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* [binutils-gdb] gdb/python: restrict the names accepted by gdb.register_window_type
@ 2022-09-22  9:42 Andrew Burgess
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From: Andrew Burgess @ 2022-09-22  9:42 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: gdb-cvs;h=7abc6ec0a6f7e82bda6f00c1f1ae7c638d1c799c

commit 7abc6ec0a6f7e82bda6f00c1f1ae7c638d1c799c
Author: Andrew Burgess <>
Date:   Wed Sep 14 13:51:28 2022 +0100

    gdb/python: restrict the names accepted by gdb.register_window_type
    I noticed that, from Python, I could register a new TUI window that
    had whitespace in its name, like this:
      gdb.register_window_type('my window', MyWindowType)
    however, it is not possible to then use this window in a new TUI
    layout, e.g.:
      (gdb) tui new-layout foo my window 1 cmd 1
      Unknown window "my"
      (gdb) tui new-layout foo "my window" 1 cmd 1
      Unknown window ""my"
      (gdb) tui new-layout foo my\ window 1 cmd 1
      Unknown window "my\"
    GDB clearly uses the whitespace to split the incoming command line.
    I could fix this by trying to add a mechanism by which we can use
    whitespace within a window name, but it seems like an easier solution
    if we just forbid whitespace within a window name.  Not only is this
    easier, but I think this is probably the better solution, identifier
    names with spaces in would mean we'd need to audit all the places a
    window name could be printed and ensure that the use of a space didn't
    make the output ambiguous.
    So, having decided to disallow whitespace, I then thought about other
    special characters.  We currently accept anything as a window name,
    and I wondered if this was a good idea.
    My concerns were about how special characters used in a window name
    might cause confusion, for example, we allow '$' in window names,
    which is maybe fine now, but what if one day we wanted to allow
    variable expansion when creating new layouts?  Or what about starting
    a window name with '-'?  We already support a '-horizontal' option,
    what if we want to add more in the future?  Or use of the special
    character '{' which has special meaning within a new layout?
    In the end I figured it might make sense to place some restrictive
    rules in place, and then relax the rules later if/when users complain,
    we can consider each relaxation as its requested.
    So, I propose that window names should match this regular expression:
    There is a chance that there is user code in the wild which will break
    with the addition of this change, but hopefully adapting to the new
    restrictions shouldn't be too difficult.

 gdb/NEWS                                      |  5 ++
 gdb/doc/python.texi                           |  4 +-
 gdb/testsuite/gdb.python/tui-window-names.exp | 84 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 gdb/tui/tui-layout.c                          | 13 +++++
 4 files changed, 105 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/gdb/NEWS b/gdb/NEWS
index 555ef2ddf77..9619842bc03 100644
--- a/gdb/NEWS
+++ b/gdb/NEWS
@@ -193,6 +193,11 @@ GNU/Linux/CSKY (gdbserver) csky*-*linux*
      gdb.BreakpointLocation objects specifying the locations where the
      breakpoint is inserted into the debuggee.
+  ** The gdb.register_window_type method now restricts the set of
+     acceptable window names.  The first character of a window's name
+     must start with a character in the set [a-zA-Z], every subsequent
+     character of a window's name must be in the set [-_.a-zA-Z0-9].
 * New features in the GDB remote stub, GDBserver
   ** GDBserver is now supported on LoongArch GNU/Linux.
diff --git a/gdb/doc/python.texi b/gdb/doc/python.texi
index 7aa9e853d85..2692211f388 100644
--- a/gdb/doc/python.texi
+++ b/gdb/doc/python.texi
@@ -6597,7 +6597,9 @@ factory function with @value{GDBN}.
 @var{name} is the name of the new window.  It's an error to try to
 replace one of the built-in windows, but other window types can be
+replaced.  The @var{name} should match the regular expression
+@code{[a-zA-Z][-_.a-zA-Z0-9]*}, it is an error to try and create a
+window with an invalid name.
 @var{function} is a factory function that is called to create the TUI
 window.  This is called with a single argument of type
diff --git a/gdb/testsuite/gdb.python/tui-window-names.exp b/gdb/testsuite/gdb.python/tui-window-names.exp
new file mode 100644
index 00000000000..8aaf3b42229
--- /dev/null
+++ b/gdb/testsuite/gdb.python/tui-window-names.exp
@@ -0,0 +1,84 @@
+# Copyright (C) 2022 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
+# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
+# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
+# (at your option) any later version.
+# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+# GNU General Public License for more details.
+# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
+# along with this program.  If not, see <>.
+# Test that GDB rejects invalid TUI window names, and that valid names
+# are allowed.
+load_lib gdb-python.exp
+if {[skip_tui_tests]} {
+    return
+# Define a function we can use as a window constructor.  If this ever
+# gets called we'll throw an error, but that's OK, this test doesn't
+# actually try to create any windows.
+gdb_test_multiline "create a window constructor" \
+    "python" "" \
+    "def failwin(win):" "" \
+    "  raise RuntimeError('failwin')" "" \
+    "end" ""
+# Check for some of the characters that can't be used within a window
+# name.
+foreach c {$ * \{ \} ( ) @ #} {
+    set re [string_to_regexp "$c"]
+    gdb_test "python gdb.register_window_type('te${c}st', failwin)" \
+	[multi_line \
+	     "gdb.error: invalid character '${re}' in window name" \
+	     "Error while executing Python code\\." ]
+    gdb_test "python gdb.register_window_type('${c}test', failwin)" \
+	[multi_line \
+	     "gdb.error: invalid character '${re}' in window name" \
+	     "Error while executing Python code\\." ]
+# Check that whitespace within a window name is rejected.
+foreach c [list " " "\\t" "\\n" "\\r"] {
+    gdb_test "python gdb.register_window_type('te${c}st', failwin)" \
+	[multi_line \
+	     "gdb.error: invalid whitespace character in window name" \
+	     "Error while executing Python code\\." ]
+# Check some of the characters which are allowed within a window name,
+# but are not allowed to be used as the first character.
+foreach c {1 _ - .} {
+    set re [string_to_regexp "$c"]
+    gdb_test "python gdb.register_window_type('${c}test', failwin)" \
+	[multi_line \
+	     "gdb.error: window name must start with a letter, not '${re}'" \
+	     "Error while executing Python code\\." ]
+# Check different capitalisations.
+gdb_test_no_output "python gdb.register_window_type('TEST', failwin)"
+gdb_test_no_output "python gdb.register_window_type('test', failwin)"
+gdb_test_no_output "python gdb.register_window_type('tEsT', failwin)"
+gdb_test_no_output "python gdb.register_window_type('TeSt', failwin)"
+# Check a set of characters that can appear within a name, just not
+# necessarily as the first character.  We check at both the end of the
+# name, and within the name.
+foreach c {1 _ - . A} {
+    set re [string_to_regexp "$c"]
+    gdb_test_no_output "python gdb.register_window_type('test${c}', failwin)"
+    gdb_test_no_output "python gdb.register_window_type('te${c}st', failwin)"
diff --git a/gdb/tui/tui-layout.c b/gdb/tui/tui-layout.c
index 09887d3d594..2c4e60ab2cb 100644
--- a/gdb/tui/tui-layout.c
+++ b/gdb/tui/tui-layout.c
@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@
 #include "tui/tui-layout.h"
 #include "tui/tui-source.h"
 #include "gdb_curses.h"
+#include "safe-ctype.h"
 static void extract_display_start_addr (struct gdbarch **, CORE_ADDR *);
@@ -405,6 +406,18 @@ tui_register_window (const char *name, window_factory &&factory)
       || name_copy == DISASSEM_NAME || name_copy == STATUS_NAME)
     error (_("Window type \"%s\" is built-in"), name);
+  for (const char &c : name_copy)
+    {
+      if (ISSPACE (c))
+	error (_("invalid whitespace character in window name"));
+      if (!ISALNUM (c) && strchr ("-_.", c) == nullptr)
+	error (_("invalid character '%c' in window name"), c);
+    }
+  if (!ISALPHA (name_copy[0]))
+    error (_("window name must start with a letter, not '%c'"), name_copy[0]);
   known_window_types->emplace (std::move (name_copy),
 			       std::move (factory));

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2022-09-22  9:42 [binutils-gdb] gdb/python: restrict the names accepted by gdb.register_window_type Andrew Burgess

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