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* [binutils-gdb/gdb-12-branch] Fix core-file -> detach -> crash (corefiles/29275)
@ 2022-07-11 18:30 Pedro Alves
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From: Pedro Alves @ 2022-07-11 18:30 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: gdb-cvs;h=0fe74cb9ad35add9c6da4df5c9879f254d918a6a

commit 0fe74cb9ad35add9c6da4df5c9879f254d918a6a
Author: Pedro Alves <>
Date:   Wed Jun 22 18:44:37 2022 +0100

    Fix core-file -> detach -> crash (corefiles/29275)
    After loading a core file, you're supposed to be able to use "detach"
    to unload the core file.  That unfortunately regressed starting with
    GDB 11, with these commits:
     1192f124a308 - gdb: generalize commit_resume, avoid commit-resuming when threads have pending statuses
     408f66864a1a - detach in all-stop with threads running
    resulting in a GDB crash:
     Thread 1 "gdb" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
     0x0000555555e842bf in maybe_set_commit_resumed_all_targets () at ../../src/gdb/infrun.c:2899
     2899          if (proc_target->commit_resumed_state)
     (top-gdb) bt
     #0  0x0000555555e842bf in maybe_set_commit_resumed_all_targets () at ../../src/gdb/infrun.c:2899
     #1  0x0000555555e848bf in scoped_disable_commit_resumed::reset (this=0x7fffffffd440) at ../../src/gdb/infrun.c:3023
     #2  0x0000555555e84a0c in scoped_disable_commit_resumed::reset_and_commit (this=0x7fffffffd440) at ../../src/gdb/infrun.c:3049
     #3  0x0000555555e739cd in detach_command (args=0x0, from_tty=1) at ../../src/gdb/infcmd.c:2791
     #4  0x0000555555c0ba46 in do_simple_func (args=0x0, from_tty=1, c=0x55555662a600) at ../../src/gdb/cli/cli-decode.c:95
     #5  0x0000555555c112b0 in cmd_func (cmd=0x55555662a600, args=0x0, from_tty=1) at ../../src/gdb/cli/cli-decode.c:2514
     #6  0x0000555556173b1f in execute_command (p=0x5555565c5916 "", from_tty=1) at ../../src/gdb/top.c:699
    The code that crashes looks like:
     static void
     maybe_set_commit_resumed_all_targets ()
       scoped_restore_current_thread restore_thread;
       for (inferior *inf : all_non_exited_inferiors ())
           process_stratum_target *proc_target = inf->process_target ();
           if (proc_target->commit_resumed_state)
    With 'proc_target' above being null.  all_non_exited_inferiors filters
    out inferiors that have pid==0.  We get here at the end of
    detach_command, after core_target::detach has already run, at which
    point the inferior _should_ have pid==0 and no process target.  It is
    clear it no longer has a process target, but, it still has a pid!=0
    The reason the inferior still has pid!=0, is that core_target::detach
    just unpushes, and relies on core_target::close to actually do the
    getting rid of the core and exiting the inferior.  The problem with
    that is that detach_command grabs an extra strong reference to the
    process stratum target, so the unpush_target inside
    core_target::detach doesn't actually result in a call to
    Fix this my moving the cleaning up the core inferior to a shared
    routine called by both core_target::close and core_target::detach.  We
    still need to cleanup the inferior from within core_file::close
    because there are paths to it that want to get rid of the core without
    going through detach.  E.g., "core-file" -> "run".
    This commit includes a new test added to gdb.base/corefile.exp to
    cover the "core-file core" -> "detach" scenario.
    Change-Id: Ic42bdd03182166b19f598428b0dbc2ce6f67c893

 gdb/corelow.c                       | 27 +++++++++++++++++++++------
 gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/corefile.exp | 12 ++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 33 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/gdb/corelow.c b/gdb/corelow.c
index 001c4f147fc..bdd7ddc59c2 100644
--- a/gdb/corelow.c
+++ b/gdb/corelow.c
@@ -120,6 +120,9 @@ public:
 private: /* per-core data */
+  /* Get rid of the core inferior.  */
+  void clear_core ();
   /* The core's section table.  Note that these target sections are
      *not* mapped in the current address spaces' set of target
      sections --- those should come only from pure executable or
@@ -290,10 +293,8 @@ core_target::build_file_mappings ()
 /* An arbitrary identifier for the core inferior.  */
 #define CORELOW_PID 1
-/* Close the core target.  */
-core_target::close ()
+core_target::clear_core ()
   if (core_bfd)
@@ -307,6 +308,14 @@ core_target::close ()
       current_program_space->cbfd.reset (nullptr);
+/* Close the core target.  */
+core_target::close ()
+  clear_core ();
   /* Core targets are heap-allocated (see core_target_open), so here
      we delete ourselves.  */
@@ -592,9 +601,15 @@ core_target_open (const char *arg, int from_tty)
 core_target::detach (inferior *inf, int from_tty)
-  /* Note that 'this' is dangling after this call.  unpush_target
-     closes the target, and our close implementation deletes
-     'this'.  */
+  /* Get rid of the core.  Don't rely on core_target::close doing it,
+     because target_detach may be called with core_target's refcount > 1,
+     meaning core_target::close may not be called yet by the
+     unpush_target call below.  */
+  clear_core ();
+  /* Note that 'this' may be dangling after this call.  unpush_target
+     closes the target if the refcount reaches 0, and our close
+     implementation deletes 'this'.  */
   inf->unpush_target (this);
   /* Clear the register cache and the frame cache.  */
diff --git a/gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/corefile.exp b/gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/corefile.exp
index 4ed92a02955..7f3d2efe3a2 100644
--- a/gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/corefile.exp
+++ b/gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/corefile.exp
@@ -207,6 +207,16 @@ gdb_test "up" "#\[0-9\]* *\[0-9xa-fH'\]* in .* \\(.*\\).*" "up in corefile.exp (
 gdb_test "core" "No core file now."
+# Test that we can unload the core with the "detach" command.
+proc_with_prefix corefile_detach {} {
+    clean_restart $::binfile
+    gdb_test "core-file $::corefile" "Core was generated by .*" "load core"
+    gdb_test "detach" "No core file now\\." "detach core"
 # Test a run (start) command will clear any loaded core file.
@@ -222,6 +232,8 @@ proc corefile_test_run {} {
+    clean_restart $::binfile
     gdb_test "core-file $corefile" "Core was generated by .*" "run: load core again"
     gdb_test "info files" "\r\nLocal core dump file:\r\n.*" "run: sanity check we see the core file"

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2022-07-11 18:30 [binutils-gdb/gdb-12-branch] Fix core-file -> detach -> crash (corefiles/29275) Pedro Alves

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