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From: Jakub Jelinek <>
Subject: [PATCH] rust: Fix up aarch64-linux bootstrap [PR106072]
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2022 10:14:31 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <Y5mT93N/K83jqSz7@tucnak> (raw)


Bootstrap fails on aarch64-linux and some other arches with:
.../gcc/rust/parse/rust-parse-impl.h: In member function ‘Rust::AST::ClosureParam Rust::Parser<ManagedTokenSource>::parse_closure_param() [with ManagedTokenSource = Rust::Lexer]’:
.../gcc/rust/parse/rust-parse-impl.h:8916:49: error: ‘this’ pointer is null [-Werror=nonnull]
The problem is that while say on x86_64-linux the side-effects in the
arguments are evaluated from last argument to first, on aarch64-linux
it is the other way around, from first to last.  The C++ I believe even
in C++17 makes the evaluation of those side-effects unordered
(indeterminately sequenced with no interleaving), so that is fine.
But, when the call in return statement is evaluated from first to
last, std::move (pattern) happens before pattern->get_locus () and
the former will make pattern (std::unique_ptr) a wrapper object around
nullptr, so dereferencing it later to call get_locus () on it is invalid.

The following patch fixes that, ok for trunk?

2022-12-14  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	PR rust/106072
	* parse/rust-parse-impl.h (parse_closure_param): Store
	pattern->get_locus () in a temporary before std::move (pattern) is

--- gcc/rust/parse/rust-parse-impl.h.jj	2022-12-13 16:50:12.708093521 +0100
+++ gcc/rust/parse/rust-parse-impl.h	2022-12-14 09:50:31.731111932 +0100
@@ -8912,8 +8912,9 @@ Parser<ManagedTokenSource>::parse_closur
-  return AST::ClosureParam (std::move (pattern), pattern->get_locus (),
-			    std::move (type), std::move (outer_attrs));
+  Location loc = pattern->get_locus ();
+  return AST::ClosureParam (std::move (pattern), loc, std::move (type),
+			    std::move (outer_attrs));
 // Parses a grouped or tuple expression (disambiguates).


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