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From: Steve Tell <>
To: Guile-GTK List <>
Cc: Guile Mailing List <>
Subject: guile-gtk-0.21pre4 and guile-1.5.6 fails, fix
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 22:16:00 -0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

guile-gtk-0.21pre4 built against guile-1.5.6 fails with a coredump
when I try to run "guile -s test-gtk.scm"
The top of the traceback is:

#0  0x40059a24 in scm_make_keyword_from_dash_symbol (symbol=0x0)
    at keywords.c:79
79        SCM_ASSERT (SCM_SYMBOLP (symbol)
(gdb) bt
#0  0x40059a24 in scm_make_keyword_from_dash_symbol (symbol=0x0)
    at keywords.c:79
#1  0x402b0de3 in sgtk_init_gtk_support () at gtk-support.c:652
#2  0x402ce598 in sgtk_init_gtk_gtk_glue () at gtk-glue.c:14910
#3  0x40037a24 in scm_dynamic_call (func=0x40268470, dobj=0x80857b0)
    at dynl.c:467
#4  0x40049582 in load_extension (lib=0x40268460, init=0x40268470)
    at extensions.c:109
#5  0x40049642 in scm_load_extension (lib=0x40268460, init=0x40268470)
    at extensions.c:158

Looking at gtk-support.c, I determined that sym_type is NULL because
the SCM_SYMBOL() macro didn't get handled correctly.  In fact, none of the
snarfing worked; gtk-support.x was empty. 

This happens because in guile-1.5.6 guile-snarf is no longer installed
into $prefix/bin.  I got empty .x files instead of an error because an old
guile-1.4 guile-snarf was further down $PATH but but didn't recognize the
new snarfing format generated by the guile-1.5.6 snarf.h header.

The following hack gets things working:

- Copy libguile/guile-snarf into the guile-gtk-0.21pre4 build directory.
- Change so that it explicitly runs ./guile-snarf
- automake, autoconf, configure, make

This will only work in 1.5.6 since the guile-1.5.4 guile-snarf isn't
compatible.  With luck the snarfing interface won't change again before
1.6, but my understanding is that guile-snarf was made "private" especialy
so that the internals can be overhauled in the future.  Since guile-gtk
versions are pretty much hardwired to guile versions, this is probably OK.

In gwave, (which is attempting portability to guile-1.3.4, 1.4, and now
1.5.6) I've copied a working version of the snarfing scripts and includes,
renaming the macros to avoid collisions.


Steve Tell 

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