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* gnats/421: Cannot send new PR after editing a PR
@ 2002-10-01  4:50 david.miller
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From: david.miller @ 2002-10-01  4:50 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: pdm-gnats, gnats-prs, bug-gnats

>Number:         421
>Category:       gnats
>Synopsis:       Cannot send new PR after editing a PR
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       critical
>Priority:       high
>Responsible:    unassigned
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   net
>Arrival-Date:   Tue Oct 01 07:49:44 -0400 2002

SunOS daisy 5.8 Generic_108528-15 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-60
We are able to successfully edit an existing PR. Afterwards when we try to create a new PR, we fail. We also saw that
after editing the PR, the index and the PR have different owner, groupids. For example if prior to editing, the owner
was gnats and the group was other. After editing the owner
was $USER (the userid of the person editing the PR) and the
group was $USER's groupid. Each time someone modified a PR
the PR and index were under their $USER,$GROUPID. This may
explain why we weren't able to send a new PR from another
user account. After the PR and index were given owner,group
gnats,other, then we were able to add new PR's to the DB.

This doesnt seem like normal behaviour for a DB. What can
we do to correct this ?


 Content-Type: text/plain; name="tkgnats.config"
 Content-Disposition: inline; filename="tkgnats.config"
 This is version tkgnats-3.0.16 and was made by rickm@timshel on
 Mon Jan 24 08:01:25 MST 2000
 You are running /usr/local/bin/wish patchlevel 8.3.3.
 AutoUpdateCheck         : 1
 CategoryList            : doc hardware pending software test
 ClassPerRow             : 8
 ClassesFile             : {firmware-bug::Pinky, DSPU, etc code bugs} {hw-bug::Problem with the hardware} {sw-bug::Problem requiring a correction to software.} {doc-bug::Problem requiring a correction or improvement in documentation.} {support::A support problem or question.} {change-request::Suggested change in functionality.} {mistaken::Not a problem, bad PR submission.} {duplicate::Duplicate of another existing PR.}
 ClassesList             : firmware-bug hw-bug sw-bug doc-bug support change-request mistaken duplicate
 ConfidentialList        : no yes
 ConfidentialPerRow      : 2
 CurrentProgram          : tkquerypr
 DialogFont              : -dt-interface user-medium-r-normal-m*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
 EditFieldBackground     : grey95
 EmailAddr               : davidm
 FieldAliases            : 
 FieldAliasesReverse     : 
 FocusStyle              : mouse
 FullName                : David Miller
 GNATS_ACCESS            : local
 GNATS_ADDR              : bugs
 GNATS_BINDIR            : 
 GNATS_LIBEXECDIR        : /usr/local/libexec
 GNATS_PORT              : 1529
 GNATS_ROOT              : /n/daisy/s3d3/users/m2/gnats_db/gnats/gnats-db
 GNATS_SERVER            : 
 GNATS_USER              : gnats
 GNATS_Version           : 3.113.1
 GroupName               : vlsi
 HOME                    : /n/clover/s9d4/users/davidm
 HOSTNAME                : daisy
 HelpFont                : -dt-interface user-medium-r-normal-m*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
 LogName                 : davidm
 MailMethod              : mailer
 Mailer                  : /usr/lib/sendmail -em -oi -t
 MandatoryFields         : Class State Priority Severity Confidential Category Submitter-Id Originator Synopsis Description
 MsMacroSet              : -ms
 ORGANIZATION            : rose
 PriorityList            : high medium low
 PriorityPerRow          : 3
 Quarter                 : Quarter
 QueryArrival-DateAbbreviation: Arr-Date
 QueryCategoryAbbreviation: Category
 QueryClassAbbreviation  : Class
 QueryClassAbbreviations : sw-bug sw doc-bug doc change-request chg support sup mistaken mis duplicate dup
 QueryClosed-DateAbbreviation: Clos-Date
 QueryConfidentialAbbreviation: Conf
 QueryDate-RequiredAbbreviation: Date-Req
 QueryDefaultAction      : view
 QueryKeywordsAbbreviation: Keywords
 QueryKeywords_width     : 9
 QueryLast-ModifiedAbbreviation: Last-Mod
 QueryMode               : sql2
 QueryOriginatorAbbreviation: Originator
 QueryPriorityAbbreviation: Pri
 QueryPriorityAbbreviations: high hi medium med low low
 QueryQuarterAbbreviation: Quarter
 QueryQuarter_width      : 9
 QueryReleaseAbbreviation: Release
 QueryRelease_width      : 28
 QueryResponsibleAbbreviation: Responsible
 QuerySeverityAbbreviation: Sever
 QuerySeverityAbbreviations: critical criti serious serio non-critical non-c
 QuerySortMethod         : internal
 QueryStateAbbreviation  : State
 QuerySubmitter-IdAbbreviation: Sub-Id
 QuerySubmitter-Id_width : 8
 QuerySynopsisAbbreviation: Synopsis
 ReadOnlyBackground      : green
 ReleaseBased            : 0
 RequireAudit            : Responsible State Priority Severity Date-Required
 RequireEmail            : Responsible State Priority Severity Date-Required
 RequireReason           : Responsible State Priority Severity Date-Required
 ResponsibleFile         : {gnats-admin: GNATS administrator:} {davidm:David Miller:davidm} {dave:Dave Haas:dave} {nitzanp:Nitzan Poylitz:nitzanp} {alexj:Alex Joffe:alexj} {amiramr:Amiram Raber:amiramr} {rotemh:Rotem Hess:rotemh}
 ResponsibleList         : alexj amiramr dave davidm gnats-admin nitzanp rotemh
 SERVER-BDAY_END         : 17
 SERVER-BWEEK_END        : 5
 SERVER-GNATS_ADDR       : bugs
 SERVER-GNATS_ADMIN      : gnats-admin
 SERVER-GNATS_SITE       : rose
 SERVER-GNATS_USER       : gnats
 SERVER-MANDATORY_FIELDS : Class,State,Priority,Severity,Confidential,Category,Submitter-Id,Originator,Synopsis,Description
 SERVER-NOTIFY           : 1
 SERVER-REQUIRE_AUDIT_TRAIL_EMAIL: Responsible,State,Priority,Severity,Date-Required
 SERVER-REQUIRE_AUDIT_TRAIL_ENTRY: Responsible,State,Priority,Severity,Date-Required
 SERVER-REQUIRE_AUDIT_TRAIL_REASON: Responsible,State,Priority,Severity,Date-Required
 SERVER-SUBMITTER        : rose
 SERVER-SUPPRESSED_SEND_FIELDS: State,Responsible,Release-Note,Unformatted,Audit-Trail
 SMTP_PORT               : 25
 SMTP_SERVER             : 
 SUBMITTER               : rose
 ServerInfo              : {Create/Query Problem Reports} {} {} bugs {} {}
 SeverityList            : critical serious non-critical
 SeverityPerRow          : 3
 SiteServerDir           : /usr/local/share/tkgnats
 StatePerRow             : 5
 StatesFile              : {open::Default state for a new problem report.} {analyzed::Problem examined, understood; difficulty of solution estimated.} {suspended::No solution yet, work on it also suspended for the time being.} {feedback::Problem solved, now awaiting originator's reaction to fix.} {closed:closed:This PR no longer active; it is resolved or otherwise defunct.}
 StatesList              : open analyzed suspended feedback closed
 SubmitterList           : alexj amiramr dave davidm nitzanp rotemh test unknown
 SuppressedEditFields    : 
 SuppressedFields        : 
 SuppressedSendFields    : State Responsible Release-Note Unformatted Audit-Trail
 SuppressedSendFieldsUnless: {} {} {} {} {}
 TKGNATSLIB              : /usr/local/share/tkgnats
 TextFont                : -dt-interface user-medium-r-normal-m*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
 TextWrap                : word
 TkDialogFont            : -dt-interface user-medium-r-normal-m*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
 TkGnatsDocFile          : /usr/local/share/tkgnats/tkgnats.doc
 TkGnatsDocTitle         : TkGnats Documentation
 UpdateCheckTime         : 948726085
 UserAccess              : unknown
 UserDir                 : /n/clover/s9d4/users/davidm/.tkgnats
 UserServerDir           : /n/clover/s9d4/users/davidm/.tkgnats
 UserSubdir              : .tkgnats
 WISHPATH                : /usr/local/bin/wish
 asciiPreviewer          : xterm -e pico %s
 asciiPrintSpooler       : fmt -s -75 | prt
 delete_authorized       : 0
 delete_authorized_users : gnats
 dialogfont              : dialogfont
 dviPreviewer            : xdvi %s
 dviPrintSpooler         : 
 edit_authorized         : 1
 helpfont                : helpfont
 latin1Previewer         : xterm -e pico %s
 latin1PrintSpooler      : fmt -s -75 | prt
 lib                     : /usr/local/share/tkgnats
 pr-edit                 : /usr/local/libexec/gnats/pr-edit
 psPreviewer             : ghostview %s
 psPrintSpooler          : lpr -P laser
 query-pr                : query-pr
 reap_scheduled          : 0
 textfont                : textfont
 tkgnats_version         : This is version tkgnats-3.0.16 and was made by rickm@timshel on
 Mon Jan 24 08:01:25 MST 2000
 troffPreviewer          : xterm -e pico %s
 troffPrintSpooler       : fmt -s -75 | prt

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2002-10-01  4:50 gnats/421: Cannot send new PR after editing a PR david.miller

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