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From: "manas18244 at iiitd dot" <>
Subject: [Bug cli/30557] Exception after pressing tab to autocomplete in location_completer gdb/completer.c:766
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2023 14:57:53 +0000	[thread overview]
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--- Comment #3 from Manas <manas18244 at iiitd dot> ---
Created attachment 15090
bug reproducible rust

I came across the following error while hitting <TAB> for auto-completing. Here
are the details and a reproducible. I built the GNU gdb (GDB) 13.2 from source.

The attached `` can be built via `rustc`, and run as `gdb
./gdb-bug`. Inside the debugger, type `br par<TAB>` and the following error is
thrown along with the trace.

@(gdb) br parterminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::length_error'
  what():  basic_string::_M_replace

Fatal signal: Aborted
----- Backtrace -----
0x55e3ffd968db gdb_internal_backtrace_1
0x55e3ffd968db _Z22gdb_internal_backtracev
0x55e3ffeb3214 handle_fatal_signal
0x7f7a8f43e70f ???
0x7f7a8f48e83c ???
0x7f7a8f43e667 ???
0x7f7a8f4264b7 ???
0x7f7a8f89ca6e _ZN9__gnu_cxx27__verbose_terminate_handlerEv
0x7f7a8f8b011b _ZN10__cxxabiv111__terminateEPFvvE
0x7f7a8f8af0a9 __cxa_call_terminate
0x7f7a8f8af829 __gxx_personality_v0
0x7f7a8fb57529 _Unwind_RaiseException_Phase2
0x7f7a8fb5802c _Unwind_Resume
0x55e3ffcbccf8 _ZNKSt14default_deleteI13location_specEclEPS0_
0x55e3ffcbccf8 _ZNSt10unique_ptrI13location_specSt14default_deleteIS0_EED4Ev
0x55e3ffdfc92e complete_line_internal_1
0x55e3ffdfc9b5 complete_line_internal
0x55e3ffdfdaf1 gdb_completion_word_break_characters_throw
0x55e3ffdfdaf1 _Z36gdb_completion_word_break_charactersv
0x55e4001bd43c _rl_find_completion_word
0x55e4001be536 rl_complete_internal
0x55e4001b3a22 _rl_dispatch_subseq
0x55e4001b419f _rl_dispatch
0x55e4001b419f readline_internal_char
0x55e4001d13ac rl_callback_read_char
0x55e3ffeb456d gdb_rl_callback_read_char_wrapper_noexcept
0x55e3ffeb471f gdb_rl_callback_read_char_wrapper
0x55e3ffeb30cf stdin_event_handler
0x55e4002d9125 gdb_wait_for_event
0x55e4002d9c99 _Z16gdb_do_one_eventi
0x55e3fffa9839 start_event_loop
0x55e3fffa9839 captured_command_loop
0x55e3fffab4c4 captured_main
0x55e3fffab4c4 _Z8gdb_mainP18captured_main_args
0x55e3ffcebc19 main
A fatal error internal to GDB has been detected, further
debugging is not possible.  GDB will now terminate.

This is a bug, please report it.  For instructions, see:

Aborted (core dumped)

I also found this commit;a=commit;f=gdb/completer.h;h=454f8b67a85130b6d6f6a7c987d868183b411369
which identifies and tackles this issue further, so I would just leave the
reproducible here.

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