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@ 2002-01-23 23:34 Andrew Cagney
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		GDB 5.1.1 is released!

Version 5.1.1 of GDB, the GNU Debugger, is now available via anonymous
FTP. GDB is a source-level debugger for C, C++, Pascal and many other
languages. GDB can target (i.e. debug programs running on) dozens of
different processor architectures, and GDB itself can run on most
popular Unix and Microsoft Windows variants.

You can download GDB from Project GNU's FTP server in the directory:

The previous version, 5.1, was released roughly 2 months; and in that
time a number of serious bugs have been fixed.  Details below.

The vital stats: 

-rw-rw-r--   1 gdbadmin gdb      13874218 Jan 24 01:29 gdb-5.1.1.tar.gz

The md5sum checksum:

805163efd455663745532c12893a96ca  gdb-5.1.1.tar.gz

There is a web page for GDB at:

That page includes information about GDB mailing lists (an
announcement mailing list, developers discussion lists, etc.), details
on how to access GDB's CVS repository, locations for development
snapshots, preformatted documentation, and links to related
information around the net. We will put errata notes and host-specific
tips for this release on-line as any problems come up. All mailing
lists archives are also browsable via the web.

Many people have contributed to this release. Thanks to everybody for
the help! 

Keep those fixes and improvements coming in! (Send them to 

       Andrew Cagney
       on behalf of the GDB Developers.

		What has changed in GDB?

*** Changes in GDB 5.1.1:

Fix compile problem on DJGPP.

Fix a problem with floating-point registers on the i386 being

Fix to stop GDB crashing on .debug_str debug info.

Numerous documentation fixes.

Numerous testsuite fixes.

*** Changes in GDB 5.1:

* New native configurations

Alpha FreeBSD					alpha*-*-freebsd*
x86 FreeBSD 3.x and 4.x				i[3456]86*-freebsd[34]*
MIPS Linux					mips*-*-linux*
MIPS SGI Irix 6.x				mips*-sgi-irix6*
ia64 AIX					ia64-*-aix*
s390 and s390x Linux				{s390,s390x}-*-linux*

* New targets

Motorola 68HC11 and 68HC12			m68hc11-elf
CRIS						cris-axis
UltraSparc running Linux			sparc64-*-linux*

* OBSOLETE configurations and files

x86 FreeBSD before 2.2				i[3456]86*-freebsd{1,2.[01]}*, 
Harris/CXUX m88k				m88*-harris-cxux*
Most ns32k hosts and targets			ns32k-*-mach3* ns32k-umax-*
						ns32k-utek-sysv* ns32k-utek-*
TI TMS320C80					tic80-*-*
WDC 65816					w65-*-*
Ultracomputer (29K) running Sym1		a29k-nyu-sym1 a29k-*-kern*
PowerPC Solaris					powerpcle-*-solaris*
PowerPC Windows NT				powerpcle-*-cygwin32
PowerPC Netware					powerpc-*-netware*
SunOS 4.0.Xi on i386				i[3456]86-*-sunos*
Sony NEWS (68K) running NEWSOS 3.x		m68*-sony-sysv news
ISI Optimum V (3.05) under 4.3bsd.		m68*-isi-*
Apple Macintosh (MPW) host			N/A

stuff.c (Program to stuff files into a specially prepared space in kdb)
kdb-start.c (Main loop for the standalone kernel debugger)

Configurations that have been declared obsolete in this release have
been commented out.  Unless there is activity to revive these
configurations, the next release of GDB will have their sources
permanently REMOVED.

* REMOVED configurations and files

Altos 3068					m68*-altos-*
Convex						c1-*-*, c2-*-*
Pyramid						pyramid-*-*
ARM RISCix					arm-*-* (as host)
Tahoe						tahoe-*-*
ser-ocd.c					*-*-*

* GDB has been converted to ISO C.

GDB's source code has been converted to ISO C.  In particular, the
sources are fully protoized, and rely on standard headers being

* Other news:

* "info symbol" works on platforms which use COFF, ECOFF, XCOFF, and NLM.

* The MI enabled by default.

The new machine oriented interface (MI) introduced in GDB 5.0 has been
revised and enabled by default.  Packages which use GDB as a debugging
engine behind a UI or another front end are encouraged to switch to
using the GDB/MI interface, instead of the old annotations interface
which is now deprecated.

* Support for debugging Pascal programs.

GDB now includes support for debugging Pascal programs.  The following
main features are supported:

    - Pascal-specific data types such as sets;

    - automatic recognition of Pascal sources based on file-name

    - Pascal-style display of data types, variables, and functions;

    - a Pascal expression parser.

However, some important features are not yet supported.

    - Pascal string operations are not supported at all;

    - there are some problems with boolean types;

    - Pascal type hexadecimal constants are not supported
      because they conflict with the internal variables format;

    - support for Pascal objects and classes is not full yet;

    - unlike Pascal, GDB is case-sensitive for symbol names.

* Changes in completion.

Commands such as `shell', `run' and `set args', which pass arguments
to inferior programs, now complete on file names, similar to what
users expect at the shell prompt.

Commands which accept locations, such as `disassemble', `print',
`breakpoint', `until', etc. now complete on filenames as well as
program symbols.  Thus, if you type "break foob TAB", and the source
files linked into the programs include `foobar.c', that file name will
be one of the candidates for completion.  However, file names are not
considered for completion after you typed a colon that delimits a file
name from a name of a function in that file, as in "break foo.c:bar".

`set demangle-style' completes on available demangling styles.

* New platform-independent commands:

It is now possible to define a post-hook for a command as well as a
hook that runs before the command.  For more details, see the
documentation of `hookpost' in the GDB manual.

* Changes in GNU/Linux native debugging.

Support for debugging multi-threaded programs has been completely
revised for all platforms except m68k and sparc.  You can now debug as
many threads as your system allows you to have.

Attach/detach is supported for multi-threaded programs.

Support for SSE registers was added for x86.  This doesn't work for
multi-threaded programs though.

* Changes in MIPS configurations.

Multi-arch support is enabled for all MIPS configurations.

GDB can now be built as native debugger on SGI Irix 6.x systems for
debugging n32 executables.  (Debugging 64-bit executables is not yet

* Unified support for hardware watchpoints in all x86 configurations.

Most (if not all) native x86 configurations support hardware-assisted
breakpoints and watchpoints in a unified manner.  This support
implements debug register sharing between watchpoints, which allows to
put a virtually infinite number of watchpoints on the same address,
and also supports watching regions up to 16 bytes with several debug

The new maintenance command `maintenance show-debug-regs' toggles
debugging print-outs in functions that insert, remove, and test
watchpoints and hardware breakpoints.

* Changes in the DJGPP native configuration.

New command ``info dos sysinfo'' displays assorted information about
the CPU, OS, memory, and DPMI server.

New commands ``info dos gdt'', ``info dos ldt'', and ``info dos idt''
display information about segment descriptors stored in GDT, LDT, and

New commands ``info dos pde'' and ``info dos pte'' display entries
from Page Directory and Page Tables (for now works with CWSDPMI only).
New command ``info dos address-pte'' displays the Page Table entry for
a given linear address.

GDB can now pass command lines longer than 126 characters to the
program being debugged (requires an update to the libdbg.a library
which is part of the DJGPP development kit).

DWARF2 debug info is now supported.

It is now possible to `step' and `next' through calls to `longjmp'.

* Changes in documentation.

All GDB documentation was converted to GFDL, the GNU Free
Documentation License.

Tracepoints-related commands are now fully documented in the GDB

TUI, the Text-mode User Interface, is now documented in the manual.

Tracepoints-related commands are now fully documented in the GDB

The "GDB Internals" manual now has an index.  It also includes
documentation of `ui_out' functions, GDB coding standards, x86
hardware watchpoints, and memory region attributes.

* GDB's version number moved to ``''

The Makefile variable VERSION has been replaced by the file
``''.  People creating GDB distributions should update the
contents of this file.

* gdba.el deleted

GUD support is now a standard part of the EMACS distribution.

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