,41,45,48,52,55,58,61,64,67,70,76,87,100,121,137
> as the dg-error directives test.
> So, I'm not really sure what to do.  Intuitively the patch seems right
> because even block externs redeclare stuff and change meaning of the
> identifiers and void foo () { int i; extern int i (int); } is rejected
> by all compilers.

I think this direction makes sense, though we might pedwarn on these 
rather than error to reduce possible breakage.

> 2023-08-31  Jakub Jelinek  <>
> 	PR c++/52953
> 	* (check_local_shadow): Defer punting on
> 	DECL_EXTERNAL (decl) from the start of function to right before
> 	the -Wshadow* checks.

Don't we want to consider externs for the -Wshadow* checks as well?


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