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From: "J. Vincent Toups" <>
Subject: Behavior of (import ...) in R7RS define-library forms
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2021 09:21:56 -0500	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

I have two r7rs-style libraries, one of which depends on the other,
located in the following filesystem structure:


In principle, shadchen-helpers isn't useful on its own - it provides
some helper material for the shadchen library.

The library definitions look like this:

$ find src/ -iname "*.scm" | grep lib | xargs head -n 2
==> src/lib/shadchen-helpers.scm <==
    (lib shadchen-helpers)

==> src/lib/shadchen.scm <==
    (lib shadchen)

So if I start a repl like this:

$ java -jar lib/kawa.jar -Dkawa.import.path="./src/*.scm"

Kawa can find the libraries if I do an import:

#|kawa:1|# (import (lib shadchen-helpers))

The above works fine. However, in a fresh interpreter:

#|kawa:1|# (import (lib shadchen))
unknown library (lib shadchen-helpers)
warning - no declaration seen for pattern-bindings-equal?
warning - no declaration seen for all-identifiers?

The import fails because the library reference to shadchen-helpers
fails to resolve. That reference in `shadchen.scm` looks like this:

  (import (except (kawa base) match)
      (kawa lib std_syntax)
      (srfi 28)
      (rnrs sorting (6))
      (rnrs hashtables (6))
      (lib shadchen-helpers))

I have noticed that importing shadchen-helpers at the repl first and
then importing shadchen works. I would guess because importing the
shadchen-helpers library compiles that library and then the import
form in the r7rs define-library can then find the compiled artifact.

But doesn't it make sense for the import form in shadchen to trigger
the compilation of shadchen-helpers so that it behaves the same as a
top-level import? Is there any way I can get this behavior? It seems
limiting to interactive development to have to have either a build
process or a script to import all libraries despite an explicit
dependency graph existing in the form of the import statements in the
library definitions?

I'm relatively new to Kawa and a little rusty in Java (long time
Schemer, though) so maybe I'm missing something.


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