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@ 2000-01-04 17:00 bmanson
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From: bmanson @ 2000-01-04 17:00 UTC (permalink / raw)
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CVSROOT:	/cvs/gnats
Module name:	gnats
Changes by:	00/01/04 17:00:19

Modified files:
	gnats          : ChangeLog btime.c client.c edit.c 
	                 gnats.h lists.c misc.c pr-edit.c pr-init.c pr.h 
	                 query-pr.c query.c query.h 

Log message:
	* query.c (getSearchOperatorForType): Make global.
	(parseSimpleQueryExpression): Add support for initial '[' marker
	indicating that the field name referred to is the builtin name.
	(appendSearchItem): Ditto.
	* query-pr.c: Construct queries initially as strings; we then either
	send them directly to the server as is in network mode, or parse it
	for doing a direct query later.
	(oldQueryField): New function.
	* pr-init.c (getBuiltinField): New function, for looking up
	builtin field information.
	* pr-edit.c: We no longer parse PRs when in network mode.  Let the
	server win.
	(readPR): Deleted, no longer used.
	* misc.c (quoteString): Move here; it's now a global.
	* edit.c (replace_pr): Fill in err->msg.
	(check_pr_file): Ditto.
	* pr-edit now requires the number of the edited PR.
	* client.c (sendRemoteListQuery): Add outfile parameter.
	(sendRemoteQuery): Add queryString parameter, for sending
	unparsed expressions.
	(netSendPRCmd, netEditField, netCheckPR, netSubmitNewPR, netModifyPR):
	Change PR* parameter to FILE*; we send the files directly now, so
	the server does all the work.
	* lists.c (getGnatsFile): Removed ListFieldConfig, no longer
	used.  Removed infile.
	* client.c: Removed unused variable reply.
	(clientConnect): Renamed from client_init.
	(get_reply): Handle CODE_TEXT_READY.
	(client_get_field_config, client_get_field_config_line): Deleted,
	no longer used.
	(client_init_gnats): Don't call client_get_field_config ().

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2000-01-04 17:00 gnats/gnats ChangeLog btime.c client.c edit-pr bmanson

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