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From: "dbrumley at forallsecure dot com" <>
Subject: [Bug gdb/30847] gdbtypes.c:3355: internal-error causes gdb to abort when setting breakpoint
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2023 14:42:03 +0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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--- Comment #2 from David Brumley <dbrumley at forallsecure dot com> ---
Thanks for the reply!

This is an old executable and was trying to run as-is.  I have a very weird use
case. Was demo'ing exploitation (I'm a prof at CMU; demo'ing CVE-2020-13995),
and was trying to do this on the binary from the vendor.  A little more
"authentic" that way. In the grand scheme of things this is odd, and reported
because gdb said to and I was curious if it could be used for anti-debugging.
Totally fair to close this issue since I can't see this happening in any normal
dev scenario.

For completeness:

* The binary is from an old redhat system with an old `glibc` where `errno`
works different (pre pthread?).
* It failed to run initially with
`extract75: symbol lookup error: ./extract75: undefined symbol: errno, version
* I edited the binary to run (and it runs fine) by changing the errno symbol to
point to stdin. 

I thought the symbol editing might be the source of the problem.  I recompiled
gdb on my debian system with symbols, and here is the symbol bt in case it's
useful.  I'm not seeing anything specific to stabs, but I'm also a total newb
here and don't know anything really.

Again, feel free to close if uninteresting.

#0  __GI_raise (sig=sig@entry=6) at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/raise.c:50
#1  0x00007f2a32386537 in __GI_abort () at abort.c:79
During symbol reading: incomplete CFI data; unspecified registers (e.g., rax)
at 0x5652ee9bc49d
#2  0x00005652ee9bc4c7 in dump_core () at utils.c:204
#3  0x00005652ee9bca14 in internal_vproblem(internal_problem *, const char *,
int, const char *, typedef __va_list_tag __va_list_tag *) (
    problem=0x5652eefb7000 <internal_error_problem>, file=0x5652eebf4abd
    line=3355, fmt=0x5652eebf4769 "%s: Assertion `%s' failed.",
    at utils.c:414
#4  0x00005652ee9bcada in internal_verror (file=0x5652eebf4abd "gdbtypes.c",
    fmt=0x5652eebf4769 "%s: Assertion `%s' failed.", ap=0x7ffe37252ec8) at
#5  0x00005652eeb427af in internal_error (file=0x5652eebf4abd "gdbtypes.c",
    fmt=0x5652eebf4769 "%s: Assertion `%s' failed.") at
#6  0x00005652ee6c933c in init_complex_type (name=0x0,
    at gdbtypes.c:3355
#7  0x00005652ee8ec69f in read_range_type (pp=0x7ffe37253298,
    type_size=-1, objfile=0x5652f01a2c40) at stabsread.c:4064
#8  0x00005652ee8e74e0 in read_type (pp=0x7ffe37253298, objfile=0x5652f01a2c40)
    at stabsread.c:1932
#9  0x00005652ee8e562f in define_symbol (valu=0x0, 
    string=0x5652f01de7d3 "complex double:t(0,17)=r(0,17);16;0;", desc=0,
    objfile=0x5652f01a2c40) at stabsread.c:1205
#10 0x00005652ee5ba59a in process_one_symbol (type=128, desc=0, valu=0x0, 
    name=0x5652f01de7d3 "complex double:t(0,17)=r(0,17);16;0;", 
    section_offsets=std::vector of length 31, capacity 31 = {...},
objfile=0x5652f01a2c40, language=language_c) at dbxread.c:2789
#11 0x00005652ee5b961a in read_ofile_symtab (objfile=0x5652f01a2c40,
pst=0x5652f01dbf50) at dbxread.c:2233
#12 0x00005652ee5b8f59 in dbx_expand_psymtab (pst=0x5652f01dbf50,
objfile=0x5652f01a2c40) at dbxread.c:2083
#13 0x00005652ee5bbb40 in legacy_psymtab::expand_psymtab (this=0x5652f01dbf50,
objf=0x5652f01a2c40) at psympriv.h:371
#14 0x00005652ee81723a in partial_symtab::expand_dependencies
(this=0x5652f01ceeb0, objfile=0x5652f01a2c40) at psymtab.c:1731
#15 0x00005652ee5b8eea in dbx_expand_psymtab (pst=0x5652f01ceeb0,
objfile=0x5652f01a2c40) at dbxread.c:2071
#16 0x00005652ee5bbb40 in legacy_psymtab::expand_psymtab (this=0x5652f01ceeb0,
objf=0x5652f01a2c40) at psympriv.h:371
#17 0x00005652ee81723a in partial_symtab::expand_dependencies
(this=0x5652f01f2f00, objfile=0x5652f01a2c40) at psymtab.c:1731
#18 0x00005652ee5b8eea in dbx_expand_psymtab (pst=0x5652f01f2f00,
objfile=0x5652f01a2c40) at dbxread.c:2071
#19 0x00005652ee5bbb40 in legacy_psymtab::expand_psymtab (this=0x5652f01f2f00,
objf=0x5652f01a2c40) at psympriv.h:371
#20 0x00005652ee5b90b8 in dbx_read_symtab (self=0x5652f01f2f00,
objfile=0x5652f01a2c40) at dbxread.c:2113
#21 0x00005652ee5bbb15 in legacy_psymtab::read_symtab (this=0x5652f01f2f00,
objf=0x5652f01a2c40) at psympriv.h:366
#22 0x00005652ee8146b4 in psymtab_to_symtab (objfile=0x5652f01a2c40,
pst=0x5652f01f2f00) at psymtab.c:766
#23 0x00005652ee813bb4 in psym_lookup_symbol (objfile=0x5652f01a2c40,
block_index=GLOBAL_BLOCK, name=0x7ffe37253f70 "main", domain=VAR_DOMAIN) at
#24 0x00005652ee91a38f in lookup_symbol_via_quick_fns (objfile=0x5652f01a2c40,
block_index=GLOBAL_BLOCK, name=0x7ffe37253f70 "main", domain=VAR_DOMAIN) at
#25 0x00005652ee91a7ef in lookup_symbol_in_objfile (During symbol reading:
Child DIE 0x25597a5 and its abstract origin 0x255ec59 have different parents
objfile=0x5652f01a2c40, block_index=GLOBAL_BLOCK, name=0x7ffe37253f70 "main",
domain=VAR_DOMAIN) at symtab.c:2522
#26 0x00005652ee91aa73 in lookup_symbol_global_or_static_iterator_cb
(objfile=0x5652f01a2c40, cb_data=0x7ffe37253d40) at symtab.c:2596
#27 0x00005652ee8d04d0 in svr4_iterate_over_objfiles_in_search_order
(gdbarch=0x5652f0172dd0, cb=0x5652ee91a9e8
<lookup_symbol_global_or_static_iterator_cb(objfile*, void*)>,
cb_data=0x7ffe37253d40, current_objfile=0x0) at solib-svr4.c:3248
#28 0x00005652ee6bec94 in gdbarch_iterate_over_objfiles_in_search_order
(gdbarch=0x5652f0172dd0, cb=0x5652ee91a9e8
<lookup_symbol_global_or_static_iterator_cb(objfile*, void*)>,
cb_data=0x7ffe37253d40, current_objfile=0x0) at gdbarch.c:4868
#29 0x00005652ee91ac01 in lookup_global_or_static_symbol (name=0x7ffe37253f70
"main", block_index=GLOBAL_BLOCK, objfile=0x0, domain=VAR_DOMAIN) at
#30 0x00005652ee91ad70 in lookup_global_symbol (name=0x7ffe37253f70 "main",
block=0x0, domain=VAR_DOMAIN) at symtab.c:2692
#31 0x00005652ee91a568 in language_defn::lookup_symbol_nonlocal
(this=0x5652eefc57e0 <c_language_defn>, name=0x7ffe37253f70 "main", block=0x0,
domain=VAR_DOMAIN) at symtab.c:2442
#32 0x00005652ee919929 in lookup_symbol_aux (name=0x7ffe37253f70 "main",
match_type=symbol_name_match_type::FULL, block=0x0, domain=VAR_DOMAIN,
language=language_c, is_a_field_of_this=0x0) at symtab.c:2089
#33 0x00005652ee9190f8 in lookup_symbol_in_language (name=0x7ffe37253f70
"main", block=0x0, domain=VAR_DOMAIN, lang=language_c, is_a_field_of_this=0x0)
at symtab.c:1884
#34 0x00005652ee919172 in lookup_symbol (name=0x7ffe37253f70 "main", block=0x0,
domain=VAR_DOMAIN, is_a_field_of_this=0x0) at symtab.c:1896
#35 0x00005652ee5a192a in inspect_type (info=0x5652f01d0e00,
ret_comp=0x5652effec990, finder=0x0, data=0x0) at cp-support.c:160
#36 0x00005652ee5a2573 in replace_typedefs (info=0x5652f01d0e00,
ret_comp=0x5652effec990, finder=0x0, data=0x0) at cp-support.c:544
#37 0x00005652ee5a26ca in cp_canonicalize_string_full (During symbol reading:
.debug_line address at offset 0x1d81f9 is 0 [in module /usr/src/gdb/gdb/gdb]
string=0x5652f01d0fc0 "main", finder=0x0, data=0x0) at cp-support.c:595
#38 0x00005652ee5a280a in cp_canonicalize_string_no_typedefs
(string=0x5652f01d0fc0 "main") at cp-support.c:619
#39 0x00005652ee741a69 in find_linespec_symbols (state=0x7ffe372546c0,
file_symtabs=0x5652f01d0e70, lookup_name=0x5652f01d0fc0 "main",
name_match_type=symbol_name_match_type::WILD, symbols=0x7ffe37254340,
minsyms=0x7ffe37254320) at linespec.c:3902
#40 0x00005652ee73c112 in linespec_parse_basic (parser=0x7ffe37254690) at
#41 0x00005652ee73e53e in parse_linespec (parser=0x7ffe37254690,
arg=0x5652f01d0d60 "main", match_type=symbol_name_match_type::WILD) at
#42 0x00005652ee73f97d in event_location_to_sals (parser=0x7ffe37254690,
location=0x5652f01d0d20) at linespec.c:3151
#43 0x00005652ee73fd81 in decode_line_full (location=0x5652f01d0d20, flags=1,
search_pspace=0x0, default_symtab=0x0, default_line=0,
canonical=0x7ffe37254ac0, select_mode=0x0, filter=0x0) at linespec.c:3230
#44 0x00005652ee4da613 in parse_breakpoint_sals (location=0x5652f01d0d20,
canonical=0x7ffe37254ac0) at breakpoint.c:9037
#45 0x00005652ee4e59f1 in create_sals_from_location_default
(location=0x5652f01d0d20, canonical=0x7ffe37254ac0, type_wanted=bp_breakpoint)
at breakpoint.c:13733
#46 0x00005652ee4e2e80 in bkpt_create_sals_from_location
(location=0x5652f01d0d20, canonical=0x7ffe37254ac0, type_wanted=bp_breakpoint)
at breakpoint.c:12534
#47 0x00005652ee4daf23 in create_breakpoint (gdbarch=0x5652f0172dd0,
location=0x5652f01d0d20, cond_string=0x0, thread=0, extra_string=0x0,
parse_extra=1, tempflag=0, type_wanted=bp_breakpoint, ignore_count=0,
pending_break_support=AUTO_BOOLEAN_AUTO, ops=0x5652eefc4380
<bkpt_breakpoint_ops>, from_tty=1, enabled=1, internal=0, flags=0) at
#48 0x00005652ee4db77f in break_command_1 (arg=0x5652effec74a "", flag=0,
from_tty=1) at breakpoint.c:9411
#49 0x00005652ee4dba68 in break_command (arg=0x5652effec746 "main", from_tty=1)
at breakpoint.c:9482
#50 0x00005652ee5434c2 in do_const_cfunc (c=0x5652f00e5ee0, args=0x5652effec746
"main", from_tty=1) at cli/cli-decode.c:95
#51 0x00005652ee546c16 in cmd_func (cmd=0x5652f00e5ee0, args=0x5652effec746
"main", from_tty=1) at cli/cli-decode.c:2181
#52 0x00005652ee96c110 in execute_command (p=0x5652effec749 "n", from_tty=1) at
#53 0x00005652ee68afe5 in command_handler (command=0x5652effec740 "break main")
at event-top.c:588
#54 0x00005652ee68b420 in command_line_handler (rl=...) at event-top.c:773
#55 0x00005652ee68a7d1 in gdb_rl_callback_handler (rl=0x5652f01dbfe0 "break
main") at event-top.c:219
#56 0x00005652eea1ec79 in rl_callback_read_char () at callback.c:281
#57 0x00005652ee68a641 in gdb_rl_callback_read_char_wrapper_noexcept () at
#58 0x00005652ee68a6c8 in gdb_rl_callback_read_char_wrapper
(client_data=0x5652effeb670) at event-top.c:194
#59 0x00005652ee68ae87 in stdin_event_handler (error=0,
client_data=0x5652effeb670) at event-top.c:516
#60 0x00005652eeb434ca in handle_file_event (file_ptr=0x5652f0182560,
ready_mask=1) at
#61 0x00005652eeb43a65 in gdb_wait_for_event (block=1) at
#62 0x00005652eeb42962 in gdb_do_one_event () at
#63 0x00005652ee78017b in start_event_loop () at main.c:356
#64 0x00005652ee78029c in captured_command_loop () at main.c:416
#65 0x00005652ee7819e3 in captured_main (data=0x7ffe37255230) at main.c:1253
#66 0x00005652ee781a49 in gdb_main (args=0x7ffe37255230) at main.c:1268
#67 0x00005652ee44d75f in main (argc=2, argv=0x7ffe37255348) at gdb.c:32

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