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@ 2022-12-01 22:16 ` Per Bothner
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From: Per Bothner @ 2022-12-01 22:16 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: Panicz Maciej Godek, kawa

On 12/1/22 03:19, Panicz Maciej Godek via Kawa wrote:
> I've been trying to build a simple wrapper for a hash table,
> that I call Bundle, such that
> (Bundle x: 5 y: 10)
> would return a bundle object, let's call it b, so that I could refer to its
> fields using
> b:x

That would be a nicer syntax, but there could be some problems combining
the concepts of hash-table (extensible with arbitrary keys, not necessarily strings)
and structures (with a fixed set of keys).  JavaScript does it, and it does make
things more convenient.

There are a lot of issues to consider. Should key names be strings or symbols?
What about keys that are not names (keys or strings)?  How does this conflict
with existing usage of colon-notation, and how do we deal with those?

So I'm not sure if hash tables should implement HasNamedParts by default.

An alternative is to use function-call notation, like we do for vectors:
   (set! (TABLE KEY) VALUE)
This has the advantage that it does't conflict with other uses of colon-notation.
However, it doesn't provide a constructor syntax "for free".

I brought up these concerns on the mailing list years ago.  If someone can
find these old message it might be helpful ...

> I have found that Kawa offers a gnu.mapping.HasNamedParts interface which
> facilitates value reference, ...s
> The source code for the gnu.kawa.functions.SetNamedPart.apply3 method
> reveals, that there was a plan for supporting this -- the method begins
> with a commented-out fragment:
>      /*
>      if (container implements HasNamedParts)
>        return ((HasNamedParts) container).getNamedPart(part);
>      */
> which wouldn't work with current Kawa, because the HasNamedParts interface
> doesn't containt getNamedPart method, and instead it contains a method
> called get. I think that this could be fixed by:
> - adding a method Object set(String key, Object value) to the HasNamedParts
> interface
> - uncommenting and fixing the above snippet to invoke the above method.

That is probably OK, except use 'put' instead of 'set' to be consistent with java.util.Map.
Also, 'put' needs a default implementation, which should probably
throw UnsupportedOperationException.  (Defaults were added in Java 8. It is probably
OK to require Java 8 as a minimum at this point - though Android might be an issue.)

Do compare with the getNamedPart and apply 2 method in GetNamedPart.
They handles various extra cases, that might not be appropriate for a setter.

> By the way, the interface also contains isConstant method, which doesn't
> seem to be documented anywhere.

isConstant(KEY) returns true is the binding for KEY is immutable.
It is used to optimize namespace resolution.

  I think that also - for consistency - the
> interface should also provide a boolean hasPartNamed(String name) method.
> But this only solves one problem, and there's another one, namely - when I
> try to initialize Bundle as, say
> (Bundle x: 5 y: 10)
> I get the following warnings:
> /dev/tty:6:20: warning - no field or setter 'x' in class Bundle
> /dev/tty:6:20: warning - no field or setter 'y' in class Bundle
> These are issued from the build() method in
> gnu.kawa.reflect.CompileBuildObject. It does seem that this class doesn't
> take into account the existence of the HasNamedParts interface at all.

That is probably the case.

> Is there any way out of this situation?

If there was a clean problem-free solution I would have already done so ...
That doesn't mean we shouldn't have a better syntax for hash-tables,
or that this is a dead end - but there are definitely a number of issues to consider.
	--Per Bothner

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