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From: Jeff Law <>
To: "Jose E. Marchesi" <>,
	"Jose E. Marchesi via Gcc-patches" <>,
	Jakub Jelinek <>,
Subject: Re: [PATCH V2] Emit funcall external declarations only if actually used.
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2023 16:37:31 -0600	[thread overview]
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On 10/5/23 16:17, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> "Jose E. Marchesi" <> writes:
>> ping
> I don't know this code very well, and have AFAIR haven't worked
> with an assembler that requires external declarations, but since
> it's at a second ping :)
>>> ping
>>>> [Differences from V1:
>>>> - Prototype for call_from_call_insn moved before comment block.
>>>> - Reuse the `call' flag for SYMBOL_REF_LIBCALL.
>>>> - Fallback to check REG_CALL_DECL in non-direct calls.
>>>> - New test to check correct behavior for non-direct calls.]
>>>> There are many places in GCC where alternative local sequences are
>>>> tried in order to determine what is the cheapest or best alternative
>>>> to use in the current target.  When any of these sequences involve a
>>>> libcall, the current implementation of emit_library_call_value_1
>>>> introduce a side-effect consisting on emitting an external declaration
>>>> for the funcall (such as __divdi3) which is thus emitted even if the
>>>> sequence that does the libcall is not retained.
>>>> This is problematic in targets such as BPF, because the kernel loader
>>>> chokes on the spurious symbol __divdi3 and makes the resulting BPF
>>>> object unloadable.  Note that BPF objects are not linked before being
>>>> loaded.
>>>> This patch changes emit_library_call_value_1 to mark the target
>>>> SYMBOL_REF as a libcall.  Then, the emission of the external
>>>> declaration is done in the first loop of
>>>> This happens only if the corresponding sequence has been kept.
>>>> Regtested in x86_64-linux-gnu.
>>>> Tested with host x86_64-linux-gnu with target bpf-unknown-none.
> I'm not sure that shorten_branches is a natural place to do this.
> It isn't something that would normally emit asm text.
> Would it be OK to emit the declaration at the same point as for decls,
> which IIUC is process_pending_assemble_externals?  If so, how about
> making assemble_external_libcall add the symbol to a list when
> !SYMBOL_REF_USED, instead of calling targetm.asm_out.external_libcall
> directly?  assemble_external_libcall could then also call get_identifier
> on the name (perhaps after calling strip_name_encoding -- can't
> remember whether assemble_external_libcall sees the encoded or
> unencoded name).
> All being well, the call to get_identifier should cause
> assemble_name_resolve to record when the name is used, via
> TREE_SYMBOL_REFERENCED.  Then process_pending_assemble_externals could
> go through the list of libcalls recorded by assemble_external_libcall
> and check whether TREE_SYMBOL_REFERENCED is set on the get_identifier.
> Not super elegant, but it seems to fit within the existing scheme.
> And I don't there should be any problem with using get_identifier
> for libcalls, since it isn't valid to use libcall names for other
> types of symbol.
It might be worth looking at the PA port.  There's a fair number of 
similarities.  Essentially it has to "import" every external symbol, 
including libcall symbols.   A symbol which has been exported, can not 
then also be imported as that can change the underlying type.

IIRC we implemented all the magic to handle this inside 
to handle "plabel" symbols which we have to defer until the end of the 
compilation unit via pa_end_file or whatever it's called since some 
cases of symbol marking couldn't be determined until we were actually 
emitting code.


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