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* java.lang.RuntimeException: invoke: no method named `$000a' in class gnu.expr.PrimProcedure
@ 2022-02-28 23:10 Panicz Maciej Godek
  2022-03-01  0:19 ` Per Bothner
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From: Panicz Maciej Godek @ 2022-02-28 23:10 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: kawa

I have a new problem. When I invoke a function, I get the following error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: invoke: no method named `$000a' in class

The definition of the function is a bit complex, but I'll paste it here

(define (cursor-under left::real top::real elems
   #!key (screen::Screen (current-screen)) (context::Cursor '()))
  (let ((box (extent elems screen))
        (max-width 0)
        (max-line-height (screen:min-line-height))
        (side 0)
        (ceiling 0)
        (index (first-index elems)))

    (define (check-spaces! spaces::string)::Cursor
      (WARN "check-spaces! (" spaces")")
       (lambda (return)
         (for i from 0 below (length spaces)
           (WARN i)
           (cond ((eq? (spaces i) #\newline)
                  (set! ceiling (+ ceiling max-line-height))
                  (when (is top < ceiling)
                    (return (recons* i index context)))
                  (set! side 0)
                  (set! max-line-height (screen:min-line-height)))
                  (set! side (+ side 1))
                  (when (and (is side < left <= (+ side 1))
                             (is top <= max-line-height))
                     (return (recons* i index context)))
                  (set! max-width (max max-width side)))))
         (set! index (next-index index elems))

    (define (advance! extent::Extent)::Null
      (WARN "advance!" extent)
      (set! side (+ side extent:width))
      (set! max-line-height (max extent:height max-line-height))
      (set! max-width (max side max-width))
      (set! index (next-index index elems))

    (define (check! part extent::Extent)::Cursor
      (WARN "check!" part extent)
      (if (and (is side <= left <= (+ side extent:width))
               (is ceiling <= top <= (+ ceiling extent:height)))
         (let ((cursor (recons index context)))
           (or (and (pair? part)
               (cursor-under (- left side)
                             (- top ceiling)
                             screen: screen
                             context: cursor))
        (advance! extent)))

    (define (check-separating-bar! pair)::Cursor
      (WARN "check-separating-bar!" pair)
      (cond ((should-the-bar-be-horizontal? pair)
             (let ((bar-height (screen:horizontal-bar-height)))
               (if (is ceiling <= top <= (+ ceiling bar-height))
                  (recons index context)
                 (advance! (Extent width: 0
                                   height: bar-height)))))
             (let ((bar-width (screen:vertical-bar-width)))
               (if (is side <= left (+ side bar-width))
                   (recons index context)
                 (advance! (Extent width: bar-width
                                   height: 0)))))))

    (define (check-next! pair)::Cursor
      (WARN "check-next!" pair)
      (or (check! (head pair) (head-extent pair screen))
          (check-spaces! (post-head-space pair))
          (and (dotted? pair)
               (or (check-separating-bar! pair)
                   (check-spaces! (pre-tail-space pair))
          (check! (tail pair) (tail-extent pair screen))
          (check-spaces! (post-tail-space pair))))
          (and (pair? pair)
               (check-next! pair))))

    (or (and (is 0 <= left < (screen:paren-width))
             (is 0 <= top < box:height)
             (recons index context))
        (check-spaces! (pre-head-space elems))
        (check-next! elems)
        (and (is (- box:width (screen:paren-width)) <= left <= box:width)
             (is 0 <= top < box:height)
             (recons index context))

According to my diagnostic messages, the exception comes from the
"check-spaces!" subroutine: I only see the first message printed, and the
remaining ones aren't there.

"for" is a macro defined in the following way:

The above usage should correspond to the last syntax-rule

    ((_ var from start below end actions ...)
     (let loop ((var start))
       (if (< var end)
           actions ...
           (loop (+ var 1))))))

and it hasn't been problematic (it works fine on small test cases in the

I've noticed a few things that eplacing (length spaces) with (string-length
spaces) somewhat fixes the problem (the value of spaces in the context of
the bug is "\n"), but there appears to be another problem: the for-loop
never terminates and the value of i is always 0.

I suppose there could be some bug in the treatment of continuations when
call/cc appears in the body of a method (but it's only a hypothesis).

Anyway, I wonder if Kawa provides a way of performing an early return from
a method (other than call/cc)?

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2022-02-28 23:10 java.lang.RuntimeException: invoke: no method named `$000a' in class gnu.expr.PrimProcedure Panicz Maciej Godek
2022-03-01  0:19 ` Per Bothner

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