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From: Thomas Koenig <>
To: gcc-patches <>
Subject: Fwd: [patch, libfortran] AMD-specific versions of library matmul
Date: Thu, 25 May 2017 11:19:00 -0000	[thread overview]
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patch is at
(didn't to through to gcc-patches due to size limitations).



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Betreff: [patch, libfortran] AMD-specific versions of library matmul
Datum: Thu, 25 May 2017 12:45:46 +0200
Von: Thomas Koenig <>
An: <>, gcc-patches 

Hello world,

the attached patch speeds up the library version of matmul for AMD chips
by selecting AVX128 instructions and, depending on which instructions
are supported, either FMA3 (aka FMA) or FMA4.

Jerry tested this on his AMD systems, and found a speedup vs. the
current code of around 10%.

I have been unable to test this on a Ryzen system (the new compile farm
machines won't accept my login yet).  From the benchmarks I have read,
this method should also work fairly well on a Ryzen.

So, OK for trunk?



2017-05-25  Thomas Koenig  <>

	PR libfortran/78379
	* Add generated/matmulavx128_*.c files.
	Handle them for compiling and setting the right flags.
	* acinclude.m4: Add tests for FMA3, FMA4 and AVX128.
	* Call them.
	* Regenerated.
	* Regenerated.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* m4/matmul.m4:  Handle AMD chips by calling 128-bit AVX
	versions which use FMA3 or FMA4.
	* m4/matmulavx128.m4: New file.
          * generated/matmul_c10.c: Regenerated.
          * generated/matmul_c16.c: Regenerated.
          * generated/matmul_c4.c: Regenerated.
          * generated/matmul_c8.c: Regenerated.
          * generated/matmul_i1.c: Regenerated.
          * generated/matmul_i16.c: Regenerated.
          * generated/matmul_i2.c: Regenerated.
          * generated/matmul_i4.c: Regenerated.
          * generated/matmul_i8.c: Regenerated.
          * generated/matmul_r10.c: Regenerated.
          * generated/matmul_r16.c: Regenerated.
          * generated/matmul_r4.c: Regenerated.
          * generated/matmul_r8.c: Regenerated.
          * generated/matmulavx128_c10.c: New file.
          * generated/matmulavx128_c16.c: New file.
          * generated/matmulavx128_c4.c: New file.
          * generated/matmulavx128_c8.c: New file.
          * generated/matmulavx128_i1.c: New file.
          * generated/matmulavx128_i16.c: New file.
          * generated/matmulavx128_i2.c: New file.
          * generated/matmulavx128_i4.c: New file.
          * generated/matmulavx128_i8.c: New file.
          * generated/matmulavx128_r10.c: New file.
          * generated/matmulavx128_r16.c: New file.
          * generated/matmulavx128_r4.c: New file.
          * generated/matmulavx128_r8.c: New file.

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