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From: Dara Hazeghi <>
Subject: Re: ada/9033: sin, cos function problem
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 00:16:00 -0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

The following reply was made to PR ada/9033; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Dara Hazeghi <>
Subject: Re: ada/9033: sin, cos function problem
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 17:06:31 -0700 
 with gcc 3.2, I get the values reported by the submitter. With gcc 3.3  
 branch and mainline (20030510), I get different values (shown at end of  
 message). Could the submitter please verify whether these values are  
 correct, or not? Thanks,
 sin() Test results:
 sin( 0.00000E+00) is:   0.00000E+00
 sin( 1.57080E-01) is:   1.56434E-01
 sin( 3.14159E-01) is:   3.09017E-01
 sin( 4.71239E-01) is:   4.53991E-01
 sin( 6.28319E-01) is:   5.87785E-01
 sin( 7.85398E-01) is:   7.07107E-01
 sin( 9.42478E-01) is:   8.09017E-01
 sin( 1.09956E+00) is:   8.91007E-01
 sin( 1.25664E+00) is:   9.51057E-01
 sin( 1.41372E+00) is:   9.87688E-01
 sin( 1.57080E+00) is:   1.00000E+00
 sin( 1.72788E+00) is:   9.87688E-01
 sin( 1.88496E+00) is:   9.51056E-01
 sin( 2.04204E+00) is:   8.91006E-01
 sin( 2.19911E+00) is:   8.09017E-01
 sin( 2.35619E+00) is:   7.07107E-01
 sin( 2.51327E+00) is:   5.87785E-01
 sin( 2.67035E+00) is:   4.53990E-01
 sin( 2.82743E+00) is:   3.09017E-01
 sin( 2.98451E+00) is:   1.56434E-01
 sin( 3.14159E+00) is:  -8.74228E-08
 sin( 3.29867E+00) is:  -1.56435E-01
 sin( 3.45575E+00) is:  -3.09017E-01
 sin( 3.61283E+00) is:  -4.53991E-01
 sin( 3.76991E+00) is:  -5.87785E-01
 sin( 3.92699E+00) is:  -7.07107E-01
 sin( 4.08407E+00) is:  -8.09017E-01
 sin( 4.24115E+00) is:  -8.91007E-01
 sin( 4.39823E+00) is:  -9.51056E-01
 sin( 4.55531E+00) is:  -9.87688E-01
 sin( 4.71239E+00) is:  -1.00000E+00
 sin( 4.86947E+00) is:  -9.87688E-01
 sin( 5.02655E+00) is:  -9.51056E-01
 sin( 5.18363E+00) is:  -8.91006E-01
 sin( 5.34071E+00) is:  -8.09017E-01
 sin( 5.49779E+00) is:  -7.07107E-01
 sin( 5.65487E+00) is:  -5.87785E-01
 sin( 5.81195E+00) is:  -4.53991E-01
 sin( 5.96903E+00) is:  -3.09017E-01
 sin( 6.12611E+00) is:  -1.56434E-01
 cos() Test results:
 cos( 0.00000E+00) is:   1.00000E+00
 cos( 1.57080E-01) is:   9.87688E-01
 cos( 3.14159E-01) is:   9.51057E-01
 cos( 4.71239E-01) is:   8.91007E-01
 cos( 6.28319E-01) is:   8.09017E-01
 cos( 7.85398E-01) is:   7.07107E-01
 cos( 9.42478E-01) is:   5.87785E-01
 cos( 1.09956E+00) is:   4.53991E-01
 cos( 1.25664E+00) is:   3.09017E-01
 cos( 1.41372E+00) is:   1.56434E-01
 cos( 1.57080E+00) is:  -4.37114E-08
 cos( 1.72788E+00) is:  -1.56434E-01
 cos( 1.88496E+00) is:  -3.09017E-01
 cos( 2.04204E+00) is:  -4.53991E-01
 cos( 2.19911E+00) is:  -5.87785E-01
 cos( 2.35619E+00) is:  -7.07107E-01
 cos( 2.51327E+00) is:  -8.09017E-01
 cos( 2.67035E+00) is:  -8.91007E-01
 cos( 2.82743E+00) is:  -9.51057E-01
 cos( 2.98451E+00) is:  -9.87688E-01
 cos( 3.14159E+00) is:  -1.00000E+00
 cos( 3.29867E+00) is:  -9.87688E-01
 cos( 3.45575E+00) is:  -9.51057E-01
 cos( 3.61283E+00) is:  -8.91007E-01
 cos( 3.76991E+00) is:  -8.09017E-01
 cos( 3.92699E+00) is:  -7.07107E-01
 cos( 4.08407E+00) is:  -5.87785E-01
 cos( 4.24115E+00) is:  -4.53990E-01
 cos( 4.39823E+00) is:  -3.09017E-01
 cos( 4.55531E+00) is:  -1.56435E-01
 cos( 4.71239E+00) is:   1.19249E-08
 cos( 4.86947E+00) is:   1.56435E-01
 cos( 5.02655E+00) is:   3.09017E-01
 cos( 5.18363E+00) is:   4.53991E-01
 cos( 5.34071E+00) is:   5.87785E-01
 cos( 5.49779E+00) is:   7.07107E-01
 cos( 5.65487E+00) is:   8.09017E-01
 cos( 5.81195E+00) is:   8.91007E-01
 cos( 5.96903E+00) is:   9.51057E-01
 cos( 6.12611E+00) is:   9.87688E-01

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