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@ 2000-01-11 17:40 bmanson
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From: bmanson @ 2000-01-11 17:40 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: gnats-cvs

CVSROOT:	/cvs/gnats
Module name:	gnats
Changes by:	00/01/11 17:40:23

Modified files:
	gnats          : ChangeLog TODO addresses adm.c 
	                 adm.h builtin-fields.h categories cmds.c edit.c 
	                 fconfig.y fconfigl.l field.h 
	                 file-pr.c files.c gen-closed-date.c gnats.h 
	                 gnatsd.c gnatsd.h pr-init.c pr.c pr.h query.c 
	                 query.h responsible submitters 
Added files:
	gnats          : mail.c 

Log message:
	* query.c (format_pr_field): Take a FieldList** instead of a
	FieldIndex; take care of moving the pointer to the next field if
	we actually consumed one.  Add appendedAudit parameter.  Use
	get_any_date ().  Add 'P' and 'A' formats.
	* pr.h: Delete bizarre comment.  Add predefines for various
	structs and typedefs before including the headers needed by this
	* pr.c: One of my favorite fixes--headers no longer have that
	&$#(*@$ newline at the end.  (Simplifies a lot of code.)
	(verify_enum): Call verifyMultiEnum () if the field is a MultiEnum
	(verifyMultiEnum): New function.
	(set_field): Use validateFieldValue () to verify that the field
	value is OK.
	(find_header_index): New function.
	(get_field_value): Smarter, faster, more powerful.  (We have two
	field indexes now...not good.  Tho they really do different
	* pr-init.c (fconfig_parse): Call init_header () here (bleah!
	badness! eeeugh!)
	* gnatsd.c (cmds): Make most commands ACCESS_VIEW at least.  PR
	submission is ACCESS_SUBMIT.  (Access levels should be bits,
	probably defined by field-config.  Not yet.)
	(main): Not sending a required CHDB gives an error message now.
	* gnats.h: Move StringList here (???).
	* file-pr.c (create_new_pr_file): Note that the received Category:
	field is invalid.  Call composeMailMessage () to send out our
	(notify_responsible, reply_to_submitter, append_notify): Deleted,
	no longer used.
	(append_report): Use edit_field () and composeMailMessage ().
	* Add mail-format entries for submitted PRs
	and PR notes received by mail.
	* fconfig.y: Add support for parsing the new mail-format entry,
	and support for multiple enum fields (enum fields with more than
	one value).
	* adm.c (getAdmSubfieldValue): New function.
	* mail.c: New file.  Move several mail-related routines into
	(composeMailMessage): New function.

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2000-01-11 17:40 gnats/gnats ChangeLog TODO address bmanson

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