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* GNU Scientific Library 1.10 released
@ 2007-09-14 17:41 Brian Gough
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Version 1.10 of the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is now available.  
GSL provides a large collection of well-tested routines for numerical
computing in C.

This release adds new support for Generalized Eigensystems (thanks to
Patrick Alken), as well as bug fixes.  The full NEWS file entry is
appended below.

The license has been updated to GNU GPL version 3.  Programs using the
library should be updated to the same version of the license.

The file details are:      (2.8 MB)  (GPG signature)
  d67be4f2e5560d6cf907e18a428becdc               (MD5 checksum)

The GSL project home page is at
GSL is free software distributed under the GNU General Public

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and contributed improvements.

Brian Gough
(GSL Maintainer)

Network Theory Ltd 
Commercial support for GSL ---


* What is new in gsl-1.10:

** License updated to GNU GPL version 3.

** Added support for generalized eigensystems (Patrick Alken)

** Extended Cholesky routines to complex matrices (Patrick Alken)

** Added functions gsl_matrix_subrow and gsl_matrix_subcolumn

** Added function gsl_stats_correlation to compute Pearson correlation
of two datasets

** Added the new function gsl_sf_expint(n,x) for computing the n-th
order exponential integral.

** Added functions gsl_vector_isnonneg and gsl_matrix_isnonneg.

** Added support in gsl_ieee_set_mode for controlling SSE exceptions
and rounding through the MXCSR control word on x86 processors.

** The autoconf macro AM_PATH_GSL has been renamed to AX_PATH_GSL, to
avoid conflicts with the autoconf namespace.

** Improved handling of underflow in gsl_eigen_symm.

** The function gsl_multiroot_fdjacobian now returns the error code
GSL_ESING if any of the columns of the computed jacobian matrix are
zero.  This may occur if the step size of the derivative is too small.

** Extended the function gsl_sf_beta_inc(a,b,x) to handle cases where
a<0 or b<0.

** Fixed the round-off error estimate in gsl_deriv_{central,backwards,
forward} to correctly account for numerical error in the step-size h.

** Fixed gsl_cdf_beta_Pinv, gsl_cdf_gamma_Pinv, gsl_cdf_beta_Pinv to
avoid returning spurious values for large parameters when the
iteration did not converge.  If the iteration cannot converge, GSL_NAN
is returned.

** gsl_ran_dirichlet now handles smaller values of alpha[] without
underflow, avoiding a NaN in the returned value.

** The SVD routines now avoid underflow in the Schur decomposition for
matrices with extremely small values <O(1e-150).

** gsl_complex_pow now returns 0^0=1 (instead of zero) to match the usual
pow function, and handles z^(1,0) and z^(-1,0) as special cases.

** Fixed a bug in the set function for multifit lmder solver so that
previous values are cleared correctly.

** Improved the function gsl_log1p to prevent possible loss of
accuracy caused by optimisations.

** Improved the convergence test in the Lambert functions to take
account of finite precision and avoid possible failure to converge.

** The configure script no longer redefines finite() to isfinite() as
a workaround for missing finite(), as this caused problems on Solaris.
If finite() is not present gsl_finite() will be used instead.

** Improved the accuracy of the generalised laguerre polynomials for
large n when alpha=0.

** The functions gsl_{isnan,isinf,finite} will now always use the
system versions of isnan, isinf and finite if they are available.
Previously the portable GSL implementations were used whenever the
platform supported IEEE comparisons.  The portable gsl_isinf function
now returns -1 instead of +1 for -Inf, in line with recent versions of
the GNU C Library.

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2007-09-14 17:41 GNU Scientific Library 1.10 released Brian Gough

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