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From: "(Cron Daemon)" <>
Subject: Cron <gccadmin@server2> sh /home/gccadmin/scripts/gcc_release -s 12:releases/gcc-12 -l -d /sourceware/snapshot-tmp/gcc all
Date: Sat,  2 Jul 2022 22:32:27 +0000 (GMT)	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

gcc_release: Sources are commit ad5d760b815b3d491bdb5d97f6e053d60d6991b9
Touching fixincludes/
Touching intl/plural-config.h...
Touching intl/
Touching gcc/configure...
Touching gcc/
Touching gcc/config/aarch64/
Touching gcc/config/arm/
Touching gcc/config/arm/arm-tables.opt...
Touching gcc/config/c6x/c6x-tables.opt...
Touching gcc/config/c6x/
Touching gcc/config/c6x/
Touching gcc/config/tilegx/
Touching gcc/testsuite/gcc.dg/cpp/_Pragma3.c...
Touching c++tools/configure...
Touching c++tools/
Touching zlib/aclocal.m4...
Touching zlib/
Touching zlib/configure...
Touching libffi/aclocal.m4...
Touching libffi/
Touching libffi/configure...
Touching libffi/
Touching libgfortran/aclocal.m4...
Touching libgfortran/
Touching libquadmath/aclocal.m4...
Touching libquadmath/configure...
Touching libquadmath/
Touching libgfortran/configure...
Touching libcpp/aclocal.m4...
Touching libcpp/
Touching libcpp/configure...
Touching libgomp/
Touching libgomp/aclocal.m4...
Touching libgomp/
Touching libgomp/
Touching libgomp/testsuite/
Touching libgomp/configure...
Touching libgomp/
Touching libitm/aclocal.m4...
Touching libitm/
Touching libitm/testsuite/
Touching libitm/configure...
Touching libitm/
Touching libatomic/aclocal.m4...
Touching libatomic/
Touching libatomic/testsuite/
Touching libatomic/configure...
Touching libatomic/
Touching libsanitizer/aclocal.m4...
Touching libsanitizer/
Touching libsanitizer/configure...
Touching libsanitizer/asan/
Touching libsanitizer/interception/
Touching libsanitizer/sanitizer_common/
Touching libvtv/aclocal.m4...
Touching libvtv/
Touching libvtv/configure...
Touching liboffloadmic/aclocal.m4...
Touching libbacktrace/aclocal.m4...
Touching libbacktrace/
Touching libbacktrace/configure...
Touching libbacktrace/
Touching libphobos/aclocal.m4...
Touching libphobos/
Touching libphobos/
Touching libphobos/configure...
Touching libphobos/src/
Touching libphobos/testsuite/
Touching configure...
mv: cannot stat '../objdir/gcc/po/*.gmo': No such file or directory
mv: cannot stat '../objdir/libcpp/po/*.gmo': No such file or directory
gcc_release: Building tarfiles
gcc_release: Building diffs against version 12-20220625
gcc_release: Uploading files
gcc_release: Updating links and READMEs on the FTP server
gcc_release: Sending mail

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